A Healthy Serving Of ... Me

I like people of all shapes, sizes, colors,and flavors...lol
However.. I, myself, am a big woman.  Curvy... Voluptuous... Thick... Heavy... Chunky... and to some just plain fat.  I haven't always been big... but have been for the larger part of my adult life.  I want to lose weight, but not to fit some standard of what I should or should not be as a woman... I just want to be healthier... stronger... and have more stamina!!! (that would be awesome!)
I am learning to love myself as I am and find it helps being around and talking to people who appreciate my "type".
so... here I am.
fkdoll fkdoll
31-35, F
14 Responses May 31, 2010

u sound wonderful :D

Being yourself and loving yourself is a good way to start. I love real people who know how to laugh and have fun. Being positive and enjoying life's simple pleasures makes things better. I have always said: a woman with desire, is a desirable woman!

i love someone with a full body, its the best way!

your last paragraph says it all... love yourself and know that ones shape, size, or color has nothing to do with who you are nor how you feel or make others feel, either emotionally or physically... this world so overemphasizes physical appearance, but at the end of the day, two people lying next to one another, transmit far more than a physical picture... emotion and spirit, these are the things that make the world go round, both physically and intellectually, and they come in all forms. without emotion and spirit, we are nothing more than a manniqin, a bag of bones, a doll or toy. the marketing world would love us all to think that we are somehow changed by wearing someones name across our butt, breasts, or the car we drive, and we allow ourselves to be driven to walking talking shells, awaiting the latest image to be impressed on us from Madison avenue. this has nothing to do with whether or not someone likes voluptous women or skinny women, men who are tall, men who have big muscles, etc. it has to do with the drivers inside, those feelings are what make someone a turn on in bed, or... a turn off in bed!

you look great, skinny women just do not do it for me at all. trust me your curves are superb!

i think you look wonderful

I think having the curves now makes me less body conscious than I was when I thought I had to be thin... You look lovely...

I love thick women, and you are very sexy.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwwwwaa! :-D

You, my dear, are just what the Doctor ordered....a healthy serving of DELICOUSLY sexy wrapped in sensual confidence....what a DREAM!

Curvy women are fun - more of you to kiss, more of you to stroke, more of you to worship. No contest (my wife's curvy and worries about it, despite the fact I tell her not too)!

fkdoll, You go girl. And as a happily married man who absolutely adores women, of all shapes and sizes, women simply rock, if I HAD to choose my prefered is for curvy and voluptuous. To each is own, but I just can't get the thin as a rake model image thing one bit, I don't judge, but it makes no sense to me whatsoever. Who exactly is that image suppose to appeal to. Women were designed from the get go to have curves and flesh on their wonderful bones. Men were preprogramed to notice those wonderful curves. Large breasts, round hips, plump buts, bring it on! Kudos for loving and appreciating yourself for who you are, and also for knowing where you ultimately want to take yourself.

if you are all woman that is what like