The Wet Real Estate Agent

Before the economy tanked four years ago I was looking for a home. I looked and homes and condos trying to find the best place I could afford. During the process I was working with a young local realator. Her name was Donna and she was in her late twenties. She stood at five foot three inches tall had brown shoulder length hair and hazel eyes. She was petite yet dressed to the nines. She always wore skirts, dress, heels and business suits. I met Donna at her office so we could go over some listings and visit some properties. It was a hot summer day and Donna was dressed in a yellow floral short sleeved summer dress with white belt and white open toe ankle strap high heel sandals. We got into Donna's jeep and headed off to look at properties. Even in heels Donna could shift gears and drove like a pro. The first property we looked at was a small home with no charm bedrooms small and property was in forclosure. On our way to the second property it got a little hotter and both of us started to sweat a little bit. We pulled up to a condo in a nice secluded neighborhood that was very quite. She showed me the place it had potential. We went out back to see the backyard. It had an inground pool and a nice patio. Donna had cliped her keys on her belt when we entered the property and as we were walking along the poolside her keys fell off her belt and into the pool. Very paniced Donna looked for any pool cleaning equipment to retrieve her keys that had sunk to the bottom end of the pool. Donna explained to me she would have to retreive her keys and was going to have no choice but to go in the pool. She took a breath and climbed the diving board. She dove in head first with her heels the last thing to go under. She came up for air then swam to the bottom of the pool to retreive her keys. She surfaced again pushing her hair back from her eyes. Her dress was now transparent. She said the water felt great and swam for a few minutes. She climed out of the pool soaking wet and was quite a sight. Her heels squished as she clicked and clacked out of the backyard. Donna apoligized for the swim and when we got back to her jeep she put on her brown real estate blazer and we climbed into her jeep. Donna confessed she liked to swim in her clothes and had hoped I did not mind. I told her I wish she had invited me. Back at the office Donna was saddened to tell another realator had written a contract on the condo. So I did not get a condo yet I got to see a woman swim in her clothes. As the economy tanked my home search also tanked.
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Nov 25, 2012