Lexx: Young At Heart pt. 1 **rated**

**A Lexx fanfiction. Prince is looking for a queen and happens to stumble over the youngest Lexx crew member, Zoey. Will he accomplish turning Zoey against her "family"? Angst, M/F, Minor, MC, Humil, WS, Scat**

Once upon a time, a ruler named Prince came aboard a ship called the Lexx to check on the Lexx crew, Xev, Stanley and Kai. Unexpectedly, a young redhead bumps into him, after running and fell backwards on her behind. Prince looks down her, wearing an exact cluster lizard dress worn by Xev.

Prince: My, my. Who are you?

Zoey doesn't say anything, cause she wouldn't talk to strangers.

Prince: My name is Prince and you look like Xev.

At that moment when Zoey rises to her feet, Stan enters the galley, where he finds Prince.

Stanley: Prince, what are you doing here?

Prince: I came here to chat.

Prince looks over to Zoey.

Prince: Now who's this little girl?

Stanley: None of your business. What do you want?

Prince: I want to make another deal with you.

Stanley: No more deals. I don't trust you.

Xev happens to enter the room and at the same time, Zoey rushes over and stands behind Xev.

Xev: What's going on?

Prince: I'm here to make a deal.

Xev: What's the deal?

Prince: I need a ruler for Water. Someone I can trust.

Xev: Yeah right.

Stanley: And who's gonna be this "ruler"?

Prince glances over to Zoey.

Prince: The little girl will do just fine.

Xev becomes enraged with a cluster lizard growl.

Xev: You're not taking my baby away from me. She's too young to be a ruler.

Prince: It's never too early for learning. She'll do just fine.

Stanley: What's in it for us?

Prince: I promise, I'll let you visit your little girl and check on her progression.

Xev: If we agree, when will we get to see her?

Prince: Every two weeks sound like a deal?

Xev looks over to her daughter.

Xev: You'll be going with Prince for a while. Stan and I will come and see you from time to time.

Zoey walks over to Prince.

Stanley: If this is a trick, I'll have Kai kill you and I'll blow up your planet for Lexx food.

Prince: She's in good hands.

Prince and Zoey walk out of the galley with Zoey waving at her mother. Down on planet Fire, in Prince's city, Prince opens the door to his quarters. Once he closes the door, he knew his trick was played well.

Prince: Feel free to make yourself comfortable.

Zoey walks over by the water bowel and stirs it with her right index finger.

Prince: Are you thirsty?

Zoey, immediately, removes her finger at the same time Prince walks toward her.

Prince: Go ahead and have a sip. You're gonna be my queen now.

Zoey looks up at Prince in shock and walks over to sit by the nearest steps. Prince follows in her steps and sits beside her.

Prince: I'm not going to hurt you. Listen, since you're gonna be my queen, let's start by talking. What's you're name?

Zoey doesn't respond to Prince.

Prince: Well, let me show you where you'll be sleeping.

Zoey rises to her feet and follows Prince to his sleeping quarters. He opens to big doors to a master bedroom with a king size bed, decorated with blue satin sheets and gold pillows.

Prince: This is where you and I will be sleeping. It's big enough, so you'll have a whole side to yourself. You'll have a servant that will tell you when it's time to eat.

Zoey walks over by the bed, strokes her fingers on the sheets and sits on the bed. A question comes through his mind.

Prince: Have you ever spoken before?

Zoey looks up and shakes her head.

Prince: This is something new. How old are you anyway? Let me guess...16, 17?

Zoey nods after Prince says "17." Prince's **** hardens inside his trousers as the thought of ******* a young teenager crosses his mind.

Prince: Rest here if you like. Priest will let you know when it's time to eat.

After Prince leaves the room and closes the door, Zoey lays back on the bed and stares up at the ceiling. A tear rolls down her left cheek as the thought of missing her mother crosses her mind. Hours later, Priest enters the room and notices Zoey taking a nap. He walks over to her and shrugs her shoulders. Zoey shudders when she see Priest looking over her.

Priest: Dinner is ready, madam.

Zoey rises out of bed and and follows Priest to the dining room. There, she is greeted by Prince, who is already seated with a plate of food in front of him.

Prince: You look tired.

Zoey says nothing as she takes a bite of food.

Prince: I would like to know your name. I bet you have a lovely voice.

Prince says as he reaches for her hand to hold.

Prince: It's hard to get to know you if you don't talk.

Another tear rolls down her cheek. She wanted to say something, but there were no words in her mouth to answer Prince. She has spoken before, but only to herself.

Prince: Don't cry, my dear. You don't have to say anything until your ready.

Prince says as he cups his left hand on her right cheek. They both finished their dinner and then walked into the bedroom. Zoey watched as Prince closed the door and remove his boots and jacket. She snuggled under the covers at the same time Prince slipped underneath the covers. They both stayed apart and facing different directions.

The next morning, Zoey woke up and found no Prince by her side. At that moment, she starts to think of ways of how to contact her mother or Stan. She wanted to speak allowed to herself, but she wanted no one to hear her. She rose to her feet and walked into Prince's quarters and happened to see Prince talking to someone. Once the person left, Prince turned his head to notice Zoey's appearance.
Prince: Good morning. You must be hungry.

Zoey nods as Priest enters the room.

Prince: Priest, why don't you prepare breakfast for the lovely lady and I.

Priest: Yes, my Prince.

Priest bows and leaves the room. Prince walks up to Zoey and places both hands upon her shoulders. Prince's touch sent shivers down Zoey's arms. Within an instant, she sighs and a word is softly released from her mouth. So soft, Prince doesn't hear the word.

Zoey: (sigh) Mother.

Prince looks down upon Zoey with surprise.

Prince: Did you say something?

Zoey couldn't believe she spoken allowed in front of Prince. She wanted to run away from this embarrassment. At that moment, Priest enters the room as a sigh of relief.

Priest: Breakfast is ready, my Prince.

Zoey follows Prince to join him for breakfast. They say nothing to each other while eating. After she finishes her meal, she removes herself from the table to go back the bedroom. She found herself bored, cause there was nothing to do.

Later that afternoon, she did nothing, but sit up in bed and think. As the image of Prince crossed her mind, her right hand traveled up her short dress and inside her ****. As a teenager, she was beginning to explore other parts of her body. She moaned a little as she felt a tingle in her g-spot.

Zoey: Oh, Prince.

That evening, during dinner, Zoey glanced at Prince at the same time she felt a wet spot between her legs. Prince speaks.

Prince: I've been thinking. Maybe we should take a trip to Water tomorrow. After all, I told Xev and Stan that you'll be a ruler there.

Zoey speaks, but at a low tone.

Zoey: Zoey.

Prince: What's that?

Zoey: My name is Zoey.

Prince: You have a pretty voice.

Zoey: When you said that I was gonna be your queen, does that mean that we have to get married?

Prince lets out a light laugh and then responds.

Prince: Of course it does. Does that bother you?

Zoey: It's just something that's gonna take time for me to get used to.

Prince: There are some things I want us to do before we go to bed.

Zoey: Like what?

Prince: You'll find out soon enough.

After dinner, Zoey follows Prince to the bedroom. After the door closes, Zoey sits up on the bed.

Zoey: So, what now?

Prince: You're about to see me in a way that no one has ever seen me before.

Zoey watches as Prince removes his boots and jacket. He slowly removes his shirt and lays it aside to view his bare muscular chest.

Zoey: Am I supposed to remove my clothes too?

Prince: You can if you want.

Prince stops undressing to watch Zoey remove her lizard dress to reveal her petite body. He stares at her small breasts long enough to get a hard-on.

Prince: Mmm. You're in for a good ******'.

Prince says to himself as he begins to remove his trousers. After he sets his trousers aside, he stands straight to reveal his thick twelve inch, erect ****. Zoey's mouth drops, cause she's never seen a man's penis before. Prince crawls in the bed and lays beside Zoey.

Prince: I want to touch you.

Zoey says nothing as Prince begins to stroke her breasts with the tip of his fingers. She lets out a soft moan as his hands begin to travel down to her ****.

Prince: Are you really 17?

Zoey: Yes. I'll be 18 soon.

Prince: I take it your a virgin too?

Prince says as he inserts is index finger in her ****. She feels a throbbing pain in her g-spot and moans. He removes his finger and positions himself to enter Zoey. Zoey arched her back as Prince positioned his **** to enter her small ****. She felt a pinch of pain as he felt Prince's **** penetrate her ****.

Prince says nothing as he pushed himself inside Zoey, slowly. He began to move, carefully, drawing his hips back, then carefully thrusting back into her, then he began thrusting faster, building up a rhythm. Zoey managed to raise her legs and wrapped them around Prince's waist as he drove himself into his her enough to the brink of climax. She moaned out his name as her body shuddered wildly as he kept thrusting faster and harder.

Zoey: Oh, Prince.

Zoey moaned loudly. She could feel herself reaching an ******. Prince groaned as he could feel himself coming as well. He, too, was at the brink of climax and was about to release inside this young beauty before him. Just as Prince came, filling young Zoey with his ***, he withdrew his **** and collapsed beside her. They both became tired and rested for the night.

The next afternoon, Zoey and Prince hop into a gondola, with Priest to prepare for their trip to Water. Just crossing the desert, Zoey had begun to feel pain in her bowls. The pain she had been feeling for a couple of days and the pain was just starting to become uncomfortable. What could she say to Prince? She was still shy around him. She had to go. Luckily, Prince looked over his shoulder to notice Zoey shifting uncomfortably.

Prince: Is something wrong?

Zoey: I have to go.

Prince: Go where?

Zoey: Is there a toilet anywhere?

Right then, Prince knew exactly what she meant, and motioned Priest to lower the gondola closer to the ground.

Zoey: What are you doing?

Prince: I'm letting you off, so you can go. Don't worry, we won't leave you.

Zoey takes the offer by climbing off the side of the gondola and landing onto the ground. Prince watches as she walks a few feet away from the gondola and began to squat down. He watches as liquid came draining out from between her legs. She sighed, in relief, as she emptied her blatter. He folded his arms to see what was about to come up next. Zoey strained as she finds herself unable to hold it in. A thick, solid turd comes inching out. It was coming out and coiling like a snake on the ground beneath her. She sighed, in relief, again and stood up. She looked over at her mess as she was climbing back up into the gondola. Prince says nothing after Priest raised the gondola back in the air.

Prince: Do you feel better?

Zoey: Much better.

Zoey asks Prince a question.

Zoey: Do you use the restroom too?

Prince: Not as much. Probably every once in a while.

Zoey: When was the last time you...had to go.

Prince: Can you find something else to talk about?

Prince retorts, trying to avoid the embarrassing question.

Zoey: I don't know what else to talk about.

Zoey and Prince remain silent until they have reached through the atmosphere and floating over planet Water. Zoey leaned over to the side, becoming mesmerized by the beauty of the planet's surface. The beauty of endless water. Prince extends his telescope to a floating city, far away.

Zoey: What do you see?

Prince walks over to Zoey and hands her the telescope.

Prince: Look into it.

Zoey looks into it as Prince points out into the direction of the nearest floating city.

Zoey: What is that?

Prince: That's a city called Garden. People there grow food there for other cities.

Zoey: It's beautiful.

Zoey hands the telescope back over to Prince.

Zoey: Can we go there?

Prince: Sure.

Prince walks over to Priest to give him the directions to the city. Just as Zoey leaned over, she screamed as she fell over the side. Prince rushed over to the side as she plunged into the water. Zoey swam up to the surface and paddled to keep her head above water.

Zoey: Prince!

In the gondola, Priest looks over to Prince.

Priest: What are you going to do about her?

Prince: Lower the gondola. I will try and save her.

Priest: Of course, my Prince.

Priest says as Prince removes his cloak, drops it aside, walks over to the edge and dives into to ocean to rescue Zoey. Just as Zoey's head went underwater, Prince swoops in, from underneath, and swims up to the surface. Right on time, Priest had lowered the gondola to where Prince and Zoey could reach the net and pull themselves up. Just as they reached the top, soaked and dripping wet, Prince lays Zoey down and covers her, with his cloak, to keep her warm.

Prince: It's okay, Zoey. You're safe and back on the gondola.

Zoey looks up and sees Prince before her and the feels the warmth of his cloak around her. She closes her eyes as Prince holds her close to his chest. Priest raises the balloon and they all ended on going back to Fire. Zoey woke up, in his bed, hours later and still found herself wrapped inside Prince's cloak. As she sat up, part of the cloak revealed cleavage of her bare shoulder. Prince must have removed her dripping wet clothes while she was still un-conscience. Just then, Prince enters the room with a tray of food.

Prince: Zoey, I see you're awake.

Zoey: How long have I been asleep?

Prince: A few hours.

Zoey: Where are my clothes?

Prince: They were soaked, so I told Priest to dry them for you.

Prince then, walks over by the bed and sits.

Prince: Ten days.

Zoey changes her expression to confused.

Zoey: Ten days? What do you mean by that?

Prince: I haven't "gone" in ten days.

Zoey scoots closer to Prince, still keeping her bare skin from being revealed by his cloak.

Zoey: Do you have to go or something?

Prince: Just watching you yesterday, made my insides churn. Being immortal, I'm used to holding my bowls for long periods of time.

Zoey: What about when you pee?

Just then, Prince felt another twinge in his stomach.

Zoey: Are you okay?

Prince: It's my bowls. Don't worry, I can hold it.

Prince said as he patted his stomach gently. He could feel the turd on the inside of his rectum pushing against his anus in a scratchy manner.

Zoey: I think your "bowls" disagree with you.

Prince: It now appears that way.

Prince said as he clenched his stomach, hoping he could buy himself some time.

Prince: Zoey, it would seem that you're about to watch me **** myself.

Zoey sat up to face Prince. She watched as Prince began to strain. As he pushed, the poop was dry and about 2 ½ inches in diameter. It quickly met resistance in his underwear, but he was determined to fill them. Zoey leaned forward, totally mesmerized by the show taking place. Prince strained, and gave a pouting grunt and felt as the log sped out of his rectum and slid nicely into the seat of his pants. But he's nowhere near finished.

Zoey: That was amazing.

Prince says nothing as he felt more poop near his anus. He strained as another log, slightly thicker than the first came out of him. It had a bit more room to slide out since the first had pushed his underwear away a bit, but it still was a struggle for him to force it out. It slithered out and made the current bulge swell in the seat of his pants. Prince continued to strain and push out another log about 2 inches thick, his underwear was now full. He knew he was almost done.

Zoey: Are you almost done?

Prince screamed, his anus dilated as the nose of big log started to come out, crackling loudly like burning wood. It was at least 3 inches thick and solid.

Prince: I think I know the meaning, of the word, pain.

Prince exerted. It slid out and pushed the other turds aside and smashed them. His pants were swelling every moment. Zoey was on her knees with a look of wonder and unmoving interest. Prince grunted and pushed, the log came out even more, another small push and the end came out. The seat of his pants were now swollen enough to have given his trousers stretch marks. He collapsed on the bed and sighed in relief.

Zoey: So, what now?

Prince: That took a lot out of me. I think I'll rest for a bit before I shower.

Zoey was so excited, she removed the cloak and sat on top of Prince. Prince, however, was not in the mood.

Prince: What are you doing?

Zoey: Just watching you **** yourself, got me aroused.

She said, as she gave him a teasing grin while pulling at his buckle.

To be continued....
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