The Gym High

I've always been active, dancing, cheerleading, running, swimming. But since finishing high school I've not had a strict regime forced on me and I've had to form my own routine. With the help of one of my friend's who's a personal trainer I've formed a great workout that I do three to four times a week. Personally I love to workout, it actually gives me a high. I feel more sexy and more confident after I've been to the gym and if I miss a gym session I actually feel guilty. 

My advice to gym newbies is get into a routine, once you've pushed yourself for a couple of weeks your fall into a pattern and then you're set. Secondly, girls don't spend an hour on the treadmill every time, your get bored quickly. Alot of girls don't realise that low weights can actually be very effective at toning. My advice is speak to one of the trainers and see if you can mix your routine up a bit.

Girlyflirt Girlyflirt
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Girlyfirt you got it right. Most girls spend their entire workout on the treadmill and miss the benefits of strength training.

I agree with you GF. I swim five to six days a week, do yoga every morning, and workout on the weights three to four days a week. I feel so energized after I have had a good workout session. If I miss a gym session, my whole daily routine is shot.