Dragoncon (the Lexx Version-pt. 4) **rated**


Zoey: Have fun.

Jason leaves without giving Zoey a kiss. Afterwards, she hears knocking on the door. She opens it and sees Kai.

Zoey: Hey Kai.

Kai: Hey Zoey.

Zoey: Do you have plans right now?

Kai: Not really. Why?

Zoey: I hear there’s a party in the Lexx studio set. Do you want to come with me?

Kai: Sounds like fun.

Zoey: Let’s go.

Zoey and Kai hold hands and walk into an elevator. In the next room, Prince creates a hologram of Xev, with the wave of his hands.

Prince: I got a job for you. I want you to go down to the Lexx studio set and kill Jason.

Xev: Your wish is my command.

Prince hands her a hologramic meat clever before she runs out the door. In the elevator, Zoey and Kai have a conversation.

Kai: Zoey, is it possible for us to start dating?

Zoey: Oh, Kai, I’m married.

Kai: Yeah, but you don’t love him anymore. Leave him and be with me.

Zoey: Do you think it’s that simple?

Kai: Yeah, but just think about it.

Zoey: I think we should tell Jason about us last night.

Once the elevator door opens, Zoey and Kai step out. Jason turns his head and happens to notice Zoey and Kai entering the room, holding hands.

Jason: Zoey, I see you met Kai.

Zoey: Of course.

Jason: When did you two start seeing eachother?

Zoey: Last night. I came down here to tell you.

Kai makes a comment to his brother.

Kai: I want to keep seeing her.

Jason, angerly, walks up to Kai and smacks him across the face.

Jason: Not while I’m married to her.

Zoey steps up to Jason to tell him the truth.

Zoey: Jason, it’s not his fault. I slept with Kai.

Jason: (confused)How could you do this to me?

Zoey: I don’t want to be with you anymore.

At the same time, Xev steps into the room with one hand behind her back. Jason happens to notice her appearance.

Jason: Xev, what are you doing here?

Xev: Rumor has it that Zoey has fell in love with someone else.

Jason: Why do you care?

Everyone gasp as Xev holds up a meat clever.

Jason: Did you come here to kill me?

Xev: Payback’s a *****, isn’t it?

Jason: You’re not going to get away with this.

Xev: I just might.

Jason faces Zoey in desperation.

Jason: Zoey, I hate to say you’re right. Are you going to save me or what?

Zoey: Not today. I decided to get a life like you said.

Xev responds to Jason.

Xev: Looks like she doesn’t love you anymore. Let’s dance.

Xev throws the knife at Jason and misses. The knife lands in the large fan below. Xev screams as she runs into Jason to push him off the edge. Jason grabs her by the arm and takes her along for the ride. They both scream until their bodies were sliced into the fan below. Kai runs over to the edge to see the blood.

Zoey: Prince was right. We didn’t belong together.

Zoey says to herself. Lizzy walks up to Zoey.

Lizzy: So, no more bringing him back to life?

Zoey: I have no reason to.

Two days later, Kai goes with Zoey and her friends back to Michigan. Zoey and Kai decide to become an official couple a month later.

July 14, 2009, about ten months after Jason's death, Zoey forgets he ever existed. Lying in bed, one night, Kai has been having re occurring nightmares of watching his brother die in the large fan. After the last bloody nightmare, Kai awakens in fear. The next morning, Kai decides to tell Zoey about his nightmare as she cooks breakfast.

Kai: Can I tell you something?

Zoey: Sure.

Kai: I kept having this nightmare of Jason dying.

Zoey: And?

Kai: What if there was a way to bring him back to life.

Zoey: But bringing someone to life is impossible.

Kai: I just miss him.

That evening, in the living room, Kai walks over to Stan and Lizzy, in the kitchen, as they were helping eachother with the dishes.

Kai: Guys, I just had this dream about Jason.

Lizzy: And?

Kai: And I just want him alive again.

Lizzy: Why are you telling me this?

Kai: Because you’re Zoey's friend.

Stan opens his mouth.

Stanley: If you want your brother alive again, Zoey has some good pointers.

Kai: Excuse me?

Lizzy gives Stanley a dirty look after stomping on his foot.

Stanley: Nothing. I was just talking crazy.

Kai: You guys know something.

Stan watches Kai fold his arms and spills the beans.

Stanley: Zoey did bring Jason back to life, twice. She also said that this Prince guy helped her.

Kai: So Jason died before?

Stanley: At the time she loved him.

Kai: So who’s Prince?

Lizzy answers.

Lizzy: I seen him once, he once teleported Zoey back to the hotel two years ago.

Kai: This Prince guy seems like the answer to solve my problem.

Stanley shrugs his shoulders as Kai leaves the room. He enters the living room and walks out onto the balcony. Prince appears to look for Zoey, but sees Kai.

Kai: Who are you?

Prince: I’m Prince. I'm looking for Zoey.

Kai: I heard you brought my brother back to life before. How?

Prince: I'm a genie. It was Zoey's wish and I granted it.

Kai: Can you bring my brother to life again?

Prince: I would, but I have to warn you.

Kai: (confused)Warn me about what?

Prince: When I bring Jason back, he'll be at the point of his life where he will turn into something pure evil.

Kai: I don't care. I just want my brother back.

Prince: Fine, all you have to say is "I wish."

Kai: I wish to see my brother alive, this year, at DragonCon.

Prince let’s out a painful cry and then disappears. Kai gets confused and then goes back inside. The next day, in the afternoon, Kai tries talking Zoey into going to DragonCon.

Kai: Zoey, my dear, you look beautiful today.

Zoey: What do you want, Kai?

Kai: I was wondering if we can go to DragonCon.

Zoey: What is it with the Finch brothers and DragonCon?

Kai: It’s fun for me. Besides, it'll be a tribute to my brother's death.

Zoey: Okay, we can go.

Kai gets exited and kisses Zoey on the lips. In the beginning of September, the four take a plane trip to Atlanta. After arriving, once again, at the Hyatt Regency hotel, everybody receives their badges, from Kai, and room keys.

Kai and Zoey take an elevator to the third floor and Stan and Lizzy take an elevator to the sixth floor.

Down in the Lexx set studio, a wish is granted. Jason, clothes shredded and covered in blood, pulls himself up and over the edge and onto the floor. After he stands up, his eyes began to glow red and then back to its original eye color. Back in room 308, Kai and Zoey have a conversation.

Kai: You know, Zoey, I decided to take a shower before I go downstairs. Why don’t you get a head start and I’ll meet you down in the lobby.

Zoey: You can always wear your birthday suit.

Kai: Very funny, Zoey.

Zoey: Okay, I’ll go downstairs.

Zoey exits the room and gets into an elevator. As the elevator door closes, Jason steps out of the other elevator. He walks over to 308 and knocks on the door and Kai opens it.

Kai: Jason, you’re back.

As Jason enters the room, Kai closes the door and gives his brother a hug.

Jason: Is this still the year 2008?

Kai: This is the year 2009.

Kai steps back to notice Jason's wardrobe.

Kai: Looks like you could you use a shower and a change of clothes.

Jason: That would be nice

Jason goes into the bathroom, closes the door and turns on the shower. Afterwards, Jason steps out of the bathroom, dressed as Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. Except for the top hat and gloves.

Jason: Let me get this straight. Zoey leaves me dead and then decides to bring me back to life.

Kai: She didn’t bring you back. I did and Zoey doesn’t know it.

Jason: Are you two married yet?

Kai shakes his head and changes the subject.

Kai: Was you normally brought back from the dead?

Jason: This was my first time.

Kai: And what doesn’t make since, when I wished you back to life, this Prince guy granted it.

As Jason turns his head, his eyes glow red and back to his original eye color before turning back around.

Kai: He did say that he was a genie or something.

Jason: Genies ain’t real, man.

Kai: It was just a suggestion.

Jason enters the bathroom and Kai closes the door at the same time Zoey enters.

Zoey: What’s taking you so long.

Kai: I just got done using the bathroom.

Zoey: Was that before or after you decided to take a shower?

Kai: Before.

Zoey: Well, since it took you so long to take a ****, you can come downstairs with me.

Kai: Yes dear.

Zoey and Kai leave the room. Jason steps out of the bathroom to take a look around. All of the sudden, Jason starts to feel pain in his hand and in the back of his head. His eyes glow red as he screams as sharp claws pierce through his fingers, He then cries out in pain after hearing the cracking of his skull. When the pain stopped, he stood up and looked in the mirror. He notices blood dripped horns and sharp nails. Shocked at his appearance, Zoey happens to enter the room as he turns around.

Jason: Hi, Zoey. Did you miss me?

Zoey: I didn’t expect to see you here. I thought you were dead.

Jason: Prince brought me back from the dead as a surprise for you.

Zoey: I don’t feel surprised. Besides, I know Prince and he wouldn't bring you to life, just because he felt like it.

Jason changes the subject.

Jason: Is my appearance shocking?

Zoey: What are you talking about?

Jason glances back in the mirror and sees no horns and claws.

Jason: Nothing.

Zoey: You’ve always been nothing.

Jason: Did you forget something?

Zoey reaches for her purse and leaves without saying a word to Jason. Zoey, frightened, runs out of the room and back down to the Atrium level. After the elevator door opens, she runs into Lizzy.

Lizzy: Zoey, what’s wrong?

Zoey: I just saw Jason.

Lizzy: (confused) I thought he was dead.

Zoey: But, I just saw him in my room.

Kai notices Zoey freaked out, from a distance, he sneaks passed her, gets into an elevator and sprints toward the room. He storms through the door to see Jason checking himself out in front of a mirror.

Jason: Did my big brother forget something?

Kai: I forgot to kick your ***.

Jason: Relax, I only told her that Prince brought me back to the life to surprise her.

Kai: Dude, she’s not going to go back to you.

Jason: You don't know that. She could have a change of heart.

Kai: Now that’s not going to happen. Besides, why would Prince have a connection with you and Zoey in the first place?

Jason: When I have the answer to that, I’ll let you know.

Kai: Wise ***.

That night, while Zoey and Kai sleep, Jason hides out in the bathroom. He stands over by the sink, watching his eyes glow red. Then he stands over the foot of the bed.

Jason: Zoey will become mine.

The next morning, Zoey wakes up, gets dressed and opens the bathroom door. She startles as she sees Jason again.

Jason: Good morning, sweetheart.

Zoey: Why are you still here?

Jason: I have no place to go.

Zoey: You could always visit Xev in hell.

Jason: You’re funny, but not as funny as the truth.

Zoey: What truth?

Jason: Kai actually talked Prince into bringing me back to life.

Zoey: Why?

Jason: Maybe it’s fate.

Zoey: Dream on, *******.

Just then, Zoey watches Jason's eyes glow red.

Jason: Make a wish.

Zoey rushes out of the bathroom, frightened, as Jason smiles. She rushes down the hallway and literally runs into Prince.

Prince: We meet again.

Zoey: It Jason. He's back. I just saw his eyes. They were red.

Zoey says in a frightened voice. Prince holds out his hand and helps her up to her feet.

Prince: Looks like I came in the nick of time.

Still holding her hand, he starts walking ahead.

Zoey: Where are we going?

Prince: Someplace private. We need to talk.

Prince says and Zoey follows him to another room, on the other side of the hotel. As they enter the room, Prince closes the door, which automatically locks.

Zoey: What do we need to talk about?

Prince: Why did you get involved with Jason, again and get involved with his, so called brother? Haven't I warned you plenty of times?

Zoey: Well, you were being a jerk. I went back to Jason and slept with his brother to make you jealous.

Prince: You pissed me off more than made me jealous.

Zoey sits on the foot of the bed and gives him a pouty expression.

Zoey: To be honest, that night when Kai was ******* me, I thought about you. I closed my eyes and imagined that you were inside me.

Prince sits beside her and puts his right arm around her.

Prince: To be honest, I'm falling for you too.

Zoey: Why wait too long to tell me?

Prince: It's been a really long time since I ****** anyone. When I'm watching you, I get hard at the thought of my hands caressing your entire naked body.

Prince says in an erotic tone. At that moment, Zoey places her left down on the inside of his right leg.

Zoey: I want you to make love to me

Just as she ran her slender hand over his cheek and caressed his face, his lips came crashing into hers. The feelings and intensity of the many months that had passed crashing into them all at once. After she fell backwards, on the bed, her hands began to explore the inside of his cloak and his back as their tongues fought for dominance. He broke their kiss as he began to place hot wet little kisses down her neck.

Zoey: You're making me wet.

Zoey says in an erotic tone. When he sat up, his hands freely roamed her ample chest and carefully unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her hard nipples. He rubbed each nipple with the tips of his thumbs before lowering his head to lick them one at a time. She moaned and felt herself getting more aroused as he did this. She arched her back and moaned as he kept rubbing his hands over her breasts and lowering his head to suck on her nipples. She never felt like this with Jason.

Zoey: I want you inside me.

Zoey said as she moaned and wanting him even more. Just touching her breasts made his **** rock hard. He then glided his left hand underneath her blue skirt and carefully removed her panties. Just when he dropped her soaked panties on the floor, he removes his jacket and unbuttons his ruffled shirt to reveal his muscular chest. Zoey places her own hand between her legs to feel her moist **** as Prince disrobes. She looks up to watch Prince unbuckle his belt and undo his trousers. She arched her back again after seeing his enormous, rigid ****. He kneeled in position before penetrating her ****. He was so massive that her **** had to stretch to accommodate him. He was afraid he was hurting her by the look on her face, but she arched into him, wanting more.

Zoey: I want you.

Prince says nothing as he pushed himself inside her, slowly. He began to move, carefully, drawing his hips back, then carefully thrusting back into her, then he began thrusting faster, building up a rhythm. She manage to raise her legs and wrapped them around his waist as he drove himself into her enough to the brink of climax. She screamed out his name as her body shuddered wildly as he kept thrusting faster and harder.

Zoey: Oh, Prince!

Zoey moaned loudly. She could feel herself reaching an ******. Prince groaned as he could feel himself coming. He, too, was at the brink of climax and was about to release inside this beautiful woman before him. A woman who has fallen in love with him. Just as he came, filling her with his ***, he withdrew his **** and collapsed beside her.

Zoey: I never felt that way before.

Zoey said as she exhaled. Prince, tiredly, looks over to face her.

Prince: I love you.

Zoey, shocked, turns her head to face Prince.

Zoey: I love you too.

Prince: When this is all over, I don't want to disappear from you, ever.

Zoey lays sideways and kisses him, full, on the lips and look back at eachother.

Zoey: What now?

Prince: I will have to kill Jason before he kills anybody.

Zoey: You do what you think is right.

At that moment, she knew Prince was her destined soul-mate. That afternoon, in the lobby, Zoey runs into Kai.

Zoey: Kai, why did you ask Prince to bring Jason back to life?

Kai: Why do you ask?

Zoey: Jason told me this morning.

Kai: Don’t chew me out. You lied to me. You said there was no way to bring people back to life.

Zoey: That’s because I didn’t want you to make the same mistakes I did.

Kai gets confused.

Kai: I don’t get it.

Zoey: There’s something about Jason from what Prince told me.

Kai: Like what?

Zoey: At this moment, Jason is turning into an evil Genie and will hurt anyone.

Kai: What's an evil Genie?

Zoey: A genie that's evil.

Kai: Prince is a genie too.

Zoey: Yeah, but he'd never hurt anybody.

Kai: Now that I think about it, Prince did try to warn me about this and I thought he was full of ****.

On the other side of the hotel, Jason surprises Stanley in the lounge.

Stanley: Jason, I thought you died.

Jason: I did.

Stanley: What do you want?

Jason: I want to show you something.

Stanley: Like what?

Jason: But you have to promise not to freak out.

Stanley: Are you threatening to kill me?

Jason: Of course not.

Stanley follows Jason back upstairs and to Kai's room. After entering, Jason shuts the door.

Stanley: So, what’s the surprise?

At that moment, with the lights off, Jason's eyes glow red.

Stanley: (fascinated)What the ****?

Instead of feeling pain, Jason kneels down as he feels the pain as the sharp claws pierce through his fingers and two horns grow out of his head. After the pain, Jason steps into the light. Stanley startles at his appearance.

Stanley: What happened to you?

Jason: I don’t know, but do you like it?

Stanley: Something tells me that you didn’t go to heaven.

Jason: I just don’t feel like myself before I died.

Stanley: What are you?

Jason: Want to make a wish and find out?

Stanley becomes frightened and runs, screaming, out the door and back down to the lobby. Stan runs into Zoey and Kai.

Kai: Are you alright?

Stanley: It’s Jason. His face, don’t look at his face.

Zoey: I know, I know. I saw the same thing.

Stanley: Did I mention that he had horns, glowing red eyes and sharp nails?

Kai: Thanks for the update on my scary brother.

Stanley: His horns looked totally real.

Kai faces Zoey.

Zoey: He’s so not laughing.

Kai: So what do we do?

With his new look, he'd figured he'll blend in well with everyone in costume. Downstairs, he walks into a large ballroom, filled with hundreds. Of course, the first person he bumps into, happens to be ex-wife, Xev.

Jason: Hello, Xev.

Xev: (surprised) I heard you were dead, so I came here to celebrate.

Jason: Now that you're here, I would like a second chance for us.

Xev: Do you think I’ll take you back after you dumped me?

Jason: Not exactly. Anyway, she dumped me for Kai.

Xev: You know, I don’t feel sorry for you at all.

Xev folds her arms.

Jason: Have you ever regretted marrying me?

Xev: I did when you dumped me. Why?

Jason: Is there anything from me you want to wish for?

Xev: I wish I to never see you again.

Jason's eyes glow red.

Jason: Granted.

Without warning, Jason runs two of his clawed fingers through her eye sockets and pulls out with her eyeballs still attached to his nails. Blood squirts out of her eyes and falls forward, dead. Screams were heard from people around him.

Outside of the ballroom, Kai, Zoey, Stan and Lizzy happened to come upon a commotion of people running out of one of the ballrooms, up the escalators, and out of the hotel.

Kai: What the hell is going on?

Zoey: It's Jason. He's killed someone.

Just then, Prince appears behind them.

Zoey: Prince, I’m so glad you’re here.

Kai: Is it true what you said about Jason?

Prince: I would never lie to anyone.

Kai: So, how do we stop him?

Prince: He’s too powerful for any of you to fight. Only I could stop him.

Stanley: Where is he now?

Prince: By the looks of the panic. He could be anywhere.

Before Prince walks off, Zoey grabs him by the arm.

Zoey: Be careful.

Prince: I promise.

Prince grabs her forcefully and kisses her deeply. Kai and the rest focus on the intense kiss.

Prince: It's time I put Jason where belongs.

Prince disappears. Kai and the others start running in the opposite direction as the others. While Stan and Lizzy hide, Kai and Zoey run into another ballroom. In the middle of the dance floor, Kai and Zoey happen to get separated. Jason appears in front of Kai.

Kai: Jason, where were you?

Jason: I just paid Xev a visit. She keeping an "eye out" for me.

Jason says as he holds up his blood dripped claws.

Kai: You killed Xev?

Jason: Now she knows what it feels like to be dead.

Kai: You bastard.

Kai takes his left fist and swings it into Jason's face. Jason looks back at Kai and wipes the blood from his mouth. Zoey sees Jason and Kai, from a distance, and decides to approach them. By the time Zoey got to the scene, Jason had already slit his throat. Zoey cries out.

Zoey: No!

Zoey looks up at Jason.

Zoey: How could you? He was your brother.

Jason: I never really liked him that much.

Zoey: Who will you kill next?

Jason:You, but since you spared my life in the past, I decided to keep you alive.

Zoey, then starts running. As scared as she was, she had no idea where she was going. Just as she happen to find herself inside the Lexx studio set, Jason was already waiting for her.

Zoey: How did you know I was gonna be here?

Jason: Now, where's that genie of yours?

Zoey: Looking for you?

Jason: Speaking of which. Seemed liked you two a getting cozy.

Zoey: That's none of your business.

Jason: It seems a little awkward for a genie to fall for someone who doesn't live forever.

Zoey: What's your point?

Jason: Would you like to live forever? Would you like to live forever with Prince and not have to worry about aging. Would you like to become a genie too?

Zoey: I'm not gonna fall for your tricks.

Jason: But you are tempted. All you have to do is wish and you'll live forever by his side as two genies in love.

Zoey becomes drawn by his offer. She looks around for Prince and decides to make a tempting wish.

Zoey: Okay, I you win.

Jason: Now say "I wish."

Just then, Prince appears as she makes her wish.

Zoey: I wish to become a genie.

Prince: Zoey, no!

Prince shouts. He realizes he was to late. Jason, however, a golden lamp forms in his hand. A puff of red smoke pours out of the lamp's spout and began to cloud around Zoey, beginning at her feet.

Zoey: What's happening to me?

No one answers her as the questioning becomes frightening. Prince rushes out to her and grabs on to her hand.

Zoey: Save me, Prince.

Prince: I would if I could, but it's too late.

Zoey could feel her body being lifted by some sort of gravity, pulling her toward the lamp. She cries out as Prince holds on to her, by hanging on to her arms, as she was being pulled away.

Zoey: Don't let go.

Prince: I love you.

Before Prince could kiss her, she had disappeared into the lamp in Jason's hands. He looks up at Jason, with anger.

Prince: Release her, now.

Jason: Why, do you love her or something?

Prince: More than you ever could.

Jason: Tell you what. I'll make you a deal.

Prince: What kind of a deal.

Jason: If you love her, prove it. I will make this lamp vanish from my hands. If you love her, you will travel to the ends of the Earth to find this lamp and release her.

Prince: You wouldn't dare.

Jason smiles and the lamp disappears out of thin air. Prince, angry, pushes Jason into the fan. But Jason has grabbed onto Prince and has taken him along for the ride. Luckily, they both land onto the center.

Prince: Where did you put her?

Jason: I guess you'll never find out, cause I won't tell you.

Prince: She has saved your life many times. This is how you repay her? By making her disappear?

Jason: She is alive. Just not in the way that you like.

Prince: Doesn't matter. She doesn't deserve what you did to her. She deserves something better.

Jason: What? A life with you?

Prince: It would have been better than where she's at now.

Jason: You want her back? Fine. You're just gonna have to find her the hard way.

Prince, then, becomes pissed. With one good kick, Prince leaves Jason dangling from a blade.

Prince: Tell me where she is or die.

Jason: **** you!

Prince says as he forcefully kicks Jason in the chin, causing Jason to lose his grip and get sliced into the fan. After watching Jason get diced into the large blades, Prince teleports himself back to the top of the bridge. Just then, Lizzy and Stan enter the room.

Lizzy: Prince! Is Zoey alright?

Stanley: What happened to Jason?

Prince: Jason is dead. I killed him.

Stanley changes the subject.

Stanley: Are you okay?

Prince: I just lost my beloved.

Lizzy: You mean Zoey?

Stanley: What happened to her?

Prince: Before I killed Jason, he has turned my beloved into a genie and has teleported her to somewhere on this earth.

Stanley: So that's it? She's gone?

Prince: I will go look for her. Even if it takes me forever.

Lizzy: Prince, she's my friend. I hope you find her.

As Prince walks away, sad, Lizzy and Stan become disappointed and sad over Zoey's loss. It all started when she wanted to have fun at her first convention and ended up under the power of two mysterious genies. One good and one evil. Prince does go on a quest to find the lamp that contains his soul mate. He ends up searching the first ten years without success. A love that is and will be for eternity.

The End
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