This Is It!!

So I've been counting down the days to see him since the moment he left my arms in MEPS. It's been four months since That day. And wow! It's been a crazy emotionally draining ride. Being a military girlfriend, I've realized, is a full time job. You have to be writing all important and unimportant things in your day so that he feels you close by. You need to learn how to be alone yet respect the man your with. You need to have it together at all times and carry a smile even though you want to cry and scream inside just so that your man dosnt feel like he's ruining your life. It's hard! But I've excepted it all and I love every moment I have with him whether it's a letter in the mail, a text message, or hearing his voice. I treasure it all! And he's deffinately worth every moment of this. I know that with him being an active duty soldier he will be away alot and I will be alone alot. But I don't care! He's my man and I love him to death. In exactly 48 hours I wil be at the San Francisco airport waiting to leave on an airplane to Georgia to see him! I seriously cannot wait!!!! When I see him I know my heart will finally find rest in his eyes. I will keep you guys updated. STAY STRONG GIRLS!!! They are worth every second!
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