Dragoncon (the Lexx Version-pt. 2) **rated**


Jason: (turns his head, surprised)What are you doing here?

Zoey: I was wondering where you were.

Xev: (curious)So you got this girl following you around, Jason?

Jason: It's not what you think.

Zoey: (walking closer to Jason)He's coming with me to Michigan.

Xev expression turns devious.

Xev: And you're just going to leave me?

Jason: I never thought about that.

Xev: You selfish bastard.

Xev shoves Jason toward the edge of the bridge.

Xev: (angry)You *******!

Xev pushes him into the fan below. All was heard was his screams and the sound of his body being sliced into pieces. Zoey cries out.

Zoey: No!

Xev: (folding her arms)Serves him right.

Zoey: Why did you kill him?

Xev: I couldn't let that bastard cheat on me and get away with it.

Xev exits the room and Zoey, again, comes back to Michigan empty handed.

Three months later, Prince returns to Zoey as she was getting something to eat, for lunch. She closes the refrigerator as she becomes startled by his appearance.

Zoey: Prince, why am I not surprised to see you here. Ain't you celebrating Jason's death?

Prince: You think I like watching people die?

Zoey: You could have jumped in and saved him.

Prince: I could have, but then I'll have to explain my abilities to the other mortals.

Zoey: I'm mortal. What's the difference?

Prince: You have the ability to see into the future. I can easily track down those who carry, just a little, of my ability.

Zoey: How did I take your abilities?

Prince: Maybe with a kiss of some sort on an act of will.

Zoey becomes confused.

Zoey: I never kissed you. The last person I kissed was Jason.

Prince:(changing the subject)Does Jason love you?

Zoey:(guessing)I think so.

Prince: How can you love a man who doesn't love you back?

Zoey: Maybe if you give me longer than one day, I could ask him.

Prince: Are you asking me for another wish?

Zoey nods.

Zoey: How many wishes do I get?

Prince: Three. But I'll grant you your second wish. I'm giving you twenty-four hours. If he loves you, I'll let him live.

Before Zoey could say anything, Prince snaps his fingers and Zoey is taken right back to the third day of Dragon*Con. This time, it's during the evening and in the ballroom with Jason, Lizzy and Stanley. Zoey gets startled when Jason comes up from behind her.

Jason: Are you alright?

Zoey: Where am I?

Jason: We're in a Star Trek panel. Why do you ask?

Zoey: Feels like I haven't been here in three months.

Jason: Maybe you need to lie down. Let me take you back to the room.

Zoey: Fine, but let's wait until after the panel. Getting up now would be rude.

Jason: Okay. I'll wait.

After the panel, Jason takes Zoey back up in an elevator and back to their room. As soon as Jason unlocks the bedroom door, Zoey walks quickly over the bed to lie down. Jason gets ready to leave.

Zoey: Don't leave me, Jason.

Jason: I'll be back soon. You should get some rest.

Zoey: I'm fine, just lay beside me.

Jason walks over by the bed and sits beside Zoey.

Jason: Why don't you want me to leave?

Zoey: I think I love you.

Jason lays on top of Zoey and kisses her, gently, on the mouth. At that same moment, Xev storms in the room, without knocking.

Xev: Jason, you bastard.

Jason looks up at his wife.

Jason: It was just a kiss.

Xev: I know how you are. First, there's the kiss and next, you'll be ******* eachother's brains out.Jason makes a remark.

Jason: Not everything is about sex. It was only a kiss.

Xev: And you were kissing her because?

Jason: Because I like her.

Xev: Well, I hope you enjoy getting your *** kicked, 'cause the next time I see you, you better have a bodyguard.

Xev leaves the room before Jason could respond. He lays back and faces Zoey.

Zoey: You still love her?

Jason: She's my wife, Zoey, of course.

Zoey: But, I love you, Jason.

Zoey sits up and crawls on top of Jason and kisses him on the mouth. Zoey looks back at him for a response.

Jason: Why do you love me?

Zoey: Because you're passionate and sweet.

Jason looks down at her.

Jason: You know that after two and a half days.

Zoey: To you maybe, but to me, it was like four months.

Jason becomes confused.

Jason: How could it be four months?

Zoey: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Jason folds his arms.

Jason: Try me.

Zoey begins to explain her side of the story, along with a questionable look upon Jason's face.

Zoey: Because four months ago, you died twice.

Jason gets confused.

Jason: But how?

Zoey: I had help, from a Genie named Prince, who granted two wishes to send me back in time to save you.

Jason starts laughing as he assumes that Zoey is making the whole thing up.

Jason: You're a funny girl, Zoey. Genies don't exist.

Zoey: I'm not making this up.

Jason stops laughing and gets serious.

Jason: You expect me to believe you?

Zoey: Even if it freaks you out.

Zoey remembers the ability, Prince told her she had, and surprisingly kisses Jason on the lips. Jason is tempted as he begins to see his life flash before his eyes. He sees himself making love to Zoey and looking deep into the eyes of his murderer as he was being pushed off into a large fan. Jason pushes Zoey away as sees Xev, as she pushes him to his death.

Jason:(angry)Get away from me.

Jason removes himself, off the bed, and walks over by the door.

Zoey: Do you believe me now?

Jason: Damn it, Zoey, my wife is not a murderer. She's just all talk and would never hurt anyone.

Zoey: Maybe she wanted to get back at you for cheating on her with me.

Jason: You don't know anything.

Jason opens the door.

Zoey: Where are you going?

Jason: Away from you.

Zoey: But, Jason. . .

Jason slams the door and hears Zoey crying from the inside. He storms off and enters Stan's room without knocking.

Stanley: Don't you know how to knock? I could have been naked or something.

Jason: I'm not in the mood, Stan.

Stanley: What hair do you have up your ***?

Jason: You die twice and tell me how you feel.

Stanley: Did you and Zoey fight?

Jason starts pacing back and forth.

Jason: She had the nerve to see my wife as a murderer.

Stanley: That's harsh.

Jason stops pacing and faces Stan.

Jason: She also told me that some Genie named Prince, brought me back to life.

Stanley: You mean Lexx's Prince?

Jason nods. The room went silent for a moment and Stan speaks.

Stanley: That doesn't sound too bad. Maybe this Zoey was sent to as a warning.

Jason becomes confused.

Jason: What? I don't understand.

Stanley: Never mind. Maybe this girl loves you enough to save your life.

Jason: (thinking)I never thought about that.

Stanley: Well, while you're thinking, you should go apologize to Zoey.

Jason: You would say that.

Jason leaves Stan's room and creeps slowly back into his room. Zoey turns around and wipes away her tears as she sees Jason's face.

Jason: Zoey, I never meant what I said. It just now occurred to me that the reason you brought me back to life is because you probably love me.

Zoey looks up at Jason and looks down at the floor.

Zoey:(changing the subject)I still love you, Jason.

Jason:(sighing with relief)If you love me, you could have moved on like I asked you to?

Zoey: How do you remember that?

Jason: It came with the kiss from the Twilight Zone.

Zoey stands to her feet and gives Jason a hug.

Zoey: Make love to me, Jason.

Jason holds her head upright and kisses her, gently, on the lips. Zoey walks over by the bed and carefully slips onto the covers, trying her best not to make a wrinkle on the fine silky comforter. She sits in the center of the bed as Jason removes his blue ruffled shirt, revealing his muscular chest, and carefully drops it on the floor beside his feet. He removes his boots and then walks over to the bed, from the foot, and sits beside Zoey. He slowly moves his right hand over to Zoey and lays it on her thigh.

Jason: I want to give you pleasure.

Zoey says nothing, as she smiles, looks deep into his eyes. He touches her face and leans in to kiss her full lips. He unzips his jeans and pulls them down half way. There, Zoey is reminded of his long erect ****. Zoey lays back as Jason assumes the position. Zoey lifts up her skirt while Jason holds his **** in his left hand. He parts her thighs with his right hand. As he mounts her, he thrusts in her **** slowly with deep penetration. With her legs up and stretched wide open, she takes him in as he rests his legs on her shoulders.

In the darkest part of the room, Prince watches as she moans with pain. She touches her **** as she could feel the pain flaring her body as Jason thrusts in and out of her. Zoey secretly catches a glimpse of Prince watching her, as Jason gradually increases his rhythm as he feels her comfort zone. His hands cup her breasts as he thrusts deeper into her ****. After he ****, he pulls his **** out and lays beside her. She looks over the same spot and notices Prince no longer there.

The next morning, Jason opens his eyes and smile as he finds Zoey by his side. He wakes her up by shrugging her shoulders.

Jason: Wake up, Zoey.

Zoey faces Jason and yawns.

Zoey: Good morning, lover.

Jason: I think we should celebrate last night by going out for breakfast.

Zoey: If this is your way of kissing ***, it's working.

Jason: I'm doing this because I love you.

Zoey:(surprised)You love me?

Jason nods. Zoey thanks Jason by kissing him, passionately, on the lips.

Jason: Get up, so we can eat.

Zoey and Jason rise out of bed to get dressed. Jason dresses in a pair of faded, blue jeans and a blank white t-shirt while Zoey puts on a pair of dark blue jeans and a violet colored shirt. They both put on their shoes and leave the room. They end up taking the elevator down to the lobby and out the front entrance. Shortly after arriving at Denny's by cab, they enter through the front door and happen to see Stanley and Lizzy sitting at a booth. Zoey shrugs Jason to get his attention.

Zoey: Look who's here?

Jason: Who?

Zoey: (pointing out)Stanley and Lizzy.

Jason: Oh okay.

Jason and Zoey decides to take a table beside Stan and Lizzy. Lizzy looks up to notice the happy couple.

Lizzy: Hey guys, what's up?

Zoey: Jason and I are in love.

Stanley makes a comment.

Stanley: After three days, wow.

Jason: What would you know?

Stanley: I know that if Xev finds out, she won't be happy.

Jason: Don't worry about Xev. I'll handle her.

Xev, happens, to stumble through the front door with an eight-millimeter handgun at her side.

Stanley: Well, here's your big chance, cause she's headed this way.

Jason turns his head as he sees her walking toward him. He starts talking as soon as she reaches the table.

Jason: Xev, care to join us?

Xev: I didn't come here to chit chat.

Xev, surprisingly, pulls out the gun. Jason and the others gasp.

Xev: I came here to end the cheap scenes with your *****.

Jason rises to his feet.

Jason: No need for a gun, Xev, we can talk this over.

Xev: Talk is cheap and I ain't buying any.

Xev aims the gun, at Jason's chest, and fires. Very slowly, Zoey gets up, jumps in front of Jason and ends up catching the bullet in her right shoulder. Zoey falls to the floor, in pain. Before Xev could fire another shot, two policemen rushed in and arrested her. Jason kneels down beside Zoey.

Jason:(concerned)Zoey, are you okay?

Zoey: I couldn't risk losing you again.

Jason: At least I didn't die in a fan this time.

Jason kisses Zoey, on the forehead, for saving his life. A month later, in Michigan, back in Lizzy's apartment, Zoey wakes up to fix Jason breakfast when all of the sudden, Prince appears in the kitchen, which happens to scare her.

Zoey: What do you want now?

Prince: I'm here to warn you.

Zoey: About what?

Prince: Jason's about to die in his sleep. You better go wake him up.

Back in bedroom, where Jason sleeps in her bed, his eyes flicker as if he's having a nightmare. In his dream, he's standing on the Lexx bridge with Xev.

Xev: So, Jason, who's your new girlfriend?

Jason: Her name is Zoey and I love her.

Xev: Just like you love me or is it different?

Jason: Different, in a way.

Xev: I still can't believe you didn't notice that I lost the baby.

Jason: You were pregnant?

Xev: Looks like I need to pay you pack for you cheating on me.

Jason: So, what did you have in mind?

Xev looks around and happens to notice the large fan beneath her feet.

Jason: What's that look on your face?

Xev: How 'bout I kill you by pushing you into the fan?

Jason: That's insane. You won't get away with this.

Xev: Watch me.

Xev, lightly, shoves Jason close to the edge.

Jason: Xev, you're scaring me. Stop it!

Xev: You no what, I hope it hurts.

After Xev pushes him off the edge, she finds him still hanging on by the ledge, screaming for help. Xev smiles, steps on his fingers and down he falls. Before he hits the fan, Zoey wakes him up from his nightmare. Jason wakes up in fright.

Jason: Zoey, I was murdered.

Zoey: By whom?

Jason: The day you left the bridge. Xev pushed me into the fan.

Zoey sighs and tries to comfort Jason.

Zoey: Don't worry. You're alive now.

Jason: I want you to protect me. Don't let her kill me.

Zoey: You're safe in my arms now.

Zoey holds Jason close.

On August 13, 2008, ten months later, Zoey walks into the living room, of her apartment, and happens to catch Stan and Jason on the computer. She creeps up slowly to notice the DragonCon web page.

Zoey: What are you doing, Jason?

Jason: Planning a trip to DragonCon.

Zoey: Do you got a death wish?

Jason: This year could be different. Besides, I'm going down to Atlanta to divorce Xev.

Zoey: Can you do that by mail?

Jason: I like delivering my recognition in person.

Zoey:(being sarcastic)Why not? I always wanted a large fan with a side of Jason.

Jason: Zoey, you worry too much. You need to relax and enjoy life.

Jason turns his head and gives Zoey a kiss on the lips to change her mind.

Jason:(begging)Please, Zoey?

Zoey: Fine. Sign me up.

Stanley turns his head to give Zoey a compliment.

Stanley: You're my new best friend.

Zoey: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Zoey exits the living room and enters the dining room, where she sees Lizzy drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

Lizzy: So, what are the boys up to?

Zoey: They signed us up for DragonCon.

Lizzy: Why are you so bummed out?

Zoey: If you only knew what I've been through to save Jason, you would see why I'm bummed out.

Zoey sits down, at the table, across from Lizzy.

Zoey: He's also going to Atlanta to divorce his wife.

Lizzy: Still waiting for him to pop the question?

Zoey: He probably hasn't even thought about it.

Lizzy notices Zoey rubbing her stomach.

Lizzy: Are you going to tell Jason?

Zoey: I'll wait until after DragonCon.

Lizzy: As long as you don't forget to tell him.

That night, before Zoey and Jason goes to bed, she decides to tell him about her pregnancy.

Zoey: Jason, there's something I want to tell you.

Jason: And what's that?

Zoey: I'm pregnant.

Jason is reminded when Xev told him about her miscarriage begins to have a temper.

Jason: Since when?

Zoey: Since this morning.

Jason, surprisingly, slaps Zoey across the face.

Jason: (angry)Are you trying to keep me from going to Atlanta?

Zoey:(crying)No, Jason. I just thought that if I waited to tell you after DragonCon, it'll be too late and you'll probably be dead.

Jason: I'm not going to die. That was all last year.

Zoey: I just can't stop seeing your wife pushing you into that fan.

Jason: You saved my life once before. If I die, just ask that Prince guy to bring me back to life.

Zoey: What if he doesn't show up this time?

Jason: Then move on like normal people.

Zoey: That was low.

Jason: Well, get over it, so I can get some sleep.

Jason and Zoey crawl into bed and turn out the lights. Two and a half weeks later, Jason, Zoey, Stan and Lizzy arrive at the Hartsfield International Airport. Shortly after getting off the plane, they all take a cab to The Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Atlanta. Once the cab reaches the hotel, they all step out at the curb and enter the main entrance. All four, stay together as they walk up to the service desk to pick up their room keys.

First thing, Lizzy and Stan happens to get their room key to the third floor. They look at eachother with sexual thoughts.

Stanley: Look, our own room. . .

Lizzy: With one bed. . .

Stanley: And lots of noise.

Lizzy: Let's go check out our room.

Stanley: Good thinking.

Stanley and Lizzy, quickly, walk toward an elevator before one of the doors close. Jason and Zoey look back at eachother.

Zoey: They seem like a good couple when it comes to sex.

Jason: Speaking of sexy, wait until you see me in my white Lexx Prince costume.

Zoey: Now that moment is rapidly approaching.

Jason and Zoey take their room key and take an elevator up to their room on the forth floor. While settling in, Zoey happens to open Jason's suitcase and sees a box of condoms. She turns her head and gives Jason a funny look.

Zoey: This better be an empty box.

Jason: Why do you say that?

Zoey: You don't seem the sexually active type.

Jason: Well, you haven't met me in my college years. When Xev and I first got married, we had sex all the time.

Zoey: And why are you leaving her now?

Jason: We grew apart.

Zoey changes the subject.

Zoey: You know, we can use a condom right now.

Jason: Are you sure?

Zoey: Unless you want to sit up in this hotel room and be depressed all day.

Jason: That’s all right. I’m might go ahead and give Xev the divorce papers.

Zoey: Be careful.

Jason: I’ll try. If I die, tell that Prince I said hello.

Zoey: Very funny.

Jason blows her a kiss and leaves the room, quickly. He leaves the hotel and takes a cab, back to his old address, to see Xev. Once he reaches her house, he steps out of the cab and knocks on her door to the one floor brick home. She opens the door a few seconds later.

Xev: Can I help you?

Jason: I’m here to sign for a divorce.

Xev: Getting married to that cheap ***** of yours?

Jason: Not right away and she’s not a *****.

Xev: Come on in, Jason.

Jason enters through the front door and closes it behind him.

Xev: Why so sudden? Is she pregnant?

Jason: Yes. Zoey and I are having a baby.

Xev: For some reason, I'm not surprised.

Jason: Just sign the papers, Xev.

Jason hands the divorce papers over to Xev, so she can sign them. She sits down at the dining room table to write in fine print. Jason stands over her shoulder with his left hand, flat on the table.

Xev: Did you come to Atlanta for a divorce or to go to DragonCon?

Jason: Both.

Xev: At least I know where you’re staying.

Jason: If you lay one finger on Zoey, I’ll. . .

Xev: You’ll do what?

Jason doesn’t respond to her sarcastic comment. After signing the papers, she hands them back to Jason.

Xev: Here, now get out of my face.

Jason: You can have everything after the divorce is final. I’m starting over with Zoey.

Xev, in anger, takes an ink pen and stabs it through Jason’s left hand. Jason, immediately screams after removing the ink pen and seeing blood run down his arm.

Jason: You’re violent, Xev, which is why I’m leaving you.

Xev: Well, you know what they say about payback. I’m the *****.

Jason runs out the door and takes a cab to the courthouse to turn in the divorce papers. He then stops by the hospital to get patched up and then takes a cab back to the hotel. He enters the lobby about the same time Zoey was getting off the elevator. She happens to notice the patch on Jason’s hand.

Zoey: What happened to your hand?

Jason: That ***** stabbed me with an ink pen.

Zoey: So when is the divorce final?

Jason: September 5th.

Zoey: So, what are we going to do until then?

Jason: Have fun like we normally do?

Zoey: You mean rescuing you from another terrifying death?

Zoey says sarcastically.

Jason: You’re no fun anymore.

Jason and Zoey head toward the lounge to have a few drinks and a bite to eat. The next day, around sunset, Jason and Zoey, happen to separate while they were dancing in the ballroom. Xev happens to be on the crowded dance floor, looking for revenge. She actually bumps into Jason by coincidence.

Jason: So, what brings you here?

Xev: I’m not okay with you and Zoey getting married.

Jason: Xev, we’re divorced. I can marry Zoey rather you like it or not.

Xev: Divorce ain’t final yet, so I still own your ***.

Jason: Take a hike, babe.

Xev, secretly, removes a pocket knife, from her jeans pocket, and slashes Jason across the left side face. Jason places his right hand on his wound and looks back at the blood.

Jason: You *****!

Xev: You had that coming.

Jason runs out of the room, in shock. Zoey happens to follow Jason and catches him in the elevator.

Zoey: What happened in there?

Jason: Xev was there. She cut my face with a pocket knife.

Zoey makes a nasty remark.

Zoey: That ***** can ruin a wet dream.

Jason: I’m not going back down there. I’m just going to go ahead and clean up and go to bed.

Zoey: Then I’m going with you.

Once the elevator door opens, Zoey and Jason step off and go back to their room. Laying in their bed, Jason starts having a repeated nightmare.

Jason: What brings you here?

Xev: I’m not okay with you and Zoey getting married.

Jason: Xev, we’re divorced. I can marry Zoey rather you like it or not.

Xev: Divorce ain’t final yet, so I still own your ***.

Jason: Take a hike, babe!

After Xev slashes him, a flash image of a demon with long, blood-dripping horns and red glowing eyes making a shrieking evil laugh. Jason wakes from his dream in a cold sweat. He feels his face and looks back at his right hand and noticed the blood and awakens Zoey to show her. After shrugging her shoulders, she wakes up with a yawn.

Zoey: What’s wrong?

Jason: Xev slashed me again. This time, it was in my dream.

Zoey: Just clean up and go back to sleep.

Jason gets up and goes into the bathroom to wash away the blood and goes back to sleep. By the next afternoon, she leaves Jason to go hang out with Stanley and Lizzy. Jason decides to stay locked in the room, to prevent Xev from finding him. Once he hears knocking on the door, he realizes that he’s to late. He unlocks door and opens it.

Xev: Hi Jason.

Jason: Go away, Xev. I don’t have time to mess with people like you.

Xev: Someone’s grouchy today.

Jason: You stabbed me and slashed my face. I have the right to be grouchy.

Xev: I came here to apologize.

Jason: What do I have to do to make you go away?

Xev: We can take a walk down the hall.

Jason: Fine!

Jason leaves the room and closes the door. Xev stops and opens a door to a stairwell.

Jason: What are you doing?

Xev: I want to meet your girlfriend.

Jason: Should we take an elevator?

Xev: I like taking the stairs.

Jason: Whatever, Xev.

After Jason takes the first step down, Xev pushes him and closes the door before he screams.

Xev: I can’t believe I married that loser.

And walks away from the scene. Back down in the Atrium level, Zoey, Stanley and Lizzy wait for an elevator door to open.

Stanley: These elevators suck. I’m taking the stairs.

As soon as Stan opens the stairwell, Jason comes tumbling out. Zoey turns her head to notice th action.

Zoey: Jason!

Jason manages to rise to his feet.

Zoey: What happened?

Jason: Xev pushed me down the stairs.

Then the elevator door opens. Zoey faces Stanley and Lizzy for help.

Zoey: Let’s take him back to the room.

Zoey and Stan help walk Jason into the elevator and back to the room. Back in the room, Jason takes off his shirt to view any bumps or bruises. When Stan brings in an ice pack, he seems to notice no wounds visible.

Stanley: How far did you fall down?

Jason: From the forth floor. Why?

Stanley: I don’t see a scratch on you. Not from where I’m standing anyway.

Jason: Considering that I walked away from the fall.

Zoey: You were very lucky.

Jason: Maybe that Prince saved me from getting hurt?

Lizzy: Who's Prince?

Zoey: I’ll explain later.

Zoey changes the subject when she faces Stan.

Zoey: Stan, when is the last day of DragonCon?

Stanley: Tomorrow, why?

Zoey: I want to pack early and go home.

Jason: What’s the rush?

Zoey: I had enough of Xev and this convention. I every time I remind you about getting killed, you just can’t stand not going one year without DragonCon.
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