It Started Out Of Desperation...

When I was in my late forties, my sex drive or libido was near zero. I hadn't gone through menopause yet, which is supposed to put your love life on a downward spiraling trend... and the fact that I had no 'lust' left in my body before this depressing phase of my life, left me shocked and frustrated. As much as I tried, I just wasn't in the mood for intimate encounters with my husband. Every touch of his hand on my body at night seemed to be like an intrusion, a threat - as we didn't communicate much during the day anymore. After all we had been married for 25 years...

I knew I had to change something to save my marriage and started reading erotic stories before I went to bed to get myself in the mood for intimacy. This in turn led to the effect that I thought up my own naughty fictive stories during sleepless nights. I started researching topics like submission, domestic discipline, slave relationships and spent days, hacking away on my laptop writing down my fantasies. I got aroused imagining the scenarios, feeling the urge to go through with some of them in reality, not only in my mind. And the more I researched about certain ways of life, the more I longed to integrate them into my marriage.
In the end, I chose to surrender to my husband out of my own free will, without him voicing any demand or request for this. Actually he didn't even know what was happening in my mindset, but the changes which resulted from this step were mind blowing.

One of my fantasies was that he was the Master I would submit to, and he could have me any time, and the thought alone turned me on enormously. So when he tried to persuade me in real life to be intimate, it suddenly didn't take much effort on my side anymore to please him to the best of my ability, as I would be ready and willing and aroused as never before! And in turn the more I gave myself to him, the more he started to become the loving and tender husband again, communicating with me as he hadn't in a long time! And I don't have to tell you, how intense and sizzling not only the nights have become around here, but also the early mornings, lunch breaks and weekend outings have changed into something quite special!

And of course this nurtures my imagination... If only I had more time to write down all of these truly exquisite and highly intoxicating thoughts, experiences and stories...
I can only recommend to give your imagination a kick start and fantasize or even better write down your secret desires, your weird dreams, your extremely arousing ideas and it might turn around your whole life or relationship by integrating them into reality! Don't be prude - go for it!
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3 Responses Nov 8, 2012

Well said . lt seems the more you give, the the more you receive !

Wow! You really saved yourself, your marriage, and probably made your husband a happier man in other areas of his life as well! The only time I have felt asexual is when I have been suffering from depression. Someone told me that going through menopause doesn't affect all women the same way. Some actually feel MORE like having sex afterwards! I don't have any idea why - I never went through it.

Fantastic story my dear friend. So wonderful how your life has changed for the better with just letting go of prudish norms and going with your heart. I love that your marriage is going well now and you have what you were looking for. Hugs