Work It Baby

I work out 6 days a week, for approximately 90minutes.  Devoting one hour to running, it clears my head entirely, I love spriniting for the last 3 minutes, I like the way my heart thumps in my chest. And I try to improve from my last workout. And I feel guilty when I miss my workout.

I also love boxing, something about the lactic acid building up in my arms and stomach and thighs when I am doing squats and crunches and push-ups just feels so damn good. 

I actually love the pain, and the subsequent release of endorphins, so damn tranquilising.

And ofcourse, nothing beats the thrill of the look and feel of toned legs, arms and stomach. Very sexy and encouraging.

umathena umathena
18-21, F
4 Responses Apr 24, 2007

Way to go. Boxing...yes a great work out.

I train with a club called British Military fitness three times a week outdoors 1 hour , sprints ,jogs sit, ups , press ups , crunches, the whole shebang best time is in the cold and rain , and as you say the buzz after is just great .....

I work out a couple of times a day for about an hour each time, but it's in the pool, any time I can work out with out working up a sweat I'm there. well there is some exersice I don't mind working up a sweat for... let your mind wonder ....

OMG! I was worn out just from READING all the activities you do to workout!! lol.