French Connection

Last spring, Rubio and I went to Paris to sight see and visit friends. Our friend asked if we wanted a very erotic experience that is no where except Paris. Of course the answer was yes. She explained the place we were going.
It was formal, dinner attire, which meant cocktail dresses for us. She explained that as we entered the establishment they would ask if we were spectators or visitors. We could wear masks if we wished to hide our identity. She explained that we would be met at the door by a Dom Mistress dressed in latex and a very large man dressed in a tux. They would ask if we were participants or spectators. Depending on which you selected, you were escorted in different directions.
On the spectator side, there were 4 rooms in a row. The walls were completely glass, ceiling to floor one-way mirrors. You could see in but if you were on the inside you could not see who was watching you as it was all mirrors. It was like a giant glass theater screen with 4 compartments. On the spectator side there were several tables with wine, cheese and crackers for your nourishment. There was also a large table with pressed white linen towels and a wash basin.
In the spectator room, you could sip wine, eat cheese and crackers and ********** if you liked what was going on in the rooms. Only requirement was you cleaned up your mess. Also, you could not speak to anyone, even if you came with someone. Completely anonymous.
On the participant side, you were escorted to a waiting area supplied with wine, cheese, crackers, towels, condoms and a wide variety toys, vibrators, name it (of course you had to pay for the toys or you could bring your own). When your time came, you could put on your mask or what ever, bring your paraphernalia and you were escorted into the room. You were allowed 2 minutes to get set up before the lights were turned on. The room contained a queen size bed, table, chairs, restraints of all kinds hooked to the ceiling, walls and floors. OMG, you could butcher a beef in there. All was eloquently designed and magnificently clean. When the lights came on, all you see is a floor to ceiling mirror on wall in the front. You have no idea of who is out there or who is watching. There is only soft classical music and what ever you brought into the room. Its your turn to do whatever and let the world watch, if you dare.
On the first night, Rubio decided to be spectators to get a feel of everything. I wore a black strapless cocktail dress, just above the knee, with no bra or panties, and 4” black pumps. Rubio wore a red strapless cocktail dress, also just above the knee, with no bra or panties and FM red pumps. Both of us wore black fishnet thigh-hi stockings.
When we got there, this very tall black Dom dressed in skin tight black latex greeted us. She was magnificent, perfect body with 6” stiletto heals. Before she could ask, Rubio said spectator, we put on our masks (we bought them at a local market) and were escorted into the room.
The lights were very dim and red. It took several minutes for eyes to dilate. There were 6 men in suits, two appeared to be together, and 4 women in cocktail dresses, 2 of which also appeared to be together and all were wearing half masks. Everyone was sipping wine and eating cheese and crackers kind of milling around from one window to the next. Kind of like a cocktail party before the opera except it was nonverbal.
Rubio and I got a glass of wine and went from window to window. The first room was an attractive blonde female doing a very provocative slow *****. She had on a very tight black, floor length dress split to the waist, black pantyhose and 6” black stilettos. The second room was a very tall man laying on the bed reading a girly magazine and ************. The third room was two men laying on the bed in a 69 position with the man on the bottom ******* the man on top with a black ***** while sucking his ****. The fourth room was dark.
The two men that appeared to be together were watching the 69ers and were ************; also two women were watching them kind of in awe. Two men were watching the woman ***** as were the two women that appeared to be together. The remaining men and women were watching the guy **********.
Rubio and I watched the woman *****. She was very beautiful and kept eye contact with the mirrored wall. She had very beautiful blue eyes. She came up to the mirror, turned around and slowly unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She had a beautiful ***, almost a perfect bubble. I was becoming aroused at all that was going on and noticed Rubio was caressing her breast. The woman slowly walked away from the mirror, turned around and sat on the edge of the bed. She had on a black lace, 1/2 cup bra and started to caress her breasts. They were C cup and very firm, I suspected implants. She laid back on the bed and caressed her body...I could almost sense the feel of her legs and stomach as she caressed herself with the pantyhose on. I could not stand it and set my wine glass on the table at almost the same time Rubio did and we both raised up our skirts to caress our clits.
The woman sat up on the bed, reach back and undid her bra and let it fall away. She had beautiful breasts and her nipples had to be 1/2‘ long and rock hard. After tweaking her nipples, she started rolling down the top of her panty hose. She slid around with her back to us, raised her legs in the air and slowly slid her panty hose off and began running her hands up and down her body. OMG, I was ready to break the glass to get at her and I noticed Rubio was drooling somewhat (she does that).
About a half an hour had passed when she slid around facing us with her legs off of the bed and started to stand up slowly. Then everyone she stood up her 8” erect **** stood at attention and she immediately **********. I looked at Rubio and we both shrugged our shoulders...what the hell.
About that time, the light went on in the last room. There stood a woman that must have been 6’ tall and I’m guessing 38DD-34-36, flaming red hair, and wearing a red fishnet body stocking with MF red 6’’ stilettos (stilettos must be in). She had a riding crop in her right hand and had on a dog leash this guy who was handcuffed, had a ball gag in his mouth and a piece of rope tied around his **** and balls. ****, that must hurt. She hooked him up to a ceiling chain and started to whip his *** and balls.
That was enough, Rubio and I left and went to a restaurant.
Over dinner, we decided we would return the next night as participants, what the hell.
The next night we packed our goodie bag. I wore a short black skirt, white lace boyshorts (they look great when looking up a black skirt), white lace 1/2 cup bra and a transparent blouse. Rubio chose a yellow flower print sun dress that is cut very low in the front, no bra or panties. The friend were visiting went along as a spectator to see what the reaction was and went in ahead of us. When we arrived, the Dom at the door said “participants I presume” after looking at our attire. We were led down the hall and ushered into the second room. As the light came on, we looked around...don’t know why, we were on the other side of the mirror last night. Seemed kind of erie, a complete wall of glass mirror and you don’t know who or what is happening on the other side. We just decided to be our normal exhibitionist selves.
We set the goodie bag on the table and stood in front of the mirror and started hugging and kissing. We love to make out for hours. I put both hands on Rubios *** and pressed her up against the mirror, raising her dress in the process so that her bare *** was against the glass. I nibbled on her lower lip and as I pulled her *** cheeks apart, she arched her *** against the glass and spread her legs. Her ******* and vagina were clearly visible to all outside. Rubio said she was getting very wet and from the other side you could the milky fluid starting to ooze and fill the fold between her vaginal lips. She pulled my skirt up and started rubbing my mound against the lace panties. I was finding breathing difficult. I stepped back a little and pulled her dress off over her head as she removed my blouse and unzipped my skirt and let it fall. I pushed Rubios head down so that she was looking at the mirror between her legs, spread my legs and pressed my hips against her back pushing her up against the mirror. I started rubbing my lace covered hips against her back and spanked her *** cheeks. She couldn’t stand it and braced her left hand on the floor and started rubbing her **** with her right hand. I removed my bra as Rubio stood up and she slipped my panties off. She turned me around and pressed me against the glass and started kissing my neck from behind. I spread my legs and she started fingering me from behind. From the other side you saw my breasts pressed against the glass and her fingering me. I couldn’t stand it, I had to taste her. We fell to the floor in 69 with our sides against the glass. OMG, she was so wet, I pulled her around and raised her *** up so her back was against the glass and her legs over her head. You could see her nectar running out of her and down her *** crack. I licked her lips in long strokes from her **** to her *** hole. I then darted my tongue in and out of her ***. She begged me to **** her. I took her favorite ***** and inserted it in her ***** and stroked it in and out. It didn’t take long and she squirted all over the glass. I was on fire and she knew what I wanted. She put on the strap-on as I got on all fours in front of the glass. She knelt down and started licking my *** and darting her tongue in and out of my ***. I arched my *** as she inserted the ***** and started humping me. I screamed harder, harder the excitement of someone watching was really making me ache. She slammed against my *** and increased the rhythm to the point she screamed and drove deep and hard inside me as she orgasmed. I felt it coming...its like your *** is filled with5 gallons of water and it is released all at once...I groaned and saliva poured out of my mouth. The anal release was one tremendous ****** and she withdrew. I laid there trembling as I have many after shocks and all I can do is lay in a fetal position waiting for sanity to reappear.
I heard Rubio say she wasn’t finished and I looked up and saw she had removed the strap-on and had the double head *****. She pulled me sideways against the glass, got into a comfortable position, inserted the ***** into each of us and started stroking. The fire inside me quickly arose as the feeling of Rubios soft wet ***** rubbing against mine with the ***** in both of us was exploding me. We ground and humped and massaged our breasts till we both exploded, screamed and fell limp on the floor.
After a few minutes, we got up, got dressed, got our toys, cleaned up and left.
Outside, Rubio and I embraced and kissed. We were both still trembling. Our friend came out laughing. She said it was so hot, everyone was ************. She said she had two ******* herself. So much for the french connection.
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Sep 9, 2012