High School

Seeing this group reminds me of a girl I was at high school with called Anna. She was quite a large girl in all ways - tall, quite plump, very sturdy legs - and was very well-endowed in the breast department.
When we had done sports/PE lessons Anna would almost never do her white shirt up properly or fully, and consequently her plunging cleavage would often be on display, very taut between her big breasts as she clearly had her shirt and bra fairly tight despite neglecting to wear it properly all the time.  
Sometimes Anna's breasts would be looser however which gave a better view of her cleavage, but mostly a narrow line between her tight breasts would be visible, as if she had her bra pulled too tight.  Once or twice her shirt would be properly loose and I glimpsed her blue lacy bra barely containing her large, fleshy, heaving ****.
Anna  wasn't always careful with her skirts either, but that's another story...
daveoftheraceways daveoftheraceways
26-30, M
Jan 17, 2013