I Like Em' Thick N' Juicy....

I will forever be haplessly addicted to the look and feel of a well padded woman in my bed.  There's just nothing like it.  From my first time to the last lady friend I ******* on a hot summer night, I'm hooked.

I remember being a young virgin, and never understood why all my guy friends wanted those skinny gals with no boobs or no booty.  I like a good bit of bounce, I like my woman to feel soft and curvaceous, like a woman.

The first gal I ever hooked up with I remember what it felt like to make out and lay on top of her, feeling all that curvaceous goodness.

My first lay was a thick girl.  DD ****, awesome thick ***, she was wet, she was tight, she felt like heaven, and we'd *** all night.  She pretty much got me hooked

Every gal ever has since, and my experience has always been the same.  When she's down doggystyle, her thick hips in my hands gripping tightly, her soft thick buttocks bouncing in rhythm to the night, her moans and purrs all the more enticing as I drive my rock hard **** into her tight wet ***** so hard it's like I'm trying to reach another dimension.  Just feeling all that curvacious fleshiness is like primal natural pleasure at it's most basic.

Missionary is like a banquet of the touch and smell sense, her perfume, her candy-like breath, entwined with her pulling me deeply into her wet tight love canal with a craving animalistic force that has to be felt to be believed.

Never once with a meaty gal have we ever slept apart, but rather, sleep all cuddled up closely, all night, every night, her thick sexy booty pressing into my lap while I reach around her waist and caress her and hold her close.

To me, what looks good, is what feels good, and a thick, curvy, bouncy, sexy, gal will win out every time, it's hard for me to put it all into words what it feels like.

DarkParade83 DarkParade83
4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

What a lovely description of a woman.<br />
<br />
What I want to know is WHERE are these dudes at??? I want to know lol

I love the way that you write....But I am losing weight....But do not want to get down to the twig stage....Just lots more healthy

#1 with a bullet!

#1 with a bullet!