Women With Short Hair Rock !!!

Hello to all you short hair lovers out there,
I love women with short hair so much that it is the one thought that is constant in my mind every single day and not just short hair but extreamly short like pixies,crops,buzzcuts and even shaved. Women look so much better with short hair, at any age even little girls too in fact if I had a daughter I would keep their hair short. Its so much easier to manage and take care of and safe too because it can't get stuck anywhere and for security purposes no sicko can grab them by the hair and drag them inside a car and disapear with them. But for me one thing I like to do is run my fingers through (womens) their hair and kiss their bare nape. I just love women with a bare nape, am I the only one who feels this way? Don't know LOL I would love to meet other short hair lovers ESPECIALY single women who want to date and maybe even marry a bald guy who likes to see their women with a nice short cut. What are your thoughts on this people?
Gilbert Hernandez
GilbertHernandez GilbertHernandez
41-45, M
Aug 12, 2010