My Cousins Feet

When I was a 13 year old boy I fell in love with feet! So one night I went to aunts house and saw my cousins feet and she asked if I wanted to give her a leg rub. So I did and she started to moan louder and louder. I asked her to quiet down so she did then she spilt some water on her feet and forcefully told me to lick it off so I did and I kept licking. Then we went in to her room and she started to get naked and she asked for an erotic body massage she told me to get nude and rub my **** between her feet. She then stopped and started to give me the best bj and we then had sex then the bj started up again and I said I have to *** and she said its alright do it on my face so I did. Then as we were getting dressed my aunt walked in and saw us so she said she would tell my mom only under one condition she then asked me to have sex. I did and my cousin joined in I had to lick her ***** and feet. I did just that but the worst part was that my aunt started to try and make me lick her ***** and feet but she was on her period and started to get the blood in a cup and made me drink it. I was sweet and bitter. I then left the house but my aunt made me lick her feet with the toe jam and everything. I had the biggest erection so I asked her if she wanted it on her face and she did. I mentally scarred me but I still love them
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Jan 16, 2013