Dragoncon (the Lexx Version-pt. 1) **rated**

**Price of Lust revised and edited...Lexx style. Zoey goes to the DragonCon convention to meet a mystery guy and gets herself into more than she expected. Love, lust and power of two genies. AU/AR, BP, Death, Dom, M/F, MC, OC, Violence, Preg, PWP, Complete**

On July 13, 2007, in the city of Milan, Michigan, a young twenty year old, with short red hair, named Zoey Bellringer lives with her twenty five year old best friend, with long curly blonde hair and stoutly, Lizzy Morales, in a two-bedroom apartment. Zoey goes online on Lizzy's computer to chat with her long distance friend, Jason Finch, who goes by Nicholas and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. While doing so, she turns her head towards the living room TV, where her friend continues to watch a cartoon, Aladdin.

Jason: (typing)Hey there, Zoey. Since you're out of school, I was just wondering if you can come to the Dragon*Con convention with me.

Zoey: (typing)What is Dragon*Con and when is it?

Jason: (typing)Dragon*Con is a science fiction convention taking place at the Hyatt Regency hotel here in Atlanta. It starts on September 1st and ends on September 4th.

Zoey: (typing)Sure, why not.

Jason: (typing)We'll finally get to meet.

Zoey: (typing)It's something I always looked forward to.

Jason: (typing)You can also wear costumes at Dragon*Con. I decided to go as Prince from the TV show, Lexx.

Zoey: (typing)You'll be easy to spot. I don't have a costume.

Jason: (typing)You'll meet lots of people. Especially from your favorite science fiction TV shows, such as Lexx and Star Trek.

Zoey: (typing)Can I bring my friend, Lizzy?

Jason: (typing)Sure.

Zoey: (typing)Well, I got to go. See you at Dragon*Con.

Jason: (typing)See you then, too.

After signing off the Internet chat room, Zoey’s friend, Lizzy, shrugs her on the shoulder to ask her about Jason.

Lizzy: So, what did Nicholas have to say?

Zoey: He has invited me to a Dragon*Con convention in Atlanta.

Lizzy: (smiles)Can I come?

Zoey: Sure, I already asked him.

Lizzy: How nice of you to invite me. So, when does Dragon*Con start?

Zoey: The beginning of September.

Lizzy: Okay, cool.

A month an a half flies by and Lizzy and Zoey takes a plane trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Two hours later, the plane lands at the Hartsfield International Airport. As Zoey and Lizzy get off the plane, they both notice a tall man with short-spiked blonde hair, holding up a sign with Zoey’s name on it. He also seems to be wearing black jeans and a white shirt.

Zoey: Hi, I’m Zoey. You must be Nicholas.

Jason: I am Nicholas and my, you look beautiful in person.

They both shake hands after introducing themselves.

Zoey: Thanks, I take that as a good compliment.

Jason: It feels like I’ve seen you somewhere before.

Zoey: I think I would have remembered.

Lizzy speaks impatiently.

Lizzy: Okay lovebirds, you can finish this conversation at the hotel.

Jason: Okay, let’s go then.

Zoey and Lizzy follow Jason to his 2006 Nissan Altima. Zoey sits in the front seat with Jason and Lizzy sits alone in the backseat. Jason buckles his seat belt and drives fifteen minutes to the Hyatt Regency hotel. After arriving, we all exit the car and enter the hotel lobby. Jason and Zoey decides to hold hands on their way up to the service desk to pick up their badges, from Jason, and room keys.

Lizzy: So, do I get my own room?

Jason: More like your own bed.

Zoey: So, where do I sleep?

Jason: Beside me.

Zoey, then, becomes confused and uncomfortable.

Zoey: Sharing the same bed?

Jason: Is that a problem?

Zoey takes a hard swallow before she responds.

Zoey: No, it's not.

Zoey lies. She really like Jason, but her heart was telling her that she wasn't ready to share the same bed with him. They all get in an elevator up to the fifth floor. Once the elevator door opens, they walk over to room, 510. Lizzy takes the room key out of her jeans pocket and unlocks the door. Zoey runs into the room and flops down on the largest bed.

Zoey: This is my bed.

Jason: Our bed.

Jason sits next to Zoey and puts his arm around her. She, again, starts to feel uncomfortable.

Zoey: Lizzy, why don't you and I go down to the lobby, so Jason can get dressed in his costume.

Jason: Are you sure you don't want to stay?

Zoey: I'm sure.

Zoey and Lizzy leave the room before Jason could say anything. Jason dresses in his Prince costume and takes an elevator, downstairs, to meet Zoey and Lizzy on the Atrium floor.

Jason: So, how do I look?

Zoey: Like the same old Nick to me.

Jason: But sexier.

Zoey: Anyways , Lizzy and I are going to find out what's going on in the showroom.

Jason: And I'll go wait for you in the lounge.

Lizzy and Zoey head toward the showroom as Jason meets his tall friend, Stanley Pierce, in the lounge for a drink at the bar, whom is wearing a read jump suit.

Stanley: So whose the girls you're with?

Jason: The short girl in the Lexx t-shirt and jeans is Zoey.

Stanley: The Internet girl?

Jason nods.

Jason: The other girl is her friend, Lizzy.

Stanley: I find her friend is slightly attractive.

Jason: I'll introduce you later, but for right now, Zoey is avoiding me because I told her we were sharing a bed together.

Stanley: She probably thinks you're using her for sex.

Jason: She doesn't know I'm married, you idiot.

Stanley: Why haven't you told Zoey that you're married?

Jason: I will tell her at the end of Dragon*Con.

Stanley: Dude, you got issues.

After leaving the showroom, Zoey and Lizzy take an escalator back up to the Atrium and happen to seat themselves on a couch, to have a conversation.

Zoey: I don't know why I came here. It feels like all Nick brought me here to have sex with me.

Lizzy: Zoey, how long have you known this guy?

Zoey: We've been chatting online for a year, why?

Lizzy: Never mind. He probably got the wrong idea about you.

Zoey: Yeah, why would I wish to fall in love with Nicholas?

In the lounge, Jason hears a whisper in his head and responds.

Jason: Granted.

Stanley: What's granted?

Jason becomes unaware on what he just said and looks back at Stanley.

Jason: Never mind. I was thinking out loud.

Stanley: Well, think to yourself.

Back on the Atrium, Zoey hears a whisper in her head. A faint whisper of Jason calling out to her. Lizzy seems to notice her friend becoming distracted.

Lizzy: What's wrong?

Zoey: I think I hear Nick calling for me.

Lizzy: I didn't hear anything.
Zoey: I'll see you later.

Zoey rises to her feet and finds herself drawn to the hotel lounge. She sees Jason having a drink with Stanley and approaches him. Jason looks up to notice her appearance.

Jason: Need anything?

Zoey: Yes. I want to hold your body close to mine.

Stanley spits out his drink as he tries not to laugh.

Jason: I assume you wanna have sex?

Zoey: Take me before I change my mind.

Jason looks over to Stanley for an opinion.

Stanley: You two go have your fun.

Jason rises to his feet, from the bar stool, and follows Zoey up to their room. Jason takes the room key and unlocks the door. Zoey runs inside and flops down on the largest bed. Jason walks over by the bed and turns on the radio and lays on top of Zoey. Within minutes his hands found its way under her skirt and were sweeping her panties aside to find her soaking wet for him.

Zoey: Oh Nick, I need you now.

He started raining kisses down her neck, working his way down until he was kissing the tops of her breasts that were covered by her tank top. He got to the waistband of her jeans and carefully undid the button and zipper before inching them down her thighs. Once the jeans were completely discarded, and he wasn’t disappointed when he finally looked at her. She looked absolutely gorgeous. He rose to his feet to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans. Zoey licks around her lips, as he released his long, hard ****.

Jason: Is this your first time?

Zoey nods. Jason crawls back on the bed and positions himself between her legs. By surprise, his hips dipped, thrusting half of his length inside her. She moaned in pain as he moved his hips, again, very gently until his entire length was inside her. Her hands stroked up and down his back and he reared back. Then he felt wetness on his face. He looked down to notice the look of uncomfortness on her face.

Jason: Are you okay? Am I hurting you?

Zoey: I'm fine. It just feels overwhelming.

Jason felt her muscle contract around him and he grinned down at her as he eased out slowly before thrusting back in. Her pleasured gasp was all the answer he need and he set a slow but deep rhythm. Zoey's eyes were wide and glassy the sort of look you could only achieve when just on the brink of ****** and her kiss swollen lips were slightly parted as she gasped for air. What just happened, a clear blue essence left his mouth and entered hers as she inhaled.

Zoey: I love you.

Jason’s eyes widened when he heard the almost silent words and he gazed down into her sincere and vulnerable looking eyes in shock. Not stopping their rhythm, she finally felt her ****** rip through her. Jason, finally let loose an almost primal roar as he felt himself explode inside her. After he came, he pulled out of her and laid beside her.

Zoey: Nick, what happened to us tonight?

Jason: What do you mean?

Zoey: First, I felt uncomfortable and now I'm laying naked beside you.

Jason: I can't explain it either. For right now, let's try and get some sleep.

Jason says as he pulls the comforter over them to cover their bodies. He, then, turns out the overhead light and goes to sleep. Lizzy, slowly, crept into the room and sees Zoey and Nicholas sleeping side by side. She walks over to her bed slips, quietly, under the covers and goes to sleep.

The next morning, Jason awakens Zoey and Lizzy with the smell of breakfast from room service. He hands Zoey a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon with a side of sausage and hash browns. Jason kisses Zoey on the cheek as he pours her a glass of orange juice. On the other hand, Lizzy starts pigging out on the muffins.

Zoey: What's the occasion?

Jason: I thought I'd be nice and order breakfast.

Zoey: Is this because of last night?

Jason: That's up to you.

Lizzy speaks with food in her mouth.

Lizzy: This hotel has the best food.

Jason: Well, you're welcome.

Jason smiles and takes a bite out of a biscuit.

Jason: So, what do you ladies feel like doing today?

Zoey: There's a concert going on in the ballroom.

Lizzy: That sounds like fun.

Jason: Why not.

They all get dressed, in casual clothes, and take an elevator downstairs to the lobby. Zoey gets a chance to tell Lizzy about her sexual encounter with Jason.

Zoey: Lizzy, there's something I want to tell you.

Lizzy: Tell me.

Zoey: Nick and I had sex last night.

Lizzy: Was he any good?

Zoey: I can't explain it. It was like magic.

Lizzy: You can't fall in love in one day.

Zoey: Even though I hardly know him, it felt like there was something between us.

Jason enters the conversation.

Jason: What are you ladies talking about?

Zoey: Nothing much.

Jason: Were you telling Lizzy about last night?

Zoey: Do you mind?

Jason: As long as you don't make anything up.

Zoey: There's nothing to make up.

Jason: Speaking of which, how 'bout another fantastic night?

Before Zoey responds, Lizzy makes a sarcastic remark.

Lizzy: How sweet, he's horny.

Jason: Froto, from Lord of the Rings, wants to see you.

Lizzy: Very funny.

Lizzy changes the subject.

Lizzie: Who am I going to hang out with while you and Zoey are upstairs doing the nasty?

Jason: Go hang out with Stan.

Lizzy: Who's Stan?

Stanley shows up, by coincidence, to talk to Jason.

Stanley: Dude, I was looking for you.

Jason, immediately gets into "introducing" mode.

Jason: Lizzy, this is Stan and Stan, this is Zoey's friend, Lizzy.

Stanley: Hi.

Jason: You two go hang out or something.

Stanley gets confused.

Stanley: Where are you going?

Jason: Zoey and I are about to have a private celebration upstairs.

Jason and Zoey exit the ballroom before Stan could respond. Zoey becomes overwhelmed and stops him in the lobby.

Zoey: Where are we going?

Jason: There's something I wanna show you.

Zoey: Like what?

Jason: It's a surprise.

Zoey smiles and gives Jason a passionate kiss. He takes her by the hand and rushes to the nearest escalator. Going down and off onto the lower level, they manage to get by tough crowds and into a vacant entrance way. Jason covers her eyes and takes her inside an empty studio room. Once he uncovers her eyes, she seems to notice the set designed to look like the bridge from the TV show, Lexx.

Zoey: Oh, Nick, it's wonderful.

Jason: I'm glad you like it. Just don't stand too close to the edge.

Zoey: Why?

Jason: There's a large fan, seven feet, under the bridge.

Zoey: Why is there a fan under the bridge?

Jason: Its purpose is to make the set more realistic.

Zoey changes the subject.

Zoey: You know, there's something I want to ask you.

Jason: You can ask me anything.

Zoey: Will we see eachother after the Con?

Jason looks around and back at Zoey.

Jason: Before I answer your question, there's something I have to tell you.

Zoey: Tell me after I go get us some drinks to celebrate.

Jason: Okay.

Zoey: Don't go anywhere.

Jason: Don't get lost.

As soon as Zoey leaves the room, taking the stairwell, a dark figure comes out of the shadows and pushes Jason over the edge of the set. Jason manages to hang on to the edge. He then starts screaming for Zoey as he could feel himself slipping. His fingers, later, become tired and ends up letting go and falling to the fan below. By the time Zoey got back, he was already gone.

Zoey: Nick, where are you. This isn't funny, show yourself.

She looks down and notices a bloody hand and cries out.

Zoey: No!

Zoey cries out. She rushes out of the room and happens to bump into Stan and Lizzy in the showcase lobby. Lizzy quickly notices the terrified look upon her face.

Lizzy: What's wrong?

Zoey: Nick's dead.

Stanley: What?

Zoey: He took me to an empty room and he fell in the fan below.

Stanley: How did he fall?

Zoey: I don't know. I left the room to get us some drinks and when I came back, I saw a severed hand on the floor.

Stanley: This can't be happening. He was my best friend.

Zoey: And I just fell in love with him.

Stanley and Lizzy walk closer to comfort Zoey. On a plane back to Michigan, Zoey sits back, in her seat and wonders what could be if Jason was still alive.

A month later, Zoey approaches the living room, of Lizzy's apartment, with a smile as Jason stands up and greets her with delight. Zoey has become surprised to see him.

Zoey: Nick, you're alive.

Jason: No, I'm still dead.

Zoey: So am I dreaming?

Jason: Yes. I'm here to tell you not to worry about me. It is in my best interest for you to move on.

Zoey: But I love you.

Jason: Don't worry. You're still young and you'll meet someone new.

Zoey: I don't want somebody new. I want you.

Zoey responds. She could feel tears in the back of her eyes.

Jason: You have no choice. I can't make you happy this way.

Zoey changes the subject.

Zoey: What was it you were trying to tell me that day?

Jason: It was something important.

Zoey: Like what?

Before Jason could tell her, Lizzy wakes her up from her dream. Zoey wakes up, tiredly.

Zoey: Why did you wake me?

Lizzy: Because there's someone here to see you.

Zoey: I was dreaming about Nicholas. He was trying to tell me something.

Lizzy: Like what?

Zoey: I wouldn't know, cause you woke me.

Lizzy: Maybe he'll tell you in his next dream.

Zoey crawls out of bed, gets dressed and goes into the living room and finds a tall, dirty blonde haired woman, standing before her.

Zoey: Hello, I'm Zoey.

Xev: I'm Xev, Jason's wife.

Zoey: Who's Jason?

Xev: The guy who hangs out with Stan all the time.

Zoey: Oh, Nicholas, but he never told me he had a wife.

Zoey says, now feeling a humiliation coming along.

Xev: Well, you learn new things everyday.

Zoey: Nick isn't here. He died last month.

Xev: You must know Jason well.

Zoey: We had a brief affair.

The expression changes on Xev's face.

Xev: You and Jason? How could he do this to me?

Zoey: I may not know the answer, but to be honest, I loved him too

Xev starts to get angry.

Xev: You do not love him. You can't screw Jason and fall in love with him. I've been married to him for five years and now he's dead because of you.

Zoey: Well, I know Jason and he wouldn't commit suicide.

Xev smacks Zoey across the face.

Xev: You had that coming.

Before Zoey could respond, Xev left and slammed the door behind her. Lizzy enters the room.

Lizzy: So who was that?

Zoey: That was Nick's wife.

Lizzy: Ouch! Maybe he was trying to leave her.

Zoey: Why? They've been married for five years.

Lizzy: Maybe that's what he was trying to tell you.

Zoey: There are still questions I have for Nicholas. If only he was still alive, so I can ask him.

A man, in the shadows, hears her plea. That night, Zoey and Lizzy head for bed. The next morning, Zoey wakes up and sees a man with short blonde hair, dressed in black boots, trousers, ruffled shirt and matching cloak, standing at the foot of her bed. She becomes startled.

Zoey: Who are you?

Prince: I am Prince. I overheard you wanting to speak to Jason Finch. I think I can help you.

Zoey: How? You look like the same Prince from the TV show, Lexx.

Prince: I can do anything. Besides, that show, you call, Lexx is mere coincidence.

Zoey: I still don't understand.

Prince walks closer to meet her gaze.

Prince: I can bring Jason back to life.

Zoey: How?

Prince: I can take you back in time. I can take you back to the second day of Dragon*Con.

Zoey: Why only back in time? Why not bring him back to life?

Prince: Because I'm what myth calls a Genie. One of my rules is that I can't bring people back from the dead.

Zoey: But you're only giving me a day? What's the catch?

Prince: You have to tell Xev about your affair with Jason.

Xev: I already told her.

Prince: That doesn't count. You have to tell her at the convention.

Zoey: I'll do anything, just take me back to Nicholas.

Prince: Granted.

By the snap of his fingers, Zoey wakes up next to Jason, at the convention. Jason is awakened by her disturbance.

Jason: What's wrong?

Before she answers him, she reaches out to touch his face.

Zoey: I thought you were dead.

Jason: You must have had a bad dream. Something must be bothering you.

Zoey changes the subject.

Zoey: Nick, are you married?

Jason: Have you spoken to Stan?

Zoey: Just answer the question.

Jason takes a deep breath before telling Zoey the truth.

Jason: I am, but I wasn't planning to tell you until tomorrow.

Zoey's expression changes into disappointment.

Zoey: I thought you were single.

Zoey rises to her feet.

Zoey: We have to tell her.

Jason: No you won't. She'll probably kick my *** if she found out.

Zoey: We have to tell her sooner or later.

Jason rises out of bed to get dressed. Just then, Xev bursts through the door, startling Zoey.

Jason: Xev, who told you where I was?

Xev: Stan.

Xev changes the subject.

Xev: Having fun so far?

Jason tries to change the subject.

Jason: Xev, darling...

Xev: Answer the question, Jason.

Jason: I'm having a great time.

Xev faces Zoey.

Xev: So who's this?

Zoey answers for Jason.

Zoey: I'm Zoey, his affair.

Xev gives Zoey a disturbing look.

Xev: Are you trying to steal my husband?

Jason steps into the conversation.

Jason: Xev, she didn't know anything. This is all my fault.

Xev: How long were you going to keep this up before I found out?

Jason: To tell you the truth, after Dragon*Con.

Xev smacks Jason across the face.

Xev: Do you love her with all your heart and penis?

Jason: I can't answer that, Xev.

Xev: Why not?

Jason: What Zoey and I have is indescribable.

Xev: You are so pathetic. I can't believe I married you.

Xev leaves and slams the door. Jason faces Zoey to explain his actions.

Jason: Sorry you had to witness that.

Zoey: You never told me that Jason was your real name.

Jason: Jason Nicholas Finch. I never had anybody call me Nicholas and I thought it would be cool.

Zoey: Can I call you Jason, then?

Jason: Why not?

Jason changes the subject.

Jason: We need to decide what we're going to do today.

Zoey: Let's go out for lunch.

Jason: Sounds great.

Jason and Zoey put on some nice clothes and takes an elevator down to the lobby. Before they leave the hotel, they run into Stanley Pierce.

Stanley: Where are you two going?

Jason: Out to eat, why?

Stanley: Xev's here. What if she sees you?

Jason: She already knows and I don't care.

Stanley: She must have been pissed.

Jason: Well, that's her problem.

Stanley: You two go have fun.

Jason and Zoey go out to eat at Olive Garden. As they sit down and wait for their meal, they play footsies under the table.

Zoey: So, what plans do you have for us tomorrow?

Jason: It's a surprise.

Zoey: Like that secret room designed to look like the bridge from Lexx?

Jason: How do you know?

As Jason tries to hold her hand, she pulls her hand away.

Jason: What's wrong?

Zoey: It just sounds dangerous.

Jason: Why do you think that?

Zoey: There's a large fan under the floor. One of us could accidently fall.

Zoey covers her face, with her hands, to fight back oncoming tears.

Jason: Zoey, no one is going to fall.

Jason changes the subject.

Jason: What makes you think I might die?

Zoey: It's a long story.

Jason folds his arms.

Jason: Bore me.

Zoey: I had this dream, last night, that you took me to this room and you died in the fan below.

Jason gives Zoey a disturbing look.

Jason: You're scaring me, Zoey.

Zoey: I shouldn't have told you.

Jason pays for the bill and takes Zoey back to the hotel. As they enter the lobby, Zoey comes up with an idea.

Zoey: Jason, why can't you come with me to Michigan?

Jason: Why?

Zoey: To protect you.

Jason buries his face in his hands and looks back at Zoey.

Jason: No offense, but what are you protecting me from?

Zoey: I don't know. I just have this gut feeling that my dream might come true.

Jason: Why am I having the slightest feeling that you're gonna be right?

Before Zoey answers, they are spotted by Lizzy.

Lizzy: So how was your date?

Zoey: Jason is thinking about coming to Michigan.

Lizzy: When?

Zoey: Tomorrow.

Lizzy: That means we're leaving DragonCon early?

Zoey nods.

Lizzy: Why?

Zoey: It's all a very long story. I'll explain it all later.

Lizzy looks over to Jason.

Lizzy: So you're really coming to Michigan?

Jason: Looks like it.

Lizzy: Then we'll leave first thing after breakfast.

Jason: Sounds like a plan.

The next morning, back in the hotel room, the phone rings and Jason wakes up to answer it.

Jason: Hello?

Xev: Jason, this is Xev.

Jason: What do you want?

Xev: I meet you and talk to you about what happened yesterday.

Jason: When and where?

Xev: Right now, in the room displayed to look like the Lexx bridge.

Jason: Give me ten minutes.

Xev: See you soon.

Jason hangs up the phone. He rises out of bed, gets dressed and leaves the room without waking Zoey. She wakes up ten minutes later and finds Jason missing from her sight. Lizzy enters the room.

Zoey: Where's Jason?

Lizzy: He went down to the Lexx set to meet someone named Xev.

Zoey: I can't believe he forgot.

Zoey says to herself. She rises out of bed, dresses quickly and takes an elevator to the showcase hall. She steps off the elevator, wanders down the hallway, opens one of the showcase rooms' door and finds Jason and Xev standing in the same place she found his severed hand.

Zoey: (shouting out) Jason!
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