Can't Wait 'til She's Back From That Haircut

My Wife is at the Hairdresser's. She texts to say 'it's all coming off'. So excited and aroused. She texts again to see if I'm hard for her? Wish I were there watching. Soon she'll be home and I can feel the buzzed nape and run my fingers through what little hair is left. So sexy. Want her badly....
SmoothIsBest SmoothIsBest
46-50, M
5 Responses Dec 15, 2011

one lucky guy ... not that she just does it.... but she edges you along the way!! whew!

tell her it's not short enough & take her to the local barbers for a REAL short you will both enjoy it !!!!!!!

I've threatened that one but she's not playing ball and I value my life too much to force the issue !! One day....

Lucky you.

You have a VERY lucky wife, Sir!!

Sexy short story. You're talented (and lucky, if the story is for real).

Thanks Scissors. A true story indeed. My wife knows that I like it as short as poss and plays to it. It was an ultra short cut, exposing her very kissable nape. She looked so hot and we had a rampant evening to satisfy our pent up lust. :-)

Fantastic. You deserve it!