I Like Panties

I lke women's panties and have been wearing them 24/7 for the last 25 years. Shopping for panties is a lot of fun too. Some days I like to wear a bra and panties while other days I'll wear a girdle, stockings or tights bra and panties and slip.
jml2000 jml2000
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1 Response May 18, 2012

I agree JML2000, womens lingerie is definately more comfortable than Tidey <br />
whities.(yyyuuuucccchhh) l Like a lot of guys, I weara bra and panties everyday. I also wear a feminine top and nylon stockings everyday. It is just so comfortable wearing lingerie, I wear a plunge bra because I can make a couple of inches of nice cleavage and the frontal projection is nice too. Wearing a cami over your bra is nice too it helps to define the shape of your bra. A womens tank top maybe a size smaller helps the bra shape be seen. Possibly a figure enhancing bra will do that on its own.

Yes, wearing a cami is very nice.