I finished wrapping yesterday and right now all the gifts are piled under the tree and they look beautiful - I dont want to pack them away to take to the family. 

This year I went for a more modern look - black, bright scarlet red and a third paper with a black background and images of starfish, beach balls and 'flip flops' with Merry Christmas writting on them.  The jandals have kiwifruit and the beach balls have pohutukawa blossoms on them - pohutukawas are sometimes called NZ christmas trees - they have a beautiful red flower and are all around the beaches this time of year.  Its nice to have some real Kiwi paper - no snowmen for me!  The black paper and some of the pattern are topped off with a silver bow - for the red paper I cut a ***** of the pattern and taped it around the middle.  I didnt stick labels on but wrote names with silver pen and stuck silver stars around the ones on the plain paper. 

They just look so nice, Im all inspired to plan next years theme already!!

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8 Responses Dec 22, 2008

I got a ton of compliments for them at Max's Christmas - though the silver writing got a bit lost on the patterned paper. I really liked writing it on - its hard usually to find labels that match right unless I make my own and sometimes I run out of time for that. So next year I will have to keep that in mind.<br />
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Scooby - a theme is the best way to go - it just looks stunning, well worth the effort - I should have taken photos and posted them to show off!! Will be more than happy to be your Christmas Wrap Stylist. Damn that sounds cool! Word.<br />
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Thanks nuevo :) You would have loved the shiny bows :)

Dang AA, remind me next year to consult with you on my wrapping theme. It sounds like a blast!

Aww Danda - stick to the gift bags hon! And go have a cup of tea - dont want you to pass out :)

:D Im looking forward to having kids so that I can have two themes going - one for the pressies from Mum and Dad and another for the ones from Santa!! You know, since Santa is so busy that time of year I thought Id offer him a helping hand :)

Hey, just as long as they are wrapped Spider - I cant handle it when people just give a present in the store bag!

Those presents sound really pretty and cool; I wish I was that talented about wrapping presents. (I just grab the nearest wrapping paper and when I'm done I stick on a store-bought bow!)

Sure! Just give me some time to let the paper cuts heal - I have a real nasty one on my little finger :(

Can you come wrap mine now?