My Mmf Fantasy

I have never wrote a fantasy story so here goes.

My wife and I are out to dinner, she is wearing a very sexy black dress with no panties, and a very tight black lacey top with no bra. i am wearing tight blue jeans with no underwear and a black button up shirt that the top 3 buttons are not button to show my chest and chest hair. We are sitting close together so that i can reach under the table so i can finger her and get her all horny. Inbetween each bit i take i place my finger in my mouth so that i can taste her sweet juices. from the corner of our eye we can see our waiter, in his mid 30s about 5'11", in very good shape, brown hair with very blue eyes. My wife look at me and said " watch this" she opened her sexy legs wider so that her wet ***** could be seen by him, she placed a finger in her *****, pulled it out and placed it in my mouth. Our waiters eyes got real wide and a big smile came across his face. After teasing him for a bit, she noticed that he was coming to our table. My wife closed her legs placed her leg on back under the table and proceeded to unzip my jeans to expose my hard throbing ****. The waiter came to the table and had a big smile on his face as he saw my **** looking at him. he asked us if we were all set and my wife said that we could use dessert. the waiter said said that he would get our check and follow us home.

As we drove into our driveway and stepped out of our car, he was pulling in, my wife said that i could go in the house and she would greet our new friend. I walked into the house and went to the nearest window where i saw her go up to the handsome young man, shake his hand, and pull him in close, placing her free hand on his ***. She gave him a kiss and place his hand on her very hot and wet *****. she pulled his hand away and lead him in the house.

They walked into the house, i was sitting at one end of couch, my wife sat herself at the other end of the couch, and our new friend sat in the middle. My wife looked at me and started to unzip his pants, the both of us could already see that he was excited. she place her hand inside and pulled out his semi hard ****, started strocking it till it was fully erect. I look at my wife and she noded to give me the ok to make my move. I place my hand on his firm chest, his nipples were hard and erect. I lift his shirt to expose a nice timmed hairy chest, i start to suck and nibble on his nipples, he moans with delight, i move my hands down and and unbuckle his pants and unbutton his pants. I look at my wife and the both of us start to suck on his ****, I on one side and my wife on the other. sliding up and down, feeling the thickness of his ****. i move aside and my wife swallows him all the way down to the base, as she is deep throating him i lift his *** up and to pull his pants off.

I stand in front of the 2 of them, and my wife grabs my **** and starts sucking me off, our new friend sits up and starts to join her sucking my ****, i stand there and start to moan in pleasure. my wife stops sucking me and he takes over, sucking me fast and hard. My wife stops him from sucking me and says that she needs to be ******, she bends over the couch and i guesture to our friend to go ahead and start. He walks behind her, looks at me again and i tell him to go for it, she looks behind her and says what the **** are you waiting for. He spreads her beautiful full *** and slaps his **** on her *****, she moans, he pulls back and places the head of his **** in her hot lips and push it all the way in, my wife moans with excitment. He continues to **** her faster and harder. i get on the floor and get under them and look up to get a better view, his **** his soak with her sweet ***** juice and her ***** is swollen. i lift my head up and start licking her ****. pull his **** out and start sucking him to taste my wife on his hard ****, and placing it back in her, and repeating.

After awhile i stand up and get behind him, place my hands on his chest and rub up and down, he turns to look at me and says that he wants to feel my **** up his ***. I back up a bit and bend over, speard his *** apart and and start ******* him, making his ******* nice and wet, priming his hole for my ****, i stand up walk forward and place my **** at the enterance of his hole, he tilts his head back and say to just give it to him, i lube my **** with my spit and with one push it goes in, he moans, and pushs back. the three of us **** in unison fo sometime.

The three of us are moaning and groaing, all of a sudden my wife say she want to be ****** in the ***, we both pull out and our friend sits down, my wife spreads her *** and sit on him, she leans back looks me in the eyes and tells me that she want my **** deep inside her. i place my **** on her swollen ***** lips and with one push i am in deep, she moan very loud. we **** her with all we got and as i enter he pulls out and as i pull out he pushs in, then we both pull out and push in at the same time. all of a sudden he yells that he is going to ***, i feel him pull off my wife and all of a sudden i feel his *** on my balls, after he was done ******* i pulled out of my wife, his **** laying against her *****, and i blew my load on both of them.

we got up, cleaned up, said goodbye to our new friend and he left. my wife and i looked at eachother, kissed passionately, went upstairs fell asleep both of us happy at what had happened.
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May 9, 2012