I Do Not Like Women's Panties Better Then Mens...

..I love women's panties better than men's!

Ever since I found that bag of my mum's panties under her bed whilst I was sleeping in her room I have been in awe of the silky, lacey pretty things! I remember quite clearly how those flowery, silky panties felt and how I wanted to keep them on all night but didn't (I had a feeling that that was wrong somehow) and I can't have been older than five.

Since that night a switch was made in my head and I have loved, longed for, desired, stolen, drawled over,hidden, *** in and wore lovely women's panties! My teenaged years were spent gazing lovingly at women's catalogues and the models in their lace and silky nylon...give me one of those books of delight rather than pictures of naked women anyday
SusanMarina SusanMarina
May 22, 2012