The ******** (part 4 Of 4)

I should warn anybody reading these stories that the series is fundamentally a bisexual (MMF) ********* story. If bisexuality makes you feel uncomfortable, you should probably stop reading now.  Also, I have illustrated versions of these stories in PDF format for anyone who would like a visual to go along with the words, just send me a message.  I hope you enjoy.  M


The Dessert (part 4)

I stood and looked down at the two of them, laying naked side-by-side. His **** wet with a mixture of our juices; her ***** matted, pink and dripping with his ***.  I knew I'd be ************ to thoughts of this night for the rest of my life.

Laying down beside her, I ran my hand along her stomach and across her body. She was damp with sweat, her chest rising and falling in long deep breaths.  Her face virtually glowed with a sleepy satisfied smile and I wondered if the evening might be over.

Without opening her eyes, she reached over and cupped David's **** in her hand.  "Mmmmmm."  The two of them chuckled and, except for the sounds of their breathing, the room fell silent once more. 

After a few minutes, I stood on shaking legs and walked to the bathroom down the hall, leaving the two of them alone.  Looking in the mirror I could see traces of his *** from my lips.  My **** was hard and my wife was laying naked with another man in the next room. So much had happened so quickly.  I stood for a while calming my thoughts and catching my breath. 

When I returned I half expected them both to be asleep, but approaching the bedroom door I could hear the murmur of their voices. Carol laid sprawled and naked, smiling up at David as he  casually traced his fingers over her stomach and breasts.  Their conversation had an easy flow, light and intimate, sprinkled with smiles and soft laughter.

After a few minutes, David's attention to her breast became more serious and she placed her hand over his.  I wasn't sure at first if it was to stop him or encourage him, but then she wrapped her hand around his head and pulled his lips down to hers.  Watching their lover's kiss, my **** stiffened and I stepped into the room. 
Her hands played across his back and shoulders as his kisses worked their way along her neck and down to her other nipple.  She let out an appreciative moan.

I was struck with how relaxed Carol seemed to be.  As far as I knew, David was the first man she had been with, other than me, in over 25 years.  Yet, even as she opened her eyes to see me standing in the doorway, she didn't seem the least bit self conscious.  In fact, she seemed to revel in my being there... watching.  Looking down at my hard ****, her eyes sparkled.  She moved his hand from her breast and guided it down her *****, giving me a wicked smile, as she brazenly spread her legs and raised her hips to invite his fingers in. 

As I approached the bed, she suddenly froze and feigned surprise.  "Oh, thank God you're back! You're just in time. If you hadn't come in when you did, there's no telling what he was going to do!"

Laughing at her mock indignation, I couldn't help but marvel once again at how at ease she seemed to be with the three of us being together.  More than at ease.  She was master of her domain... witty, and flirtatious and sexy as hell.

In contrast, David looked like a kid suddenly caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  Pulling his fingers from between her legs, he sat up quickly and started to leave.  "Hey, you two probably want some alone time.  I should get going."

Before I could respond, Carol sprang up and grabbed him by the back of his hair, yanking him down on the bed.  Sitting with her breast pressed against his back, she wrapped her arms  around his chest.

"Don't even think about it, Buster!  You started this little **** fest.  The least you can do is stick around until the hosts are done eating." Pulling his mouth to hers, she kissed him, as one of her hands dropped down and disappeared between his legs. 

Breaking their kiss, she added, "And I, for one, am still hungry."

David looked up for my reaction, or maybe my approval.  Whatever he was seeking, he must have found it.  Grinning, his body visibly relaxed, as he turned and kissed her once more.

As they kissed, she reached out, wrapped her hand around my shaft and drew me to their lips.  "Besides, if you leave now, you'll miss dessert."

Looking into my eyes, she gave the head of my **** a tongue filled kiss.  Then, smiling up at me, she slowly took it out of her mouth and began rubbing a wet trail across David's lips. "And I think it's something your going to like."

Without hesitation, he opened his mouth and took me in.  For the second time that night, David was sucking my ****. Except this time Carol was there watching and egging him on.  Placing her hand on the back of his head, she drew me forward, pushing his lips further down my shaft.  Her eyes shined with excitement as she looked back and forth from my face to my **** moving in and out of his mouth.

Releasing his head, she moved back a little, massaging her breast with one hand and fingering herself with the other.  Any concerns I might have had about what she might think of seeing me with another man disappeared as I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the pleasure of the moment.  With my hands on the back of his head and his hands wrapped around my ***, I heard Carol groan, "Oh, my God, your ******* his mouth."

Her voice trembled with excitement and I could feel the vibration of David moaning as he listened to her words.  He genuinely seemed to love sucking my ****. I was fighting a losing battle not to ***, compounded by his seeming determination to bring me off.

Suddenly, David's mouth was pulled away and I staggered back a step at its loss. "Enough, you greedy bastard!" Carol laughed.  "Save some for me."

David gave her a sheepish grin and looked up at me and smiled.

Turning, Carol got up on all fours.  "Besides, didn't I hear someone say something about wanting sloppy seconds?"
I started to make a smart *** remark about it technically being sloppy thirds, but the sight of her there, looking back over her shoulder, David's *** literally dripping from her *****, simply took my breath away.  Who was this sexy, wicked woman and where had she been all my life. If this was the effect a stranger's **** had on her... on both of us... I was only sorry that it hadn't happened sooner.

Without releasing his hold on my ****, David stood and slipped his arm around my shoulder. I could see his flaccid **** hanging heavily against his thigh and, in a way it was a relief to see that he was as human as the rest of us. 

I could feel the heat of his closeness along the full length of my body and I thought for a moment he was going to kiss me. But, instead, he wrapped himself around me, pressing his masculine form against my back.  His **** brushed against my *** and between my legs as he whispered in my ear, "I think the lady needs some ****."

Shaking with anticipation, I let him guide me by my **** and place me between her legs.  Using his hands and his hips, he moved my shaft over her **** before ******* and teasing the opening of her ***** with the head of my ****.  I expected her to push back against me, instead she cooed and let David have his way with us.

Taking his time, he dipped the head of my **** into her, pressing it a firm stroking circle around the mouth of her **** until it was covered in juice and ***.  Then, he'd move it down between her legs, parting her ***** lips and stroking her **** with the lubricated length of my shaft.

She began to rock and squirm against my ****, urging him to **** her.  "God, David... My ***** is on fire... uh... Baby, pleaseeee... put him in me... I need his **** soooo bad."

Moving his hands to her hips, he pushed forward against my *** and pulled her down on my shaft in one long slow stoke.  "Mmmmm," we moaned together.

"Ohhhh.... God, your **** feels ******* huge... Damn..." 

Dropping her head down onto the bed, she let him control our pace with his hands on her hips and his thrust against my ***, moving me back until the head of my **** was right at her entrance and then pushing against my *** until I was once more buried to my balls. The sloshing sounds were intoxicating. With each stroke *** gushed over and around my ****, covering my balls.

"Oh God, it's like he's ******* me with your **** and it feels sooooo ******* good..." 

But it was more than that.  It was like he was ******* us both.  I found myself leaning back and  cupping his *** as he pushed against me. With growing excitement and anxiety, I realized his **** was beginning to stir between my legs. The sheer taboo of his body pushing into me from behind heightened my senses while distracting me from thoughts of *******.

But right then, Carol began to purr. "Can you feel him, Babe... Can you feel his ***... on your ****?  It's what you wanted, isn't it, Paul... You wanted to slide your **** into my ***** full of ***? Ohhh... ****... Does it make you want to *** knowing my ***** is still hot from his ****?"

And it did. My mind shifted from thoughts of David and his growing ****, to the wicked, sluty, wonderful woman, shoving her ***** back against me. "Uhhhh.... Fuckkkk...

Does it make you hard, Babe?  Uhh... does it make you want to ... Uhh... share my ***** with his ****... Uhhh... Does it make you want to ****-kk mee-ee?"

Releasing his ***, I grabbed her hips and began shoving my full length into her on my own accord.  Thoughts of the night filled my mind and I pictured her bent over the counter with David ramming into her from behind, listening to her beg him to **** her so she could *** again.

Sensing the shift, David abandoned his position behind me, leaving me feeling both relieved and disappointed. With a stinging slap on my ***, he climbed on the bed. 

Slowing down, I watched as he took Carol's face in his hands and kissed her. Then, whispering something in her ear, her eyes lit up and she nodded..  He moved to the center of the bed and laid down with his head facing us.

Giving me a mischievous grin and a wink, she pulled her hips from my hands and crawled away on all fours.  I groaned as my **** slipped from her ***** twitching on the brink of  *******. 

Standing weak kneed, I watched as she position herself above his body, her head bending down to kiss his semi-hard ****, her ***** poised above his mouth.  Then, looking back over her shoulder with that beautiful wicked smile, she wiggled her *** in an open invitation. 

As I moved up on the bed, David, with a wicked smile of his own, looked up from between her thighs.  Sliding between her legs, I laid my **** across his face, letting him bathe it with his tongue.  Then, pulling my **** back, I  pushed her *** down, buried his face in her *****, and slid my full length into her **** once more.

Her reaction was immediate.  "Uh...  Uh... That's it... That's it... eat me... eat me while my husband ***** my *****.  Oh God, that feel soo good..."

She rocked back and forth as I pushed myself deep into her ***** again and again.  Each thrust was met with a satisfying grunt as she shoved herself back against me.

"**** me!  Oh, God, **** me, good Paul!"  David's **** began to harden in her hand, pushing  against her face.  "**** me while I play this beautiful ****..."

A moan slipped past my lips and she smiled. 

"Ooooo... You like watching me play with his ****, don't ya, Baby... uh... You like seeing him get all hard for us..."  With each thrust of my ****, she rocked and bumped against his ****,  rubbing it against her face and over her lips.  "You like seeing your wife... playing with a nice big ****... Uh... God.. ****... You like it don't you."

"Yesss!" I growled.  I knew she was trying to bring me off with her words. And it was working.

"Mmmm... I think David likes it too, don't ya, David?  Ummmm..?. You like playing with my husband's big ****... Uh... Don't you?"  I could hear David's muffled moans from deep in her *****.

"Oh, God, your tongue feels sooo good..." Her breath was becoming ragged as she began pumping his **** in earnest. "Will you suck him clean...  Will you suck my husband's **** for me... uhhh... oh... god... ****...."
Her ***** convulsed and squeezed my **** as she began gyrating her hips, ******* his mouth and my **** in lustful abandon. His hips lifted off the bed as he began pistoning his **** into her hand.  I could feel the vibrations of his mouth as he growled his agreement deep into her *****.

My **** began to swell inside her as her words came stumbling in a heated incomprehensible stream. "And will you **** me David!... Ooohhh.... god... ****.. .me... both... you...  bend... take... my ***... my *****... Oh God... just **** meeeeeee!" 

Heated waves of *** burst from my **** as she slammed herself back on my length again and again. One wave after another, riding the ecstasy of ****** deeper and deeper into her body. 

"Oh God... oh god... Oh God, Paul.. Oh Goddddd, baby!"
I was beyond words, feeling my very essence being pulled into her hot ****.  David began to howl. My eyes flew open as his ****, still clutched into her hand, began shooting spouts of white **** on to her face and across her chest.  Like a woman possessed, she plunged it into her mouth with a breathless hunger.

*** dripped off her face and from around her lips as he grabbed her by her hair.  Bobbing her head up and down, she moaned and let him **** her mouth full of ***. "Oh God, Carol... suck it... suck it... oh baby... that's so good... that's so good... ahhhhhh."

As I continued to slide my **** back and forth through her slushy *** filled *****, she continued to hump and push herself against me. Suddenly, shoving her ***** back and forth along my **** in rapid cession, she lifted her mouth from his ****, "****, ****, ****... oh ****.. Oh GOD DAMN! **** Meeee!"

The muscles of her ***** squeezed tight, pushing my **** partially out, along with a deluge of thick gooey *** that fell across David's face and into his open mouth.  She was still wildly pumping his pulsating **** as *** oozed down his shaft and over her hand. 

Reaching forward, I grabbed her by both shoulders, slamming her ***** back down on my **** in a series of rapid strokes.  "Come for us, Baby... Do it! Come on my ****! Come for our two ******* *****!"

Her grunts filled the room, "Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh... ****... ****.."  Then, freezing in place for a long moment, she let out an explosive breath of air. "Ahh... ahh... ahhhhhhhhh!" Then again and then again, as her ****** tapered off.

On the third release she simply collapsed, falling forward across David's legs, leaving a wet trail across his chest.  My softening **** slipped from her *****, coming to rest against his lips.  Smiling he placed one hand gently on my *** and with the other he place my **** in his mouth, enveloping it in a warm sucking kiss.  The feeling was incredible.

With an audible pop, my **** slipped from David's lips as I flopped down on the bed. Carol rolled off David and a few moments later David turned around to join us. For a long time we just laid there on our backs, the three of us shoulder-to-shoulder.  The sound of our breathing, at first so heavy, began to return to normal. Every now and then someone would make a "mmmm" sound or let out a sigh to which one of us would giggle or chuckle, but mostly we just laid there in silence.

Finally, lifting up on one elbow, I looked down at Carol. Her hair, which had started out wet from the pool in what seemed so long ago, was now dry and hung wildly around her face and shoulders. Her ***** was wet and I could see just the pink tip of her swollen **** poking through her matted dark pubic hairs. There was a sticky streak of come that slashed across one breast and a very wet drop of *** clinging to her cheek near her lips.

Lifting the drop with my finger, she opened her eyes and smiled as I brought it to my mouth and then kissed her. The taste of David's seamen played over our tongues.   I moaned as she rolled on her side, pulling my body against hers and we shared one of the most wonderful, passionate kisses of our lives together.

From the other side of the bed, David said, "You two are incredible."

Laying her back, I looked first at him and then down at her sparkling eyes. Smiling she rolled towards him, her breast coming to rest against his arm, her thigh across his leg, nuzzling his now flaccid ****. Like her, he had streaks of *** across his body. He looked in awe as she, slowly, erotically scooped a wet creamy droplet from his face and placed it to his lips. I watched as he sucked it from her finger and then she covered his mouth with hers.

After a moment she rolled onto her back once more and closed her eyes.  Some time later, just before I slipped into sleepy unconsciousness, Carol's fingers slipped across my thigh and she cupped my **** in her hand. On the other side of the bed I heard a slight moan and knew her other hand was cupping David.

The last words I heard that night were David's.  "******* incredible."

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