The Longing

I so longed for a sizzling affair-the kind that only two people deeply in love can create. We together paint a vivid picture in our minds and express this to each other in lustful times like no one else can.

I become fascinated by your gentle touch-it leaves my body lusting for more. I get all wet and moist inside excited by what comes next. I whisper sweet nothings to get you aroused. You start uttering words sharp like a bell, commanding my every move.

Intrigued by what's next, I lick your manhood waiting to swallow. It's a secret pleasure to see you smile while making love in our bed hour after hour, sometimes into days. I then examine the penis in my hand as I rub and stroke it until you can't stand it any longer. Your knees become weak and you start to shake so I give you all that you can take and then some. You fall back, weary in a trance, trying to catch your composure and to spin a strong stance, to gain control over me once again but in your mind you know that I am in control in this moment. You give me control rather than me taking it, just part of our loving games.

We passionately wrap our strong bodies around each other squeezing so tight we almost smother each other. We can feel each other's heart beating side-by-side lying there in silence listening to the rolling tide. As our foreplay comes to an end, it's the physical that's hard to mend as my beating heart slows down. It's the passion that I never realized I could find. I've found it in you and me, in us together.


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Thank you.

WOW, Oh god yes

Yes, please do Mother.

I love when anyone writes a story. Please do and link me when you are finished.

Hi#enjoyed this story, very sensuaklly and erotically written, thank you<br />
Wold you like me to writeyou a story too??<br />
Thanks<br />

Left wanting more.

Thanks y'all<br />
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Aww Mass! I have missed you darlin'<br />
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Mt, Thanks sweetie!

Ahh to have FG really do that, lucky guy that he is.<br />
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Really good story FG.

mmm, I love where your imagination goes!