Excerpts From "payback Is Sweet."

The Outrageous Series Presents: Excerpts from:
Payback Is Sweet
Book 3 of:
The Outrageous Adventures of Ingrid Stiles
Edited by

Anono Souris
He lifts the vodka bottle to his lips, but Ingrid gets to it first. “Whoa, hold on there, big guy!” She caps the bottle and puts it under the passenger seat. “Mr. Houston, what are you doing here?”
“Don’ tell Tim I was on Hooker Alley, okay?”
“I won’t, if you tell me why you’re here.”
“Here to get some revenge *******, is what!”
“Revenge fu—?”
“Yeah. Aah, I don’ want you t’see me so pathetic. S’humiliatin’”
The first time she went to the Houston house for a barbecue after she and Tim had been quasi-dating in high school, she had a notion that Tim’s dad really liked her, seemed interested in her career plans. She ended up talking to him, helping him out at the grill. She called him Mr. Houston, and he said, “Nope, Mr. Houston’s my dad, I’m Richard, or, to you, just Rick. How’s that?”
That was uber okay with her. She was attracted to him, forty-four years old, a little gray at the temples, very fit from squash and weights at his gym, not to mention the ten K runs.
Now she studies him – a shadow of the confident, self assured, upwardly mobile executive he had been at that moment a year and a half ago.
Fast-forward to:
The rain shower is hot, and soothing. She stands under it, thinking of Rick all the time. Well, not actually “thinking.” More like imagining him mounting her as she lies on her back, her looking up, arms around him, feeling him entering her ****. She likes that word, is determined to give it a resurrection and a new reputation. Him sliding into her wet, willing...****. Yes, lips around his stiff ****, and her fleshy little wishbone **** under his hand...and...
...dammit, the water goes cold. I was on a roll there.
Now she does stop and think about Rick. Steady and upbeat as he seems, he still needs fixing. She looks in the mirror at her flat belly and the bush of red pubic hair below.
Oh, yeah, this’ll be good! Something a little special. Just for him.
She soaps the whole area until it is a sudsy handful, then she gets out her razor and starts trimming. She wants a certain effect, and she works at her pubis like a sculptor.
Thirteen minutes later, she hangs up her jeans and top, wraps one of the medium-sized terry towels around her exquisite gem of a body, and emerges from the bathroom, makeup subtle and flawless, hair dry and coiffed, and just a tiny spritz of expensive perfume behind her perfect ears.
He’s propped up on the bed, his eyes closed, empty coffee cup and only one sandwich left in the bag on the bedside table. On the wall above him, hangs a replica of Claude Monet’s Waterlilies, the ones with the pink reflection in the water.
A Monet and a man, wounded inside. She tiptoes over to him, grabs a bite of the sandwich, and perches her left hip beside him.
His eyes open. “I wasn’t asleep. I was meditating.”
She reaches across his body, props herself on her left hand. “Do you remember talking to me in your car last night?”
“Little blurry, but I remember.”
“You said you were out to get some revenge *******.”
“I said that?!”
Damn! His smile is sooo like Tim’s.
“You did, and you were so sincere, I thought you were going to go cruising no matter how drunk you were.”
“Yeah, I might have. How stupid would that be? Listen, can I do something for you to thank you?’
“Uh-huh, you can.”
“Anything you want.”
“Okay, I want me to be your revenge *******. I’m feral, I’m free, I’m felicitous, and I’m squeaky clean everywhere.”
“Oh, no, you hauled out the big vocabulary – it’s a pity-****.”
“No, no, no, no, don’t think that! You don’t understand – for a long, long time, I’ve wanted to be with you, to make—”
“Oh, wait a –”
“No, let me finish,” she says and puts two of her delicate fingers on his lips to silence him. “...I’ve had this yen for you since I met you, but I was dating Tim at the time, so I didn’t try. Now things are different, aren’t they?
“Yes.” He looked at her as if making up his mind about something. “I shouldn’t confess this, but I’ve also had fantasies – about you. I probably want you more than you can imagine.”
“That’s some kind of good karma for us, because you need me now to put you back on your game, and maybe you can move to a new level where women are concerned.”
“You think I’m not past my peak?”
“Ooooh no, for example, I could arouse you in a few minutes, and you’d be performing like a stallion, but you shouldn’t let me do that, because then I wouldn’t be ready for you, and BTW that’s true of all women. I’m so hot for you, Rick, and now that I have this chance, I want us to be the best.”
She sees that he’s touched by her sincerity. “Really?” he says.
 “Oooh, yeah! And I need you to get me “up there” at the same time you are.”
“I don’t believe it – I’m going to take sex education from a nineteen year-old.”
“And I bet I’ll learn something from a forty-four year-old guy I’ve had a crush on for the last year and a half. Anyway it’s not about age; it’s about being attracted to each other.”
She leans over close to him. “I want steamy sex, I need to make love to you until I’m so wasted, I’ll want to sleep for three days.” As she finishes the last syllable, she touches her lips to his and closes her eyes. They kiss and kiss and kiss, from every angle and with every reach of both their tongues.
When they come up for air, she tucks herself into his chest, lays her head on him. “Hold me, cuddle me, enjoy the feel of me, my skin, my hair, the length and breadth of my body. Let’s not talk until we touch all over, let our bodies get to know each other, until we feel like we’ve been doing this for months and months.”
Rick looks at her, watches her hands learning his body, and realizes what a treasure he has in his arms, a silver lining in his darkest time, a balm for his battered self-esteem.
Precious gifts come in small packages. I want to please her, remember every detail of these moments.
His pulse quickens, and he strokes her hair a little as she hikes her towel and stretches her leg over his body. “I want to kiss you again,” he says.
His kisses are tender, loving, gentle. Their lips touch, and their tongues seek each other, she feels his need, feels herself filling it. They enter a rapturous cocoon, where nothing around them is of any importance, where they lose track of whose hands are where and how many times they have strayed and then come home, renewed, and wanting more. Finally she gives in to an overwhelming urge to blurt out her needs.
“I need you to touch my breasts, my nipples, I need you to kiss them, and suck them.” She takes his hand in hers, kisses him on the neck just below his ear, and murmurs to him. “Let me put your hand under my towel and see what you find there.” She closes her eyes as she slides his hand onto her bare skin below her breasts.
 He seeks what he knows will be lovely and sensual, cupped in his palm. He pulls her little body closer, kisses her and continues his caressing. She kisses him back as if he is the only man she ever wanted. She’s so sweetly eager, leagues more than the other women he has been with (which have been few).
“Mmmm, that’s so good,” she says. “Touch my nipple with one finger.” He does, stroking all around it till she shivers.
“Is that good?”
“Oh, yes.”
“It’s stiff.”
“I think it likes you, and that makes two of us. Do the other one.” He moves his hand slowly, enjoying the smoothness of her skin. When he locates her other nub, he runs his finger over it, barely touching till she emits a low mmmmmmm. A quick breath, and she says, “Thumb and finger, thumb and finger, both.”
She touches his lips with hers, as he rolls and gently tightens his grip on both nipples. She feels a flutter in her belly low down. She’s been holding back until she not only wants him to go further but can’t resist her yen for more. Her whole mind focuses on her nipples, savoring the delicious ripply feeling he’s causing.
This part he’s got down pat.
“I love it,” she says, and he kisses her. She needs more pressure –like she has when she wears her nipple clamps. “You can squeeze harder now.”
Fast-forward to:
He kisses her up, down, around, and sucks on her swollen lips as if they were his only nourishment. He punctuates his licking with bursts of speech, and she closes her eyes, seeing and hearing nothing but the beautiful words she wants.
 “I love your ****. I do.”
“...your **** is sexy and lovely...”
“...my mouth is hungry for your ****.”
“...I want to lick your **** and your **** till you squeal...”
“...I want to kiss your **** again and again...”
“...my lips want to linger on your ****...”
“...give your **** to me...give it to me!!!”
She pulls her knees higher and curls her body so her **** comes toward him.
Liberated, he proceeds to do all the things he has talked about, and Ingrid soars level by level, until she finds herself holding her breath until she climaxes twice, and he stops to admire her and stroke her.
Breath coming quickly, she says, “You’re the only guy I know who can say **** and make it sound like poetry. I feel like I want to cry. You’re touching me deep inside, talking to me like that. You make me want you so much I can’t bear it, I can’t wait.”
He raises his head, pauses and looks down toward his crotch, “Oh, my god, how did that happen?’
“You just gave me the erection of a lifetime.”
“I did? Let me feel.”
He takes her hand and guides it to his erect member. It’s stone-hard and hot.
“Now, my big handsome ****-lover, I want you inside me, right now.”
“Hmmmm...maybe I should make you beg for it.”
“Noooo, I’m not kidding, I need it right away!”
“I’m thinking maybe I should just rub your **** like this...”
He’s so good at it that she rises toward another climax. “Aaah, aaah, you brute! Stop torturing me! Stop! Stop! Put that great big **** in me before my poor little **** starves to death! Aaah, please! Please!! Please!!!”
“That’s it! Beg! Beg for it!”
She reaches for her crotch with both hands, pulls her **** wide and up. “I’m begging you, now! I’m opening wide for you. Oh, please, please give it to me.”
He removes his fingers from her ****, replaces them with the tip of his lifetime erection. He tickles her up and down and sideways, tantalizing her.
“No, no, give it to me!!”
“Beg!!” He keeps teasing her **** with his ****. “What do you want me to do to you?”
“Stick your horny **** into me.”
“Dirtier, say it dirtier.”
“I can’t wait any longer, please!”
“Say the dirty words.”
“Yes, **** me! **** me now! I need it. Jam your **** into my ****! Please ****, **** me!”
And he does. But not like other lovers – bursting through the palace gates and into the atrium till it’s crowded tight inside. No, he slides the tip down between her inner lips, strokes her up and down, getting it wet and slick in her juicy entrance. He advances an inch, then retreats.
“Okay, okay, I’m begging now. Give me mercy; please slide your beautiful **** into my ****. My ****...Please!!!!”
“Not just yet, I need sucking first. Your pretty pouty little lips on my ****, I want to see that.”
“Bring it here! Bring it!
She grabs a pillow, throws it behind her head, reaches for him as he crawls toward her and thrusts his stiff shiny member up near her mouth.
Oh, god, like Tim’s, straight and perfect. Good in my mouth. Let him see my pink lips going up and down. Please don’t let him come. I really do need him in my ****.
Now it’s his turn to moan in ecstasy, and there’s no way he can help it.
Sweet Jeesus, is she ever good! She wants it, really wants it, not just going through the motions like the others do! Oh, it’s so beautiful. Never, never had it like...ah, the tongue. I’m gonna  faint if it gets any better.
His **** feels so good in her mouth, the way she’s in control, and he’s letting her know that he’s in second or third heaven by the sound of him. She has a sudden impulse to deep-throat him, but she’s only done it twice in her life. One time she gagged, the other time not. The good time, she pushed her tongue forward. That’s the way.
“Stay still,” she murmurs, “I’m going deep.”
What? Her being that tiny. She’ll never be able to. Maybe I should stop her in case...oh-oh, too late.
He watches her, holding his breath, concerned.
Sweetheart, you don’t know how much I care for you. At this moment I’m head-over-heels in love with you.
Mouth on the tip of him, half of his shaft showing. Awed, he watches her rosy pink lips descend, first quickly, then so, so slow. Now he’s feeling the tightness as his tip enters her throat. Feels like it is too tight. He’s been still like a statue since she started. Now he’s about to pull back, afraid she’ll hurt herself in some way, when he sees her lips advance and protrude as if reaching toward the root of his ****.
“I can’t believe it, she’s taking it! All of it! Oh, yes, she took it all!!! You sweet little beauty, I’ll never forget this. I’ll never forget you.”
To Rick, the space around them is suspended. Time stands still. He doesn’t breathe. If he does, the ecstatic intensity of the moment will vanish, he’s sure of that. He feels a pulsing as she’s swallowing him, moving his trapped **** back and forth in her throat.
How long can she do this! Oh, God, I’m holding my breath, too!
After a long, long visit to heaven, her lips begin to retreat slowly. Feeling her throat and her mouth releasing him so slow that she seems reluctant to let him go, a wave of pent-up emotion washes over him. Finally she lets the tip of his **** emerge from her lips, sucks in a huge gasp of air, puffs like a marathoner, and looks up at him angelically.
Oh, God, she’s so sweet. She’s so proud of herself. Please let me savor this moment.
When she stops puffing, she giggles a little, involuntarily, and he joins her, then leans forward and kisses her.
“Now that I’ve felt heaven, I know what it’s like to be blessed by an angel.”
She flashes her angel smile at him, and says, “Now will you put that freshly washed Lamborghini where it belongs.”
“You mean in your beautiful juicy C-U-N-T.”
“Say it.”
He whispers it in her ear three times, then moves between her legs. She whispers back, “Fuuuuck meeee!”
Goddammit, he’s good! Slow at the entry, back-and-forthing , letting me savor the feel of his penetration every inch of the way. Oh, Rick, yesyesyeyes! Rub me there right above my ****.
She clings to him, sees his ripple of abs start to pump his pelvis up between her legs. Reflexes take charge of her and she matches his urgency. She pulls him closer on top of her, bringing his weight heavier on her belly and crotch, and arching toward him as she hits one climax after another. Now he’s so hard that she wonders if he’ll be able to come.
Little blue pill is my friend.
Lots more to ***. The above is less than one-quarter of a steaming-hot story
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Amazing couldn't stop reading. The details the begging the over all climax! Mmhm <3

Great story, as a 44 year old male I loved it even more!

Thanks, appreciate the praise.

Great story, I would love to hear about taking you doggy style and would love to lick that sweat **** of yours.

Hey MJM, good to hear from you again. Makes me tingle when you talk about licking my ****. I can almost feel it. : )

Nothing better then the taste of a women. And I find redheads have a special zing I like. In hope your a very vocal lover. Love it when a girl list you know what makes her happy.

Whoah, you've read my stories. You know I'm vocal!

Yes but you can never realy tell until I have you under the lash of my tongue. Your little **** spread for me. Are you going to be more of a moaner or are you going to squeal and squirm with every flick of my tongue over you swollen ****. I long to hear you to be ****** harder. Taking you to the brink the pulling you back then pushing you a little harder.

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