Working Out Is My Life

I love working out - it makes me feel so good, I feel totally renewed after a good high intensity workout. I used to be a big girl at school and people would laugh at me, but I changed everything by changing my MIND. I fell in love with exercise and nutrition and now I am a personal trainer. There are two big moments in one's life: first is when you are born; second is when you realize why you were born! I know for sure that making other people happy by educating them about fitness and health is whe genuinely makes me happy and this is why I was born! Follow my at and share your story with me! '' THE HIGHEST REWARD FOR A PERSON'S TOIL IS NOT WHAT THEY GET FOR IT, BUT WHAT THEY BECOME BY IT'' xxxx KEEP WORKING OUT!!!
26-30, F
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I found the best thing out their it`s new for 2013

I hate working out in the gym, but I do it. Why? Because after I've completed an intense workout, my mood is elevated and I sleep better. I ride a bike on my weekend and enjoy that. I recently bought a couple of books (Starting Strength and Practical Programming for Strength Training by Mark Rippetoe). Reading and studying about strength training fires me up.

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