Dragoncon (the Lexx Version-pt. 3) **rated**


Jason: I thought this year would be different.

Zoey: You can write that on your tombstone.

Jason: Fine. We can all go back to make you happy.

Zoey: Yeah let’s stay one more day, so I can watch Xev push you off a bridge.

Jason: Xev won’t kill me. I love you too much.

Zoey: We’re still leaving early.

Jason: You would.

Later that evening, Jason, Zoey, Stanley and Lizzy pack up and take a plane back to Michigan. After Jason's divorce was final, Zoey and Jason gets married on October 14, 2008 and Xev gets arrested for attempted murder.

On January 6, 2009, Zoey is just waking up and walking into the kitchen to cook breakfast. At this time, she is four and a half weeks pregnant. While closing the fridge door, Prince appears and startles her.

Zoey: Why are you here?

Prince: Like I told you before. I'm a Genie. I can't leave until you make your last wish.

Zoey: What are you talking about?

Prince: You make the wishes and I grant them.

Zoey: I don't remember making any wishes.

Prince: You don't remember your two wishes to bring Jason back to life?

Zoey: Well, I'm starting to remember you saying "granted".

Prince: Fair enough.

Prince changes the subject.

Prince: Anyway, I came here to warn you about Jason.

Zoey: What's wrong with Jason this time?

Prince: If I told you, you may not believe me.

Zoey: Try me.

Zoey folds her arms and changes the look on her face.

Prince: Well, when Jason was born, he was born with a gift. A gift to become a Genie, just like me.

Zoey: How is that bad?

Prince: Jason will become an evil Genie.

Zoey: What does an evil Genie do?

Prince: Let's just say "Be careful of what you wish for."

Zoey: But how do you know this about Jason?

Prince: I have stood over by your bedside and have seen his dreams. Nightmares of his true self and what he'll become. Only he doesn't know it yet.

Zoey: Why don't you just warn him?

Prince: Well, I planned to take you back to DragonCon 2007. Where it all began. This time, you will not remember anything from today or before.

Zoey: So if Jason dies, I'm supposed to forget about him?

Prince: Something like that.

Zoey: You are so mean.

Prince: I'm only doing this to protect you.

At this time, Jason enters the room to help Zoey with breakfast. He becomes startled to see another man in the kitchen, talking to Zoey.

Jason: Who are you?

Prince turns around to face Jason, with his eyes glowing blue.

Prince: I am Prince.

Prince snaps his fingers and in one big black out, Zoey ends up waking up on a plane trip to Atlanta with her friend, Lizzy.

Zoey: Where am I?

Lizzy: Where on a plane on our way to Atlanta.

Zoey: Why are we going to Atlanta?

Lizzy: DragonCon silly. Your boyfriend invited you.

Zoey: I have a boyfriend?

Lizzy: Are you feeling okay?

Zoey: I’m sorry, I don’t remember anything before I just woke up.

Lizzy: Don’t worry, I’ll help you remember.

After the plane lands at the Hartsfield airport, Lizzy points out Jason to Zoey.

Lizzy: There’s your boyfriend, Nicholas.

Zoey and Lizzy walk up to Jason.

Zoey: Zoey here.

Jason turns his head and smiles as he glances upon her face.

Jason: You look beautiful.

Zoey: You’re not so bad yourself.

Jason gives her a sexy smile and Lizzy gets impatient.

Lizzy: Okay, lovebirds, let’s go to the hotel.

Jason: Let’s go then.

Zoey and Lizzy follow Jason to his Nissan Altima and get in. Zoey sits up front with Jason and Lizzy sits in the backseat by herself. As soon as they arrived at the Hyatt Regency hotel, they all exit the car enter through the front entrance and walk all the way up to the service desk to receive their badges, from Jason, and room keys. Lizzy asks Jason a question.

Lizzy: So, do I get my own room?

Jason hands her only one key.

Lizzy: You are so lame.

Then they all leave the lobby and take an elevator up to the fifth floor. After the elevator door opens, they all step out and find their room. Lizzy takes the key out of her jeans pocket and unlocks the door. As soon as she opens the door, Zoey runs in and flops down on the largest bed.

Lizzy: My guess is that’s where you and Nick will be sleeping.

Zoey: I guess.

Jason sits beside Zoey and puts his right arm around her.

Jason: Why don’t you two go ahead and go down to the lobby. I’ll catch up behind you.

Zoey: Why?

Jason: Cause I got to put on my costume.

Zoey: Whatever you say.

Lizzy and Zoey leave the room. Jason sighs and puts on his Prince costume. Down in the lobby, about thirty minutes later, Jason steps off the elevator and sees Lizzy and Zoey, standing by the snack bar.

Jason: So, how do I look?

Zoey: Like I’ve seen you somewhere before.

Jason: Probably from my web site.

Jason's friend, Stanley Pierce, walks up to the small crowd.

Jason: Anyway, ladies, this is my friend, Stanley Pierce.

Stanley: Hi there.

Lizzy steps up to Stan as she becomes enlightened by his sexy smile.

Lizzy: Are you single?

Stanley: For over a year now.

Lizzy: What happened?

Stanley: She cheated on me.

Lizzy: Well, that’s her loss.

That night, Stanley and Lizzy decided to hang out in the gaming room. When Stanley was alone, Jason seeks him out.

Jason: Stan, can you take Lizzy to your room tonight?

Stanley: Why?

Jason: I want to be alone with Zoey tonight.

Stanley: But you’re married.

Jason: But she doesn’t know that.

Stanley: You got issues.

Jason leaves Stanley and walks over to Zoey.

Jason: Hey Zoey, I’m tired. Do you want to come up and tuck me in?

Zoey: Okay, by all means.

Zoey follows Jason back to the room. After he closes the door, he grabs Zoey by the arm and kisses her, forcefully. For a brief moment, she has a flashback of having sex with Jason before.

Zoey: Oh, Nicholas.

Jason lays her down on the bed and starts removing his clothes. With every kiss, Zoey starts receiving memories from her past life. She looks back at Jason in thinking that she’s back in the year 2009. She then tells Jason to stop.

Zoey: Stop, Jason.

Jason: What’s wrong?

Zoey starts to get disoriented.

Zoey: Where are we?

Jason: At the Hyatt hotel.

Zoey: How did I get here?

Jason: What do you mean?

Jason sits up.

Zoey: One minute, I was talking to Prince and then the next, I’m making out with you at the Hyatt hotel.

Jason: (confused)What kind of drugs are you on?

Zoey: I should be asking you the same thing.

Jason: What year do you think this is?

Zoey: Year 2009.

Jason: It’s the year 2007.

Zoey: Not again.

Zoey says, disappointed.

Jason: What?

Zoey: Never mind. Let’s just go to sleep.

Jason gives her a strange look and turns out the lights. The next morning, Xev storms through the front hotel entrance and finds Stanley hanging around the service desk.

Xev: Where’s Jason?

Stanley: Who’s Jason?

Xev smacks Stan upside the head.

Xev: Don’t play dumb with me, Stan. Where is he?

Stanley: In room 510.

Xev: Thanks, Stan.

Xev takes an elevator up to the fifth floor. She finds room 510 and kicks open the door. Jason is awakened by the noise.

Xev: There you are, you two-timing bastard.

As she notices some other woman, laying beside him.

Jason: This isn’t what it looks like.

Xev: Then you wouldn’t mind explaining.

Jason: She’s a total nut. I just felt sorry for her.

Xev: Nutcase or not. You didn’t have to sleep with her.

Jason: Whatever it was, let’s just go home.

Jason, carefully, slips out of bed without waking Zoey. He thinks about his previous conversation with Zoey as he gets dressed. Afterwards, he leaves with Xev and goes back to his house, in the suburbs. An hour later, Zoey wakes up and fines Jason missing from her side.

Zoey: Jason!

She crawls out of bed, gets dressed, leaves the room and walks down the hall and knocks on Stanley's door. Seconds later, Lizzy opens the door.

Lizzy: Hey Zoey, what’s up?

Zoey: Have you seen Jason?

Lizzy: Who’s Jason?

Zoey: Nicholas. His real name is Jason.

Stanley walks over by the door.

Stanley: What’s going on?

Lizzy: Zoey's looking for Jason.

Stanley: I didn’t know he left.

Zoey: He did freak out last night.

Stanley: About what?

Zoey: You see, I’m from the year 2009. By then, Jason and I were married and I was almost five months pregnant.

Lizzy: What about me?

Zoey: You two were engaged.

Stanley: Then how did you get here?

Zoey: Before I woke up in Jason's embrace, I was about to cook breakfast, when this genie named Prince, showed up and decided to take me back in time.

Stanley: Why would a genie do that?

Zoey: Prince knows Jason somehow. He probably has a score to settle.

Stanley gets an idea.

Stanley: He probably went back to his house.

Lizzy: And if you came from the future, you should go tell Jason and maybe he’ll remember.

Stanley: This all sounds crazy, but it’s worth a shot.

Zoey: Well, he already thinks I’m crazy. Oh, what the heck.

Moments later, Stanley was already driving Zoey and Lizzy to Jason's house. As soon as he pulls in the driveway, Jason and Xev step out onto the porch to see what’s going on. Stanley steps out of the car first.

Jason: What are you doing here?

Stanley: I’m here to tell you your future.

Jason: Oh, yeah right. No one can know the future. Especially mine.

Zoey steps out of the car.

Zoey: No, but I can.

Jason sees Zoey and immediately becomes angry.

Jason: You! Get the hell off my property.

Zoey: You may not know this, but before I woke up, last night, I came from the year 2009. By then, We were married and I was pregnant.

Jason: Then how did you get here?

Zoey: Prince brought me here. More like us.

Jason becomes confused.

Jason: What do you mean, us?

Zoey: You were there when it happened. I don’t see why you don’t remember.

Xev gets angry and stomps her foot.

Xev: This is all bullshit. If you and Jason marry, what happens to me?

Zoey: Jason divorces you.

Xev smacks Zoey across the face.

Xev: You had that coming.

Xev, then punches Zoey in the stomach and she falls over.

Xev: *****. You think you know everything.

Once Zoey rises to her feet, Xev punches her in the mouth. Zoey feels her face and sees blood. Once Prince appears at the scene, everyone stops what they’re doing.

Prince: What a marvelous performance.

Jason: Who are you?

Prince: I’m Prince. The one who sent Zoey back in time.

Jason: Why are you here?

Prince: There was a problem. Zoey wasn’t suppose to remember anything.

Zoey speaks.

Zoey: I didn’t remember anything until last night.

Jason faces Prince.

Jason: You erased her memory? How do you sleep at night?

Prince: It was for her own good.

Jason punches Prince in the face.

Prince: Besides, if it wasn’t for me, you’d be dead.

Jason: At least I’d be at peace.

Prince: Just remember that I brought you back to life twice. The reason being is that it was Zoey's two wishes and I granted them.

Jason looks down at Zoey.

Jason: Is this true?

Zoey nods. Jason looks back up at Prince.

Jason: Get the hell off my property.

Xev: You tell 'em, dear.

A tear falls from Zoey's face as she watches Xev and Jason go back inside their house. Prince looks down at Zoey.

Prince: You should have listened to me.

Zoey rises to her feet and stumbles into Prince's arms.

Zoey: Take me back to the hotel.

Prince: Of course, I will.

Stanley and Lizzy watch as Prince teleports Zoey into thin air. They both shrug their shoulders and drive back to the hotel. In the hotel room, while Zoey is seated on the foot of the bed, Prince comes out of the bathroom and walks toward her, with a small damp towel, to clean off the dry blood from her nose and lip. He sits down beside her and starts wiping away the blood. Zoey shudders at the sting of pain.

Prince: You see, this is what happens when you tell people their future.

Zoey: I thought I could make him love me again.

Prince: You can't make people love you. You just have to except the fact that he's still in love with his wife.

Zoey looks up and into Prince's eyes, which are a bright blue color. She changes the subject.

Zoey: I've never looked into your eyes before. I never seen such color in a man's eyes.

Prince: Well, I'm not man. I'm a spirit in human form.

Zoey: You said something about Jason being a genie.

Prince: Yes I did, but he doesn't know it yet. Jason is a mortal and will become dangerous.

Zoey: Could genies love mortals?

Prince: Why do you ask?

Zoey: I don't know. Maybe I'm developing feelings for you too.

Prince rises to his feet to face Zoey, as she is still seated on the foot of the bed.

Prince: A genie could, but it would never last. It would end in heartache.

Zoey: So, there wouldn't be a chance if you could ever love me?

Prince: I don't think so.

Zoey holds her head in disappointment and tries to hold back her tears. Is she really falling in love with her genie? A love that could never be? She watches as Prince goes into the bathroom to re damp the towel. That's when Jason opens the door, without knocking. Prince seems to be overlooked by Jason and interested to watch what was gonna happen next. Zoey turns her head to see Jason coming toward her with a grin on his face.

Zoey: Why did you come back?

Jason: I wanted to believe you on what you said earlier.

Zoey: Prove it.

Jason: I guess I’ll have to marry you all over again.

Zoey: What about your wife?

Jason: **** Xev. I want you.

Zoey is beginning to sense something about Jason. He didn't seem like the man she once loved. She's falling for another who wouldn't love her back. Even though she knew of Jason's fate, she decided to pretend to fall for Jason again to make Prince jealous.

Jason: I love you.

Zoey just had a feeling that he didn't love her. Not after not believing her earlier. Jason, surprisingly, kisses Zoey on the lips and looks back at her for a response.

Zoey: Of course, I'll marry again. It'll be blissful.

She knew Prince had to be listening the entire time. At the corner of her eye she sees Prince with a different expression on his face. This time, it wasn't pleasant. She knew she was going against the rules. He disappeared before Jason knew he was in the room. Afterwards, they never saw Prince again. At least not for a while.

Eight months later, Zoey is married to Jason, again and still living with Stanley and Lizzy in the same apartment in Milan, Michigan. On May 3, 2008, Zoey walks into the living room and catches Jason on the computer.

Jason: Hey honey, guess what?

Zoey seems not very excited.

Zoey: Please don’t tell me you’re going to DragonCon again.

Jason: Why not? I thought you liked DragonCon.

Zoey: No, you like DragonCon.

Jason: Yeah, but my brother is going to be there this year and he wants to see us together. Besides, I’m the costume designer and I have to attend.

Zoey: Since when you designed costumes?

Jason: But Zoey. . .

Zoey: I’m not buying it, Jason.

Jason: Zoey, if we go this year, we won’t have to go next year.

Zoey decides to give into Jason's plea. After all, he was making her an offer of not to attend a Con that got her in a mess to begin with.

Zoey: Okay, but no more after this.

Jason: Thanks, babe.

Jason gives her a kiss on the forehead and leaves the room. Back in Atlanta, Prince pays Xev a visit at her house. He appears in her living room as she reads a romance novel.

Prince: Hi Xev.

Xev startles at his appearance.

Xev: You! I remember you. Why are you here?

Prince: I have a bone to pick with Jason.

Xev: He went back to Michigan with that crazy *****.

Prince: I realize it was a set up to impress me, but I don’t think it really matters who he stays with.

Xev: What do you mean?

Prince: Once she inherited a gift, accidently from Jason, to see into the future, I decided to look into it.

Xev: And?

Prince: Zoey is, or will be, in danger.

Xev: What danger?

Prince: He'll become a dangerous Genie that will kill anyone who wishes for him. Zoey, however, doesn't seem to mind the danger, after I warned her a couple of times.

Xev: Well, he's her problem now. Why should I care?

Prince: He could kill us all.

Xev: And why do you know so much about Genies?

Prince: Because, Xev, I am one...A good one. I just thought I'd warn you if you ever see him again.

Xev becomes surprised and walks over to Prince.

Xev: So, how are you going to stop him?

Prince: I overheard Jason and Zoey attending DragonCon this year. I'll have to kill him myself.

Xev: Wouldn't that make you evil?

Prince: In a way, that would make me bad. But I do whatever I can.

Xev glances into Prince's blue eyes and attempts to kiss him, but he backs away.

Xev: You look so lonely. Why is that?

Prince: Deep down, my heart is reserved for another.

Xev: Well, just incase you change your mind, you know where to find me.

Prince disappears back into thin air. Back in Michigan, Zoey stands in the dining room to have a conversation with Lizzy.

Lizzy: So, what’s up with you and Jason?

Zoey: He wants us to go to DragonCon.

Lizzy: You don’t look happy about it.

Zoey: That’s because, from my prospective, I’ve been to DragonCon about four times to be with Jason.

Lizzy: But whose got something against Jason?

Zoey: Prince seems to have a score to settle with him and Xev wants to kill him for leaving her.

Lizzy: I’m glad it has nothing to do with Stan, cause we seem to be happy together.

Zoey: I think it’s because you and Stan are meant to be.

Lizzy and Zoey sit down at the table.

Lizzy: But not you and Jason?

Zoey: I feel more fear than life when I’m with him and I don’t know why.

Zoey knows why. She had a feeling that Prince could be listening and continues to make him jealous.

Lizzy: Well, I think you and Jason make a cute couple.

Zoey: Thanks, you’re a good friend.

Lizzy and Zoey hug. That same night, Lizzy has a conversation with Stanley as she does the dishes.

Lizzy: Stan, I’m worried about Zoey.

Stanley: What’s wrong with her?

Lizzy: Zoey's afraid that something bad might happen to Jason at DragonCon this year.

Stanley: What can be worse than watching Xev kick her *** last year?

Lizzy: Be serious, Stan.

Stanley: I’m just saying that I don’t think Zoey should worry too much.

Lizzy: Meaning?

Stanley: If all Zoey thinks about is Jason's death, then it might happen. If she looks toward the bright side, Jason might actually live past September 5th.

Lizzy: Gee, I hope you’re right.

Two months later, the four from Michigan take a plane to Atlanta, Georgia. After arriving at the airport, they all take a cab to the Marriott Marquis hotel. When the cab makes a stop at the hotel, they all exit and enter the hotel and walk up to the service desk.

Stanley: Well, here we are again.

Jason: Just like old times.

Zoey makes a sarcastic remark.

Zoey: Home sweet hell.

Jason makes a comment.

Jason: You wish.

After receiving their badges, from Jason, and room keys, they all get in one elevator and get off at the forth floor. While unpacking in room 403, Jason puts on his pirate costume.

Zoey: Jason, why do you like DragonCon?

Jason: I like being reminded of where I met you.

Zoey: So, you like falling into fans and getting killed?

Jason: No, I like having fun. Seems like you’re only with me to protect me.

Zoey: You know it’s not like that.

Jason starts gets angry.

Jason: Look, you wanted to come.

Zoey: Only because you insisted.

Jason: Fine, then go back to Michigan. I’m just tired of you protecting me all the time.

Zoey: If you end up in tiny pieces, don’t come crying to me.

Jason: Well, I’m going downstairs for some space, so enjoy your night.

Jason opens the door and gets ready to leave.

Zoey: Don’t go, Jason, I’m sorry.

Jason: And you need to get a life.

After Jason leaves the room, Zoey reaches for a pillow and throws it across the room in anger. Afterwards, she leaves the room and takes an elevator down to the lobby. In the elevator, she notices a guy with short and wavy black hair with Jason's facial features.

Zoey: Jason?

Kai: I’m Kai. Jason is my younger brother.

Zoey: I’m his second wife, Zoey.

Kai: I didn’t know that he and Xev divorced.

Zoey: We’ve been married for almost a year.

Kai: You two must be lucky.

Zoey: Well, I don’t feel so lucky.

Kai: Why not?

Zoey: Jason and I keep running into trouble. Especially, with fate.

Kai: Seems like you and Jason been together for years.

Zoey: Only if you’re looking from my prospective.

The elevator door opens and Kai and Zoey step out.

Zoey: So, you’re not married?

Kai: Never been married.

Zoey: Well, I’ll see you around.

Kai: You know, if you and Jason have any problems, my room number is 605. Feel free to stop by anytime.

Kai and Zoey separate into two different directions. Zoey seemed to notice Kai checking her out as he walks away. Lizzy walks up to her afterwards.

Lizzy: So, who was that?

Zoey: That was Jason's brother, Kai.

Lizzy: Looks like he seems interested in you.

Zoey: He’s descent looking and available.

Lizzy: But you’re married to Jason and can’t have Kai.

Zoey: Feels like Jason and I are drifting apart. We had an argument not that long ago.

Lizzy: What about?

Zoey: Nothing major. Just bringing up stuff from the past.

Lizzy: Well, if you wanna be with Kai, you do what you think is right.

After thinking about her previous conversation with Lizzy, she decides to go visit Kai. First, she lies to Jason when she finds him in line, waiting for an autograph in the Walk of Fame.

Zoey: Jason, I’m going to go ahead and spend the night in Lizzy's room.

Jason: Fine by me.

Zoey: Thanks, Jason.

Zoey blows Jason a kiss, as if nothing was wrong. She sneaks into the elevator and pushes a button to the sixth floor. Once the elevator door opens, she gets off and knocks on Kai's door. Kai opens the door seconds later.

Kai: Did you come here with Jason?

Zoey: I decided to come alone.

Kai: Come on in.

Just as the door closes, Prince happens to be standing outside and following Zoey. Kai closes the door after Zoey walks in.

Kai: So, what do you want to talk about?

Zoey: You know, I risked my life protecting a man I don’t love anymore and I don't know what to do.

Kai: You know how you solve that problem.

Zoey: How?

Kai: By having the most passionate sex with me.

Kai walks over by the bed and lays down in it. He motions for Zoey to come closer. As she walks over toward the bed, she starts taking off her clothes. By the time she lays on top of Kai, they were both completely naked. She starts by kissing him on the lips. At this time, she begins to think of Prince. Kai opens a wrapper and slips the condom over his shaft. While thinking of Prince, Zoey begins to feel Kai inside her. Imagining what she wants Prince to do to her. With each touch and caress, their ******* filled the room. What she starts to feel with Kai, she would want to feel with Prince. Not the same feelings she had for Jason.

The next morning, as they wake up in eachother’s arms, Zoey looks into Kai's eyes and expects to see the bright blue eyes that she seen in her genie, but doesn't.

Kai: I would like to see you again.


Kai: Because you were longing for a man you used to love.

Zoey: Speaking of Jason, he's probably wondering where I am.

Kai: I guess I’ll see you later.

Zoey gets up, gets dressed and leaves the room without Kai saying a word to her. She goes back down to the fifth floor and goes back to her room to see Jason standing in front of a full body mirror.

Jason: Well, did you have a good time?

Zoey: Of course I did.

Jason: Maybe later, I should introduce you to my brother.

Zoey: Sounds like fun.

Zoey notices Jason already dressed in his pirate costume.

Jason: I’m going to go ahead and go down to the Lexx studio set. I hear that there’s a party. See you in a bit.

.....To be continued
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