Male Vs Female Clothes.

Lets look at the two lets start I know thear are many types of clothes but I will use common examples.
1.Underwear: men have boxers woman panties boxers are like potato sacks they feel like nothing or are uncomfortable under pants panties hug your body fell nice made of nice fabric and can be worn with any thing and feel good.

2.Leg wear : men have shorts and pants woman have pants , shorts and skirts male pants make your *** look flat and look boring girls pants look sexy and once again they hug your body and skirts have unrestricted movement look good.

3 Shirts . men have shirts girls have endless possibilities shirts, tank tops, dresses etc so enough said .

So male clothes are boring and feel crap on you so say screw it wear girls clothes you will never look back

NOTE this is my personal feeling and yes it is a generalization but quite a few cross dressers will feel the same
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And also colors. Men have blue, black and brown - YUCH!! Women get every color under the sun.