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Love To Work Out

I work out at 4am. There is something about waking up early in the morning that I like. all the world is at rest and things are so unnaturally still and quiet. The way it is before the noise and chaos of day hits. This time I love. It's cool driving to the gym at that hour. There's hardly anyone there and there's just the regular crowd. There's ten of us. I don't know all their names just four.
I like working out. I get on the stair master crank up the level and just go. I love feeling the burn and the second wind hitting. I love watching my heart rate go up and over my target heart rate. I love feeling the muscles burn and ache from the stress and motion. I think it's healthy to have a little pain to wake you up out of you comfort zone. Sort of reminding yourself that you are still alive.

My favorite machine is the leg press. I love that thing. Everytime I see it I always whisper to it," hey beautiful." My favorite muscle group to work out oddly is my upper body. My legs don't take much to get worked out. I just wish I could get my arms looking better. And abs.

anyone have sets or tips they can share with how they do their workout?
favestril favestril 36-40, F 5 Responses Oct 31, 2011

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WOW! You are great! Such a discipline and dedication! Well done on your weight loss. Hard to get started but once you're on it - you will be flying! I am the same. I wake up early to workout just because I LOVE IT! Its my life and this is what i LOVE doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets be healthy and let's be HAPPY! LET'S BEGIN A HEALTHY TREND! Let's start FIT HOT BOD TREND! Join me if you want to follow healthy trend at - lets workout and be HAPPY!!!!!!!! xxxx

Yes, reps tone, weight builds. Given your a girl, you really don't need to worry about building muscle mass, so no biggie. The higher the reps, I like 15 for toning work the better. That burn you feel on the stair master is toning happening. I'm send you the name of a great body building / toning book available on Amazon that my wife swears is the key to her success. I'll look it up and send over the weekend. By the way, congratulations on getting in the gym and the weight loss. It's tough to get started, but once you do, you'll miss it if you stop.

I alternate days on which muscle groups to work out. That and I took a gym bunny's advice for starting out on light weight moving to max weight and then reverse it on my sets. The amount of weight that I have been packing on my sets are small personal goals for me. It feels good to be able to pull down 85 lbs. on lats and move to 120 kilos on leg press. <br />
<br />
I need to increase reps. now.

Workouts are great. : )

I agree with you on the morning workouts. I also work out at 4:30am during the week. I do go later on the weekends, maybe 6 am or so. The gym is very quite at that time and you do see all the same people. The other benefits is that most of the people are there to workout vs as a social meeting. Not that social is bad, it's just bad when that becomes the focus and it's hard to get the workout done. <br />
I however hate legs. Have never liked them. I enjoy upper body much more and I also do a lot of core work, back, sides, abs. I do reps of at least 15 and rotate through each core exercise. Core along can take a solid 45 minutes to an hour. I generally do one body part per workout. So shoulders, arms, legs, chest and then core to complete the five days a week I work out. <br />
<br />
I'm not sure what to call the core exercise I do, but I'll try and find a name and let you know. One big key for me was to focusing more on my sides. By toning your sides, your abs will look better. More of the hour glass look.