Womens Clothes Just Plain Fit Better.

I have also found the womens clothes fit me much better than mens. They look nicer and for the most part I shop sales and spend a lot less money for them. My wife and I shop together all the time and she tells me what looks good and what doesn't. Most of my clothes are womens about 80/20 %.

I have no mens jeans at all, I also prefer womens panties to mens, I even have a couple skirts that my wife lets me wear at home only. Most of my clothes would pass for mens unless you look at the labels, or if you saw that the bottons on my shirts are on the wrong side.

I will never go back to mens clothes. Why should I. I like how they look and fit, and my wife likes how look in them as well. I think it has made me a better man and husband to be able to dress in womens clothes. I am much more aware of my feminine side and how women like to be treated since I started wearing only womens cloths..
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3 Responses Sep 12, 2011

When you get dressed up for something fancy (the office, place of worship, nice restaurant) do you wear women's pants suits? Have you ever worn a skirt suit?

I just like womens clothes as there are do many different styles of dresses and skirts for example, various colours and designs and georgous make up as well.

I mostly wear unusex. I still prefer men's small fees and jackets over women's due to better styling and fabric. But they look good combined with girl jeans ;)