Finally Got My Home Gym

after all the years spent going to the gym I have finally created my own set up at home. While I had alot of fun getting in shape at gyms and occasionally teasing people, I no longer have to wait in line waiting for a station while two rude gym rats casually chat. What I really enjoy is not having to wear anything but my panties!
I luv to work up that glistening sweat and watch my smooth muscles flex and relax as I push towards that burn. I like to look in the mirror and watch the sweat run down my lower back and saturate my panties, and the sensual feeling when the little trickles run down my ***.
Later as I run on the treadmill I imagine myself running in public in just my tiny briefs which are soft and let my **** and balls dance as I run.
Finally the time comes to relax and excersize the most important muscle of all...:)
Sure I miss the gym with it's hot bodies but now I get to concentrate on my own and it feels great!
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6 Responses Jul 19, 2010

i have my own gym in my home i work out in my panties all the time

u go like the gym like that

that is nice ur live alone

I love wearing a pair of nylon panties or a leotard to work out in. I feel there is nothing better to wear while working out in the GYM.

allways nice ot have home gym for sure but even more fun out in gym showing off at times

i use to go to gym like you but for the pass few years i have my own excerise equirpment in my baesment<br />
every day after work i come home ***** ot my panties usually biknis most time i save wearing my thong panties for weekend i go down an work our for while swearing getting my panties soaking wet its a nice feeling<br />
i have gone out in my bikni panties to jog few times i pick time when not many people are areound

Very hot story, and I see your point.<br />
<br />
I have a gym story, myself..., but it's a bit different.