Finally.. !

I get off the plane to find you there to greet me just as you promised, hon! Feels so good to finally get to put my arms around you. I consider you such a dear sweet Sexy friend.. that I want to **** in the WORST possible way ;) I waste no time whispering in your ear that I've not been wearing any panties under my skirt the Whole trip.. for easy access on the drive to your place, of course. I feel you momentarily stiffen as what I've just said registers..
We make our way to the car, where I confide in you I don't think I'll be able to wait. I want to be taken in the car, but you, Dan, of Allll people bring me back to reason regarding space & comfort. And since you've been imagining this for awhile.. you say you want to wait to touch me. You like to build the anticipation, I know. But I feel like I'm so ready for you now that my ***** juices are gonna leave a mark on the seat! So I entertain myself by sticking my hand in your crotch & proceeding to rub your **** through your pants, feeling it grow under my touch. Mmmm.. I love that feeling. I start massaging your balls as well & can't wait till we reach our destination & I can get my hands on all of you for real! But I make myself stop. I'm so aroused already I'm having trouble keeping still in my seat. At least I can start without you.. I reach down between my legs & start to rub my **** through the fabric of my skirt. I have to stop this before long too since I can tell I'm distracting you ;)

Payback's a ***** as you reach over & start to gently rub your finger over my belly button, back & forth. Even through my thin top you know it drives me Wild! I can hardly believe it.. being near you after all this time..
I'm hoping you do as promised & take me the Moment we walk through your door! You said you'd get down on your hands & knees and start eating out my tight wet ***** Right then & there, Dan.. let's see if your a man of your word :* After that, I'm hoping you take the hint about my having worn the skirt & bend me over the table, desk, sofa.. all of them - I DON'T CARE !! Bend me over, lift up my skirt & take in the scent of me wafting up, to inhale deeply.. Then stick your gorgeous uncut **** in me from behind.

I let you know that I want you in every orifice on my body. I want you to make it so I Actually have trouble Walking the next day.. do you understand me, Dan? I don't want there to be Any doubt about what I came for, what I want..
FINALLY we reach your place :D We leave the bags in the car & practically Run inside.. you have trouble putting the key in the lock due to your shaking hands, so I take the opportunity to rub My finger over your *** crack & feel you jerk at the unexpectedness of me actually doing this Outside in front of your neighbors ;)

Success & we're inside.. its cool & all I can make out are vague shapes in the darkness as you take & SLAM me against the door. Oh you bad boy you, I whisper. I can only whisper since the feel of your hands on my body leaves me breathless.. Your lips hungrily on mine silence even my whispers. Our tongues twist around each other as we enjoy tasting one another. Your lips pause only long enough to start removing my top, stopping to go slowly when you realize you're nearly ripping it in your haste to get it off.. but I tell you to go ahead & rip the thin material.. please, Dan, rip it Right off me, I ask.. luckily, you are more than willing to oblige ;) Next comes my dark red satin bra.. you take a moment to admire my large breasts filling the soft, shiny DD cups, but that doesn't last long! You free them from their prison & Immediately take one rosy tipped nipple in your mouth. I can feel the cool wood of the door on my naked skin & your erection pushing at my thigh.. it doesn't take long for my nipple to become hard in your mouth as you tease me by running your tongue Lightly over it, then encircling it & finally sucking till I can hardly speak!  
You're still dressed, damn it, I whisper.. you pause to release my nipple & promptly proceed to throw your shirt over your head & unzip & remove your jeans, where I notice You too are commando today ;)

Don't want this one to feel left out you tell me, as you place my other nipple in your mouth. You have me squirming & writhing against the door.. and that's just you on my breasts! You run your hand up under my skirt, caressing my creamy white thigh as you move up to my ***** & feel how wet you've made me.. mmmm is all you say. I gasp as you stick two fingers in my slit & proceed to finger **** me while suckling my breast.. I can feel it building.. my breath comes faster & faster, almost in rhythm to your fingers moving in & out of me.. I can't take much more I tell you, I'm gonna *** right against this door, Dan! Indeed I ***.. in a series of moans & grunts, my body quivering. Oh baby!  

But you don't stop there.. you slowly ease my nipple from your mouth, also removing your fingers from me, licking them clean ;) You get on your knees now.. as you place your hands on my waist I realize what you're about to do & sigh in anticipation.. sure enough.. you Slowly put your tongue in my belly button. I can't help myself.. I shiver at the shock of it.. I can't believe how good it feels. But it's when you start moving your tongue around the sides that I begin quivering with the sensation.. oh my God.. sooo much better than I ever imagined, I tell you! I swear, it feels like you've started to tongue **** it now! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy :D I can feel pressure building again as you look up at me questioningly. I told YOU I can *** from just belly button play, honey. It's a different ****** from earlier, not as powerful but still just as desirable, babe, I say ;)

I come back to my senses a bit & realize.. you've been dripping pre-*** all over the floor, hon :D Guess this means it's your turn.. I take your hand & lead you to your bedroom, after you tell me where it is of course! I don't care about anything in it except you & getting you IN THAT BED. But first I have you stand in front of it as I get down on my knees before you & waste no time taking your **** in my mouth.. its smooth & feels like silk to me.. why I prefer uncut, you know ;) I look at you as I begin running my tongue around the head & the ridge where I start to lick from the tip, down the underside of the shaft, allll the way back to your *******. I run it around the rim & just a littttle bit inside.. I can build anticipation too, Dan ;) Back I go to the tip of your penis, running my tongue in the little slit, one of my favorite things to explore that way. Then I slowly take it in my mouth.. allll the way in my mouth till I can feel it at the back of my throat, taste the pre-*** oozing down.. mmmm. I look up up into your eyes as I begin sucking your yummy **** while running my tongue over it. I realize you're growing anxious.. you don't want slow & delicate, you want hard & fast & you want it NOW.. so I begin to oblige! I take just enough of it out of my mouth so I can place one hand on the rock hard shaft. I begin to move my hand in an opposite rhythm from my mouth, your **** covered in my saliva. Apparently you were as anxious to see me as I was you as you tell me you're about to ***.. I want to feel it slide down my throat. First your legs start to tremble, I love having this kind of power over you.. knowing I control your ****** right now. I feel your balls shrink up to your body & your warm *** fills my mouth.. I lap up every delicious drop, licking you clean. I stand up & you kiss me, tasting yourself on my luscious lips..

Now I push you back on that bed so I can have my way with you.. and it's ABOUT DAMN TIME !! I crawl up to straddle you, it being My turn to explore nipples ;) But first, more of your lips on mine.. softly & gently this time I end with your bottom lip in my mouth, between my teeth, slowly pulling it out a little before letting go :* Then I start on Your nipples.. licking the tiny little nubs, taking time to suck them before moving back up to steal another kiss ;) But you know what I wanna do to you, don't you, Dan? :D I run my hands over your absolutely DELICIOUS hairy chest, down to your FANTASTICALLY hairy belly & innie belly button.. my FAV :* Even if it doesn't do anything for you to have my tongue & finger in there, it turns you on to see how excited I get over it, you tell me ;) Good, I reply! I start with a finger, running it around the rim & then the sides, finally sticking it straight down as far as it'll go. Next I explore with my tongue & when I've had my fill of that belly button, I go ahead & check to see if you're by chance, ready to go again ;) Sure enough, that great stamina of yours is Clearly visible! That.. or your just a sex crazed maniac.. I think a little bit of both, darlin' ;)

I climb on top of you, guiding your **** in my still wet *****. I enjoy the sensation as I slowly sink to the hilt.. ohhhh how I love that. I start to move myself up & down slowly, even though I KNOW you don't like it that way.. or at least not very often you've told me :P But I need to enjoy this, Dan.. it's been a long time coming. Even I can't last long with you like this, as I increase my pounding of you.. oh gosh, if I didn't know any better, I'd think the feel of you inside me like this is making my ***** contract ! All I know is, it feels AMAAAAZING & I can't imagine EVER getting enough of riding your ****. It's so big, it fills me to the brim & makes for a Wonderfully Tight fit.. mmmm. I feel you getting a bit.. Antsy as you start to help me out by thrusting up with me as I come down. Makes for an interesting sensation & OH SO GOOD, baby :* I can feel the pressure building in Both of us & with one final Thrust.. we explode in a shuddering mass as I fall against your chest, the first round over. I want to stay like this, just for a bit.. feeling you grow limp inside me. All I have to say to you now, Dan is.. it was well worth the trip ;)
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WOW What a great story. you made my uncut **** wet reading it.
The thought of lifting your skirt & taking in the scent wafting up from you , and inhale deeply nearly finished me.

that is a hot experience babe!!!

That was wonderful to read. such a rush.<br />
<br />
Thank you for posting it. :)

Did you write this mostly in one sitting or one day and then finish it up then make edits and final adjustments after the initial creative flow or do it in some other way?

Wonderful,story, very erotic

Damn, girl! Penthouse forum has nothing on you, please keep this up

lol I have some material for later

Wow! An insatiable pair and a story that stays horny all the way through. Breathless, erotic, really good stuff xx skip