My Wife Is a 120 Girl

I love to see an attractive woman with a long all white cigarette in her hand.  My Wife knows i have a fetish for this and has been smoking Virginia Slims luxury Lights 120's  for a couple of years now.  She is only 24 and smoked the 100's before that.  i know smoking is not healthy so that part concerns me but she is young and works out frequently.  She also indulges me  in smoking sex and blow jobs frequently. She says she loves the look of a fresh lit 120 at the tips of her fingers and propped up on the steering wheel while driving.  She always keeps her nails a little long and nicely painted to accent her cigarettes.  i love to see other guys check her out when she smokes in public.

lately as she is getting older she is is getting more into the fetish and has talked about  finding another smoking fetish couple to play with.  I wold love to find an attractive like minded couple near Washington DC to Play with as well.  I think it would be so hot to see her take some strange **** and get double  teamed while she smokes her 120's

vs120couple vs120couple
5 Responses Feb 19, 2009

You so lucky....having a wife that enjoy's her 120's. Capri's are as good too.

I smoke Capris--they r the bomb!! super thin and super long-

Hi there, saw your story on your girlfriend and smoking and the fantasy of seeing her double teamed.. Would you still be interested in playing like that? <br />
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I am in DC (live in Chevy Chase MD just accross the border) and have 3some experience from before.<br />
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Best,<br />
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Hey, you are lucky to have a beautiful wife who smokes 120's. I wish I was so lucky. I did get my wife to smoke a few shortly after we were married, but she really is a non-smoker and is actually allergic to cigarette smoke. She did that just for me and it really turned me on. When I am out on the streets in my town I look for women smoking. I especially look at the younger and more good looking women. It is great to actually see a mature and pretty woman smoking.

How much does she smoke now?<br />
<br />
What if she gets pregant one day?

She sucked on her Virginia slim while prego the whole nine months - not as often and our child was 9 pounds and is sharp as a whip, she looked hot doing it too