Thick Is Nice

i love a bigger women, they just seem to be way more fun between the sheets and tend to appreciate sex much more. i have been with a few bigger girls and can say they no how to rock my world. i am a sexaholic and love good hard and rough sex. no one does this better than a big girl, they always seem to be so nice and tight but on the other hand once you really get going they can take all you have. nothing better than slamming it to a big girl really hard knowing she wants it that way. mmmmm love to **** her really hard watching her huge **** wiggle all over as you bang your self against her. i once had this bigger black girl that was off the wall and just kept telling me how to **** her good and she was great and even though she swallowed my **** with her **** she still had lots of fun and gave me much pleasure as well....................and o yeah, a big girl down on all 4s with her *** up high, now that's the bomb, my big **** disappearing into her so hot sexy fat ***,,,,,,wow,mmmmm

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1 Response Feb 16, 2009

sucks for me, i'm 5'2 and 90 pounds lol i'm tiny but still look great!