Love To Pump Gas!

I love woman that take care of there feet. this is so sexy. Well one day after work I stopped to get gas a pretty young girl in her 30"s came up to me and ask if she could have some gas money that she lost her purse .. well right away I noticed she was wearing open shoes and i could see her pretty feet white medium size toes painted pink. we she caught me looking at them and said "Do you like them"? I turned red and didn't answer. well she asked again and said she would let me touch them if I would help her out with gas. I said i gave her some money she drove on the side of the building she actually asked me to get in her car I know o was taking a chance! ...anyways she removed her shoe placed it on my lap I grabbed it and started to kiss it smell her pretty feet that smelled likes roses. she then placed that one foot on my crouch and rubbed me the other foot  was sweaty warm sooo good I licked it clean ...
and yes I did explode .... we meet every once in a while for foot fun... oh I did tell my wife and now my wife joins in the fun ...crazy right?
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

haha the last part living la vida loca man nice

I Share your love for feet . Especially pretty feet . I have massaged many <br />
Women's Feet.