The ****, Tribute To Nudigirl

I got up this morning feeling good and decided to go shopping. I was a bit horny and decided to have some fun while shopping so I slipped my stainless steel Ben Wa balls inside me. I love my balls (LOL). They bounce around and give me a tingling sensation when walking and sometimes I can have a very nice ****** while shopping. Since I was sporting my balls, panties were necessary in case one of them decided to slip out. I selected a pair of white lace boyshorts, denim mini, no bra and a red silk blouse that I just tied in the front. That left the blouse open in the front and from the side angle my breasts and nipples were visible. Gotta do a little exhibition while I’m at it.
Climbed in my pickup and stopped at the local service station for gas and a cup of coffee. I pulled into the full service lane and opened the door as the attendant came up. I extended my left leg out of the cab so that my crotch was exposed as my short skirt slid up. I stayed in that position while searching in my purse for my credit card. The attendant was a college student that had waited on me before and he got a long look at my lace panties and exposed breasts as I fumbled for my card. My balls were tingling and I was getting aroused. I gave him my card and went inside for coffee. The inside of the store was very cold, my nipples got rock hard and goose bumps ran up my thighs.
Returning to the truck, I got in such that my skirt rubbed against the back of the seat and raised my it all the way up, shut the door and raised my left leg so my foot was against the seat so my skirt was wide open for the looking. I put the coffee in the holder and started rubbing the inside of my legs when the attendant came over to wash the windows. I then slipped my hand inside my blouse to caress my nipples and warm them up. I could see from the bulge in his pants that he was enjoying the show.
Driving to the shopping center, I undid the knot on my blouse, let it fall open exposing my breasts. I passed several trucks and drove slow by them giving the driver a good look at my panties. I know they enjoy that and it turns me on. I get a lot of honks (LOL).
At the mall I headed for the food court to get a cinnamon bun...can smell them a mile away. Standing in line I noticed this hot chick behind me. She had very long blond hair, dazzling brown eyes, and a great body ( I guess almost a C cup). She was beautiful. She had on a white silk blouse, blue short skirt, blue scarf and I could tell she was not wearing a bra. Our eyes met and we just smiled at each other.
I sat at a small table in the court and noticed she sat at a table across from me. We exchanged glances and ate our cinnamon buns. I caught her staring at my feet ( I wore florescent green I decided, what the hell, and uncrossed my legs to give her a look up my skirt to see what her reaction was. She just stared and I opened my legs even more. I was really getting turned on cause she could not take her eyes off of me. Suddenly, she uncrossed her legs and she was not wearing any panties. I almost fainted at the sight of that shaved *****. We finished our buns and got up at the same time.
I started down the mall and looked back to see which way she was going..she was behind me. I headed into Victorias Secrete as I needed a couple of bras’. I selected 3 and headed for the change room. I opened the door to an available stall and stepped in and to my surprise she was right behind me and said “I thought you might need help with those” and closed/locked the door. I was breathless and trembling as she took the bras from me and tossed them in the corner. She placed her hands on each side of my face and gently kissed me. Her lips were so soft and her scent was the fragrance of flowers. I put my arms around her and pulled her close feeling her breasts against mine. We began kissing passionately, sliding my tongue around the inside of her lips and biting each others lips.
I undid the buttons on her blouse and let it fall to the floor at the same time she untied mine and let it fall. She had beautiful firm breasts with puffy nipples and I started to suck on them, I was in heaven. I started licking/sucking/biting starting under her arms, down her side, back up to her breasts and down her stomach. I pulled her skirt up and spread her legs apart and got the biggest surprise of all. She had the most beautiful and largest **** I have ever seen. I took it in my mouth and sucked to slide the sheath back..OMG did that ever feel great. I could not get over how great it felt to feel it grow long and hard in my mouth as I flicked it with my tongue.
The stall was small and I turned her around and told her to stoop over and spread her legs as far as she could. I started to lightly bite her *** cheeks and suck in between her cheeks. She moaned and I started to gyrate my hips to get my balls moving. When I did I could feel them click against each other and against my g-spot (could also hear them click).
I started running my tongue up and down across her *******, she really liked that from the sounds she was making. As I started to slide my tongue up and down each of her lips, her juices were gushing and tasted so good. I alternated licking her lips and sliding my tongue inside her. I slid my
thumb inside her and pulled upward bringing her **** down more. I took her **** in my mouth and started sucking and flicking it as my nose went inside her. She started to quiver and I was gyrating my hips really hard...I was ready to ***. She let out a whimper as she started to squirt and quiver really hard...I thought she was going to fall down...and at the same time my balls hit just right and I almost passed out with a really intense ******. I fell back tasting her sweetness that had covered my face. She turned around and we embraced each other while we caught our breath. OMG she felt good against me, her nipples were hard against mine and she felt so soft and sweet.
She looked at me and ask “what was all that clicking sound”. I told her I had Ben Wa metal balls inside me and we both laughed. She had heard of them but never tried them. I ask her if she wanted to try them and she said sure.
I told her I was not finished with her, wanted some more of her **** and asked if she wanted to come over to my house and continue over some wine and the pool. She agreed and we cleaned up our mess and headed out. We stopped in the restroom to freshen up and I took out the balls, washed them and slipped them inside her. Told her to hold tight as she wasn’t wearing any panties. We hit a couple of stores on our way out of the mall, she was giggling all the while as the balls were having an effect. I heard several OMG’s as we headed to the lot.
On the way to my house, we chatted on the cell phone. Found out we are both into nudity, public nudity, flashing, group ************, and generally ******* with other peoples minds while having a lot of fun. I am into anal sex and she said she had never tried it that much. I told her that an anal ****** is the most intense ****** ever and she should try it some time and that she would be hooked.
Arriving home, we both ******** all our clothes. I grabbed a bottle of wine and my toy chest and headed to the pool. She said she liked the balls and wanted to get some. I told her the best is with the balls inserted and having a good *** ****. The ***** sliding in and out of your *** bangs against the balls through the membrane causing them to bounce off your g-spot. The resulting ****** will almost make you pass out.
I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to suck on that ****. I laid her back on a mat and started kissing/licking/nibbling. I started with her eyes, lightly kissing them..sliding to her cheek with soft her ear lobe all the while softly stroking her breasts and stomach with my finger nails. Light nibbling on the neck, sucking her lower lip and sliding down to her breasts. They are so magnificent. The puffy nipples are so delectable, I could just stay there forever. As I gently and slowly move my lips down and around her stomach, my hot breath and gentle nibbles causes her to squirm and arch her back.
I gently spread her legs as wide as I can and raise her knees up and I now have a magnificent view of her vagina and that glorious ****. I can’t resist to play and gently push the hood back off of it. It moves a little and starts to get bigger...I resist touching it for now..I want to drive this girl crazy. She arches her hips and I can hear the balls click together. I start to lick/kiss down her thigh starting at the knee and stop just short of her left lip and start on the right side with the same thing. She moans as all the while I am massaging her breasts and stomach and gently scraping my nails across her body and inner thighs. I raise her legs up and start licking her *******, gently darting my tongue in and out of her ***. She is squirming and the balls are clicking, I see her juices flowing out of her and down to her *******..I lick them up, gently sliding my tongue up and down between her vagina and *******..first the top of my tongue then the soft smooth bottom of my tongue.
I gently insert my finger in her *** as I start to lick her lips in long slow strokes along with nibbling and biting. I place my other hand on her mound and massage as I dart my tongue in and out of her vagina. Her juices are flowing so bad I slurp them up. I arch the finger in her *** upward and feel the balls and start tapping at them causing them to bounce around. She responds by pulling her knees to her chest and asks me to go deeper. I insert 3 fingers as her *** is really juicy and I press against the balls causing them to press against her g-spot. She is starting to really squeal and moan.
Unknown to her, I brought out a cup of hot water when I brought the wine out. By now it was not hot, but really warm. I darted my tongue in and out of her a few more time and she said she was ready to ***. I took a drink of the warm water, filling my mouth. I started to stroke my fingers in her *** in and out moving the balls around and placed my mouth full of warm water on her **** and started sucking and flicking, letting the warm water ooze out and down the crack of her ***. Her **** got so hard it was unbelievable and she exploded, as she did I drove my fingers faster and faster in her ***. She screamed, slamed her feet down and squirted all over me. I continued to suck and flick her **** as she trembled and begged me to stop.
I with drew my fingers and told her I wanted my balls back. We laughed hysterically. We had a few sips of wine and slid into the pool to cool off. While in the pool, she took out my balls and slid them inside me. She lifted my chin up and gave me a long kiss then said it was her turn. She ask about the chest I brought out. I told her is was full of my toys I had collected thru the years. She opened it up and started to laugh, there was every imaginable *****, vibrator, glass ******, strap-ons, etc. She ask what my pleasure was. I ask her if she would use a strap-on and **** my ***. That intrigued her as she had never done that before. I selected the strap-on and the ***** to go with it. The ***** is 8” long and1-1/2” in diameter. The base is made such that it extends down and goes inside the wearer with an accompanying **** stimulator that vibrates. The wearer gets the sensation of being ****** while the **** is stimulated. Quite the gadget once you get the hang of it.
I helped her get into the leather rig. Once in she said it felt like she had a **** that was actually hers.
She laid me back on the mat, my balls were inside me. She stood over me and let me watch as she put a condom on the *****. She started kissing/licking/nibbling as I did her except she bit me hard...I loved it. It felt good having her long hair drag up and down my body as she teased and sucked on me. I was getting extremely anxious as I have spent the day pleasing her and not getting touched. My juices were flowing and I reached down and inserted a finger and tasted. She took notice and spread my legs, placed her lips against my vagina and sucked up some juice and slid up my body and kissed me, giving me my juices. I almost went crazy, that was a first.
I wanted her in me bad. I said don’t waist time, I want you know, **** me please. She raised my knees and I grabbed them and pulled them to my chest. She went down and licked and spat in my ***. She stuck her tongue in my *** and I screamed “now *****”. She raised up and slid the ***** in my *** and started a slow stroke. She said “OMG that feels like I am actually ******* you”...the strap-on fits tight and right. I could feel the ***** push the balls around and I yelled “faster and deeper”. She started to pump harder and her breath started to get heavy and the moaning started. I was getting close and said “harder *****, **** me hard..bang that thing against my *** hard”. She responded, humping and slamming against my *** hard. I felt it coming and yelled for harder. It started, I could feel it building up deep inside my *** and start to explode. My vaginal was oozing really bad and ready to explode. Suddenly, she gave one enormous lunge that scooted me about 3 feet that made me explode. It felt like everything inside me from my stomach down exploded out my *** and vagina. I screamed and started crying and yelling “enough, enough” and she withdrew. She was whimpering and quivering. She said she had the most intense ****** ever.
We were exhausted and simply laid there sipping wine till we had the energy to slip in the pool and clean off. We went out to dinner after that and agreed to get together often. I LOVE THAT ****!
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WOW, what a hot story, it made me so hard that I had to go and relieve myself :-D

don;t know just what u do for a living :( but you should write you a sexual book about ******* & all

hot encounter and very arousing to read

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