Pretty Sure Im Going To Compete In A Bodybuilding Show In About 8 Weeks!! :-)

So i've worked out at the gym and followed a rigorous nutrition program. Its been about 7 years not missing about 5 days a week at the gym.

I wanted to compete right after turning 50. This is because the competition groupings follow age groups (masters 40+, Grand masters 50+) Things in other parts of my life just did not line up to be the right time. Finally, I decided if I keep waiting for the right time, for everything to line up, id miss the time when i would be best prepared to compete and be in the best shape...

So now Im trying to "cut" .. loose body fat.. get down to about 6% for competition day. There's a lot of different approaches to loosing weight.. but I dont want to loose weight. I want to loose body fat and maintain lean muscle mass. So out of reducing carbs, standard ketosis, cyclic ketosis and targeted ketosis... iv decided to start out with targeted ketosis.. basically standard ketosis, but ad a specific amount of simple carbs just before working out for energy and to protect muscle mass.

I have a scale that measures total weight, % water, % body fat, lean mass weight, and metabolic rate. Ive begun not to trust the readings especially boyfat and lean mass. So Ive ordered a set of accumeasure calipers recognized by major bodybuilding association.

For me, its important to accurately identify current body fat and lean mass. That way I can manage diet to avoid indiscriminate weight loss and have a goal of a specific amount of fat loss while monitoring lean mass.

So far the calipers are coming by snail mail.. anxious for them to bet here...
imwaiting41 imwaiting41
51-55, M
Sep 11, 2012