The Womans Have Many Chance

The womans have many chance to select a proper clothes, which is fit her own style. It assume, she have own style, and don't follow the "style" with closed eyes. For example: how many sleeve style have in mens clothes? Lets see: short, long, sleeveless. Do you know more?? I currently not... Okay, lets see the womens side: sleeveless, short, shortest :) , long, 3/4, spanish style, bat style... probably have few more, just I can't remember... And its only the sleeves... I think, I didn't need to continue. But I can mention the skirt. Well, well... I can't say mens haven't skirt, but its very rear to see a men wear skirt. But why?? Oh, come on, this is 21th century, we was on the moon, we send out a message to the space, we are boring int this planet, need some new friends from another planet. We have knowledge to demolish our planet, or blow it to million piece, but mens can't wear skirt without the others think about him, his a gay??? Funny, yeah??? Yes, but I said different word: sad.... Why mens not wear skirt? I think not because the afraid from womens, they afraid from own gender. Its a tradition, a man be a man, everything is happen. Sadness. My friend, when I told her, in clothes store, I will wear a skirt, she grab one and put front of me, then she said: "It will good for you". Anyway, she asked me to help her chose some new clothes, because I have sense to style. :D Sadly, that time I wasn't enough brave, to put it and show it for her.... So, i think the womens should be accept it well. They know how hard can be to find a proper style, a proper look. At this point I not think about the brain washed young generation, except the exceptions... Shame, they are same... Seriously... Like a clones... I saw them always... What a heck, I not high... They just go to the mall, saw the window, get the same clothes, shoes, and mostly the same hairstyle... Even if its not fit to them... Funny...

Anyway. I think its good to be a crossdresser, for me its give me more opportunity to express myself.
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2010

Yes, its can be a part, because they can explain their feelings, but if a man show his sensitive side, ouch.. A man be a man, not less.. heck.. Everybody expect this, but the other side, many woman weeping, why they man can't explain their feelings... Why expect this, when all emotionally sense must be killed???

Yes, females have a much greater range of choices in clothing and lingerie. Guess that's part of the reason females are far more in touch with their feelings and others.