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Luv Em!

I Like Women With Love Handles... and i'm sure you all know why ;-)

GoodGuy34 GoodGuy34 31-35, M 9 Responses Apr 3, 2010

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Muffin tops are great!

The muffin top is one of my most favorite spots to visit!

hahaha well here you would have to conform by grabbing my waist or hips :-P

MMMMMM can i too ???? =)

just enough to get a good grip sweetmeisje ;-)<br />
<br />
Yarp! SavingMyself :)

and how big should they be for you to like them? :-o

a desent size but nicely shaped/curved lol !! i love them

LMBO! Hmmm, ya musta caught those "Good Vibrations"! :D hehehee

It is very nice when a woman has a little extra to "hold onto there". A private viewing of a nice "muffin top" can also be quite enjoyable for both parties!!!

hahaha ... luv it! :) well i did feel some kind of throbing between my legs... hahaha

Whoo hooo! Looky there, you have my name in yer title! LOL<br />
When I think of this group I picture a man laid back like he's riding a Harley, and grippin tightly onto those "handles" !! *giggles* I dunno where my mind gets these ideas sometimes! :O

Bless your heart!