Women's Underwear

I like wearing women's underwear for two reasons, 1) there is a bigger range of styles to choose from, 2) women's panties are cheaper to buy, as  I find that I can buy a pack of 5 panties in Asda of about £4 & a pack of 5 men's underpants is about £6
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4 Responses May 16, 2012

I've been wearing women's panties for a long time and absolutely love them! Going to the lingerie department tells you that woman's panties are something special. All the styles and colors - the choice is unbelievable! And I love that women's panties aren't packaged in plastic, they're on hangers where it's easy to see them...

Also agree. Womens panties are smoother, softer and overall more comfortable to wear. Likewise more styles and colors from which to choose.

I like to wear them because they are smother and softer also.

It's win/win, right?

I agree with your point. I am also 24*7 wearing panties. panties are more more more beautiful, smooth, & very cheaper comapre to mens undergarments