The movement woke Amanda up. She stretched her legs and removed her hand from between her legs. The finger had been nestled between her ***** lips, caressing her ****. The dream had been hot and erotic. She reached over for her husband.

At 26 she had been married for just over nine months and already things had taken on a routine. Sex was on a Sunday morning, not enough, if she was to be honest with herself.

He wasn’t there. From the en-suite she could hear the shower. She peered around the door and looked at him through the glass doors. “Bastard!” she muttered. He had one hand leaning against the tiles. The water cascaded over his fit, well-toned body. His tight buttocks clenched as his other hand slipped up and down his erection. His right foot vibrated slightly, his breath came in short gasps as his foreskin covered and uncovered the purple end of his ****. All at once he threw his head back and his **** spurted his *** onto the glass door. She couldn’t help herself, her ***** pulsed as she watched. “I wanted that!” she thought, as her husband’s thick **** spurted out the last of its ***.

Later that morning Amanda was strolling along by the river. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. It hadn’t taken much to phone in sick, she had the day to herself.

As she walked she felt her erect nipples rubbing the inside of her loose T-shirt. Her thoughts had never strayed far from sex, hard ***** and wet *****. She could feel herself all moist and hot under her white silk thong. She had worn her short denim skirt to excite herself and hopefully others.

Up ahead someone was sitting on a stool by the bank of the river. A fishing rod had been set up, the fisherman relaxing, looking at the float as it slowly travelled downstream.

As Amanda approached he looked up and smiled at her. At a quick guess she put him as late thirties, and quite tasty.
“Caught anything?” she asked.
He looked at her and she felt excited to see his eyes travel over her bare legs and linger on her breasts before he turned and bent down. He retrieved the keep net that was submerged in the river. As he pulled it up, Amanda could see the fish splashing around. She bent over to get a better look, knowing that he would look at her **** down the front of her shirt.

He did look and it had an instant affect. Her **** were firm, the nipples big. His eyes darted to her eyes. She knew he was looking, he saw her eyes dart to the growing bulge in his shorts.
She sat down on the grass beside him.
“You enjoy fishing,” it was a statement rather than a question.
“Yes it gets me away from the house, a bit of time to myself.” His voice was gruff. She looked closer at his face. He had not shaven for a couple of days, which suited his chiselled features.
“Yes, I enjoy a bit of ‘me’ time as well,” she smiled to herself.
As she sat there on the grass she closed her eyes and tilted her head so that she could catch the sun on her upturned face. He took the opportunity to look at her. Her legs, stretched out before her, were long and beautifully shaped. Her breasts swayed slightly as she settled herself on the grass. He looked at her face again, her short blond hair had a slight curl to it. She was looking at him, one eye closed against the sun. She glanced down at her legs. The index finger of her left hand was scratching an itch on the inside of her right thigh. As they both watched, her hand slowly moved up her leg and up under the hem of her short skirt. Amanda looked at his face as she slowly raised her right knee and opened her legs. She saw him swallow as her hand inched its way toward her wet thong. Her nostrils flared as she traced the outline of her slit with her finger.
“Show it to me!” she whispered “get it out and let me see it.”
Without taking his eyes from her moving finger, he unbuckled his shorts, pulled the zip down and released his throbbing ****.

Amanda gasped as he stroked his hard *****. It was her turn to stare. It was a thick hard monster of a ****, out of proportion to the man sitting in front of her. Blue veins pulsed around the shaft as he pointed the bell end at her.
“Suck it!” he muttered as he moved from his stool to kneel in front her.
Amanda didn’t think twice, she bent over, grabbed the hot, solid meat and sucked it into her mouth. As she ran her tongue over the smooth bell end she fondled the testes swinging in the hairy scrotum.

He held onto her head and pushed himself past her tongue into the back of her throat. She gagged, introducing more saliva into her mouth. He pumped his **** in and out of her and looked down as he got harder and harder. With his **** now covered in her slippery spittle he knew it wouldn’t be long.
“Oh ****, yes. Suck it!” he hissed as he pumped faster and faster into her.

Amanda was beyond excitement, her mouth had never been so full of ****. The pulsating saltiness assaulted her senses. She tasted the precum and felt his impending ******. As much as she wanted the hot ***** to spurt into her mouth she also needed this iron hard **** up her ****. Simultaneously she pushed him away and pulled back, releasing the ****. She stood up. “Lie down, now!” She bunched her skirt above her slim waist and stepped out of her thong. He looked up at her ****. It was sparsely covered with light blond hair, her prominent clitoris was poking out from under its hood. As he stared she stood with a foot either side of his head and slowly brought her ***** down onto his mouth, her fingers stroking her **** and ******* her wet hole. His hands reached up and gripped her tight arse and guided her down onto his waiting tongue. He glued himself to her sex, smelling her as his tongue slipped into her slit. She settled her weight onto his face and held onto his head as she squirmed on his mouth. Her ***** pulsed with pleasure as her juices covered him. When his tongue found her **** he sucked it into his mouth and she gasped and fell forward, placing both hands on the ground above his head. Her ****** pulsed through her whole body. He felt and tasted her juices as her **** bounced on his face.

As she lay there with her head on the ground savouring the after glow she felt him scrabbling out from beneath her. He lifted her hips into the air and she felt the presence of his body between her legs.

He looked down at her smooth bottom, positioned his **** at the entrance of her wet ***** and slowly pushed it in. As wet as she was, it was tight. He gazed as her **** stretched around his *****. He gripped her hips and pulled them back.

She raised her head and gasped out loud. Her ***** was still sensitive from her first ******. It was almost too soon. She gripped the evading **** with her **** in an attempt to stop it going in further. It had the opposite affect. The man grunted and pushed harder. She raised herself onto her elbows to better present her bottom to him.

As he looked down at his **** sliding in and out of her tight **** he saw her tight puckered rose. He moved his right hand so it slid between their bodies. He placed his thumb on his siding **** to gather some lubrication and placed it at the entrance to her anus.

Just as she was beginning to enjoy the sensation of the hard **** ******* her she felt the pressure of the thumb sliding into her arse. Her first thought was no!! There was a sharp jolt of pain as his thumb entered her, followed quickly by a dull, beautiful pain as it went further.
“Oh yes, yes, yes, do it to me, **** me, **** me!” she panted.
“You’re a dirty ******* *****,” he muttered as he lifted his hand and slapped her backside.
“Ahh Again!” He raised his hand and slapped it down. Her bottom glowed as he smacked her over and over.

It was all too much for Amanda. The hard **** ******* her tight ****, the finger squeezing up her bottom and the pain of the slapping quickly brought her to yet another quivering ******.

As her ***** contracted it squeezed his ****, he couldn’t hold on any longer. She felt his **** grow and with one final slap he pulled her back, spewing his *** deep into her ****.

They continued to move together slowly, enjoying the ebbing sensation of ******. Finally there was a jolt of pain as his thumb was removed and he collapsed on top of her.

He rolled to her side and lay there panting into her ear. His **** slowly slipping out of her.

She turned her head and looked at him. He lifted his hand to his face and smelled the thumb that had been up her arse. He smiled and raised his eyebrows.
“You’re an animal!” she whispered, quickly kissed him and got to her feet.

There was no embarrassment as they sorted themselves out. She found her discarded thong, and with him looking on, she raised her skirt and used it to wipe the ***** and juices from her ****. When she was finished she handed it to him.
“Not just fish you’ve caught today,” She smiled.
He took the garment and held it to his nose and inhaled. He grinned, raised his eyebrows again and looked down at the keep net.
“Don’t tell me, fish!” she laughed, turned and walked back down the path.

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Jan 11, 2013