The Wet Magician

When I was on fall break I went to visit my friend in Iowa. She worked at a local
amusement park as a magician. Her stage name was Misstress Lana. Lana was five foot six, had blue eyes and auburn hair. She was a great magician and dressed very provocatively. She had lots of fans and never dissapointed during her show. Lana always wore fancy dresses, jump suits, and sexy costumes. She also wore high heels. Lana had her finale at the end of each show were she would escape from either a swimming pool or a water chamber. The night I was at the show Lana was dressed in a black sequenced gown with black strappy sandals. She was chained hands and feat and placed in a large black bag and then locked in a black trunk. The trunk was chained shut and padlocked. The trunk was thrown into a large swimming pool behind the stage. A clock was and Lana had to escape in a time under three minutes. I tipped over the hour glass on stage and a large clock dsiplayed the time. At three minutes the trunk was fished out of the pool and the lock and chains were removed. I open the trunk and then pull out the bag which is empty and the chains are in the trunk. Lana whistles to the crowd who see her standing on the diving board to the pool. She waves, blows the crowd a kiss and dives into the pool. She surfaces with her hair plastered to her head and soaking wet. She climbs out of the pool walks over to the stage and bows to the crowd. I hand her a towel and I lead her backstage. Since I have know Lana she always like to swim in her clothes. She loved getting wet and loved showing off and teasing.
She was sexy and she knew it. The next night she was wearing a brown wrap dress and brown wedge sandals. She did the water chamber escape trick and wowed the crowd with her performance. When she was sitting on the water escape box she crossed her legs and waved to the crowd. She looked great wet before the crowd. I can't wait for my next adventure with her.
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Nov 28, 2012