San Tropez

Earlier this year Rubio were in San Tropez, France and decided to take in some sun. Nude sun bathing is common in France and is a typical pastime to do while eating lunch. Many people living in costal communities grab some bread, wine and cheese and to the beach, ***** off their cloths and eat lunch.
We stopped at a bakery along the way for a hot loaf of bread, cheese shop next door, wine down the street and hit the beach. We found a secluded part to spread our blanket, remove our cloths and enjoy the sun while having lunch. This couple came up over the dune carrying a lunch basket and blankets, obviously wanting to do the same as us. When they saw us, they apologized for the intrusion and started to walk away. Rubio, being the kind person she is (she really wanted to look at the girl some more as she was a knock out) invited them to join us. They accepted and spread their blanket next to ours, removed the food from their basket and took their clothes off.
Rubio and I both gasped. They introduced themselves as Paz and Mat and were from Brazil. Paz was about 5’8”, black hair down her back half way and green almond shaped eyes (had some asian in her). Her breasts were a perfect C with long nipples. I thought she had implants but they were natural and firm. Her body was in perfect form with a six-pack abs (later found out she was an aerobics instructor). Mat was about 6’ tall, close cut black hair and a muscular body (absolutely great) with brown eyes. I am not particularly fond of men but he took my breath away (every now and then I get the itch). I could not help but notice (giggle) his penis. It was about 6” flaccid, circumcised, with large magnificent balls very tightly packed. Absolutely a dream. The one thing that stood out about both of them was the fact that neither one of them had a single hair on their body...anywhere. They were gorgeously brown skin colored.
I couldn’t help it, I ask how they got their body so perfectly shaved with no bumps or stubble. The answer was they had all their hair removed with laser treatments. Mat said we could feel the effect if we wanted. Rubio ran her hand down Paz’s legs and across her mound and I felt Mats legs and chest. He commented I could feel his pubic area if I wanted. Of course I went fore it and felt his mound and balls. That got a little reaction from his **** as it swelled a little. Completely smooth as a babies bottom. I jokingly commented that it must be great not to get hair in your mouth and they both laughed. She commented it was very pleasant.
We talked, shared food and wine and really took in each others bodies. I was getting wet looking at Mat and noticed Rubio was getting moist looking at Paz. I was getting hot from the sun and took out some lotion. Rubio was still eating and said she would do my back when she finished. Mat spoke up and said he would do it if it was ok with me. I turned on my stomach and he started spreading lotion on my back. I ask her if that was ok with her and she said it was fine and then added that they were both Bi and free spirits. I thought “****, this is going to be a great day”. Mat slowly massaged my back with lotion and then did my legs. When he started on my ***, the feel of those strong hands really turned me on. Mat slowly spread lotion between my legs and softly caressed my *** crack and ******* with his fingers. It was so slow and sensual I got really wet. When he was finished he said to turn over, he would do the front if I wanted. Of course I turned over, no stupid girl here. He knelt close to my shoulder and started to do my face...what a feeling to have a facial massage. He moved down to my shoulders and breasts with slow strokes around my stomach and moved so he was near my hips. His **** was close to my hand and I reached over and grabbed it. I looked at Paz and she commented “you have a beautiful body, I enjoy watching”. He continued to spread oil over my legs and then started rubbing my mound and vagina. I was almost ready to *** when he stopped and said It was my turn and he laid on his stomach. I put oil on his legs and ***, spending a lot of time up and down his *** crack. I moved over him and sat on his *** and oiled his back and shoulders grinding my ***** on his butt. I know I was dripping juice down his *** crack. Rubio commented “you two are making me wet” and giggled. Paz said ”amen to that”. I moved off of him and said to flip over.
When Mat flipped, his **** was rock hard and I decided to ignore it. I took the oil and poured a stream up and down his legs, stomach and chest. I said “I bet you never had oil put on you like this” and I laid down on top of him and ground my breasts into his body moving up and down his chest, down to his stomach, over his **** and up and down both legs. His **** was rock hard and I put my breasts on each side and gently slid up and down giving him a ***** ****. I slid off of him and said “how was that”. Mat looked at me with his **** sticking straight up in the air. His girlfriend slid over to his side, put her mouth over his **** and swallowed it all the way down to his balls. I watched in amazement and came to when Rubio said “holy ****”.
Paz sat up and said “its my turn for some fun” , looked at Rubio and said “you game” . Rubio said “lay down, I’m dying to play with you. Paz laid on her stomach and Rubio poured oil up and down her body and said “this is how you do a ***** rub. She began sliding up and down Paz’s body then gently lifted up so only her breasts were touching and just moved up and down her body. She knelt at her head and placed her breasts of each side of her neck, pressed her breasts against her neck and massaged. Next she spread Paz’s legs as wide apart as she could get them, knelt at her hips and moved her breasts up and down the inside of her *** and against her vagina. Rubio squeezed her right breast to form a point and tried to stick her nipple in Paz’s ***. I could see she was very wet when Rubio told her to flip over.
I looked at the Mat as he sat there, reached over and grabbed his balls and said “mind if I have something to squeeze” he said “come here” and motioned me to sit in front of him in between his legs. I sat down, reached around and cupped his balls and leaned back. Mat put his head on my shoulder and cupped both of my breasts and played with my nipples. I would squeeze and he would squeeze.
Mean while on the flip side, Rubio had poured oil all over her and was massaging Paz’s breasts. Rubio said “Yo, you gotta feel these, there rock hard and out of this world”. Rubio was sitting on Paz grinding her ***** on the girls mound. Paz moaned and they squirmed into a scissor position and started grinding their ******* together. That was the hottest scene I had seen in a long time. Two beautiful girls, glistening with oil on their dark bodies grind their ******* together with a passion no one could stop. Mesmerizing. They were both groaning when Rubio screamed (she is a screamer) followed by the girls loud OMG. They fell into each others arms in a deep passionate kiss.
I could feel Mat’srock hard **** against my back as I massaged his balls. He had his hand down my legs and was playing with my ****. It had been a long time since I had a man and couldn’t stand it any longer. I turned around and pushed him down. I could place both hands around his **** and still have a couple inches out the top. I took Mat’s **** in my mouth and started swirling my tongue around the head, sticking the tip of my tongue in the hole and flickering around the bottom all the while squeezing and playing with his balls. I held on to his **** stroking it up and down as I slid down and sucked his balls into my mouth. What a pleasure, no hair. I raised his knees up and slid my tongue down to lick his *******...darting in and out of his *** and stroking his ****. I moved back up to his balls and swirled them around in my mouth one at a time as I slowly inserted my finger in his ***. Everything was so smooth, I just wanted to lick all day. I could feel his **** get bigger as it swelled and started to throb. I knew time was close so I slid my finger in his *** deeper to feel for the prostate and press on it. I took Mat’s **** in my mouth and went down and took it all in...all the way to the balls and contracted the back of my throat squeezing and releasing the head of his ****. I came back up for air, swirled around his head again and went back down. This time I pressed his prostate hard and thumped it hard several times. Mat groaned and thrust up as I pressed his prostate harder and swallowed his ****. He shot all the way down the back of my throat. I came up for air and went back down. Mat’s *** was salty and spicy hot tasting. I was thinking, I gotta have this while its still hard. I came up and sat on Mat’s **** with my back facing him. I gently slid his **** in my *** felt so good as it slid in et seamed like forever. I started grinding and told him to pound it in my *** as hard and deep as he could. Mat started humping hard, you could hear it as he slapped his pelvis against my ***. It felt so good and I just laid back on him, my legs bent at the knees so I could lift myself up to give him room to pound away at my ***. Paz suddenly came over and started sucking his balls and my **** as he pounded away. Rubio came over and started tweaking my nipples as she kissed me passionately. Paz was sucking my **** and filcking her tongue over it as he thrust deep into my ***. Paz inserted two fingers in my ***** and found the soft sponge spot and pressed. I exploded in my vagina and *** squirting her and his balls. When my *** *******, it has violent contractions and pulsations..its indescribable, the harder and bigger the pound, the harder and longer the convulsive reaction is. I almost lost consciousness. I was exhausted, breathless and just fell over realizing he had *** a second time.
I guess the Paz and Rubio had gotten excited and went into a 69 position sucking up each others juices until they orgasmed together again. I looked at Rubio and she had a smile on her ***** soaked face.
Rubio was spent and laid next to Mar to get her breath. I scooted over to the Paz to thank her for the ******. Paz pulled me to her and kissed me. So gentle and tender as she nibbled on my lower lip. I reached up and fondled her breasts. They were so hard and her nipples were long and hard. I looked for a scar and she commented “there real”. Her body was so hard yet soft and gentle to the touch. I couldn’t resist and I went down on her, I had to taste her. Paz had a really small and tight *****, I could hardly get two fingers in her, and she tasted so honey like with an almond flavor added. I was in heaven. Paz’s **** was so hard and as I found that sweet spongy spot and pressed, she squirted again. She pulled me up and licked her juices off of my face. Her lips were so puffy and soft. We just held each other and talked.

More later on San Tropez-2, continuing story.
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That is without a doubt one of the hottest stories I have ever read anywhere! Wow you four were amazing together, so erotic, so hot and sexy and free to explore each others bodies and the amazing explosive sex! Wow OMG Wow!