In The Booth With A Goddess

It was the weekend.  I was horny.  What else is new!  I'm no spring chicken and I'm not the guy that women are clamoring to crawl into bed with.  But I AM the nice guy that they like to spend time with.  More than one woman has commented on my full soft beard...and a few of them have asked for me to rub it on them in very sensuous ways.

It was a dull Saturday afternoon.  I figured I'd drive over to the next town to visit my favorite gentleman's club.  The intriguing thing about this club is that it is next to an adult bookstore.  The book store is full of toys, lingerie, dvds, and private viewing booths.  A few of the booths have gloryholes.  Some of the guys have known to slip out of the club to find gloryhole relief.

I was browsing through some of the many aisles of dvds and magazines.  I soon noticed a couple in the next aisle.  While not unheard of most of the patrons of the adult bookstores are men.  It is a real treat to find a woman there.  I decided to browse the same aisle to get a closer view.  She and her man were browsing the amateur group sex dvds.  Wow!

This woman was gorgeous.  Slender with a great *** shown off by her shorts and the shape of her breasts were clear in her cotton tank top.  Her medium length brunette hair framed the face of a beauty queen.

As I neared she bent over to look at some things on the bottom shelf.  In doing so I was able to look down her top and I saw a magnificent pair of breasts hanging before me.  I was mesmerized.

As she raised slowly my eyes followed her breasts.  It was only when she said something to me that I realized she was aware of my lewd stares.

"Like what you see?" she asked.

While I was a bit taken aback I quickly realized there was no way out so I confessed, "I like a lot."

With that she reached up and tweaked my nipple.  The shocking tingles affected my whole body!  She then grabbed my belt and pulled me down the aisle.  As we passed her partner she said, "Honey, we're going to booth 36.  Find your way to booth 37 in a few minutes." 

I was puzzled.  As we passed her partner I noticed he was wearing a wedding ring.  So was she.  And they MATCHED! 

We entered the booth and she locked the door behind us. 

"You and I are going to have some fun.  The only thing I absolutely require of you is that you spend a lot of time kissing, licking, and probing my ***."  She said this more as an order than a request. 

She pulled her tank top up over her head and I was faced with magnificent breasts topped by to hardening nipples.  She pushed me down on the bench and smothered my face with her ****. 

As she did this the unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down.  All she was wearing was a pair of sandals and some of my saliva I had drooled over her ****.  She asked me for some $5.00 bills she could feed into the slot to start the movies.  I gave her all the bills I had in my pocket. 

She turned to feed the meter adn wiggled her *** in front of me as she did.  When she was done she bent infront of me and backed up.  "Kiss my ***!" she demanded.

I started slobbering away.  Both hads were on her well rounded *** squeezing and pulling apart.  I let my tongue flick against her puckered *******.  I knew she was enjoying this from her moans and from the way she pressed back into my face.

After a few minutes I heard her say, "Hi Sweetie!"  I was a bit puzzled until I realized we were in one of the gloryhole booths and there was a hard **** present through the wall.

"That's my husband's ****," she said, "I'd know it anywhere." 

Even though I heard the door to the next booth open and close I hadn't even thought of the gloryholes in the booths.  I had my own glory holes right in front of me.

As this goddess slurped noisily on the **** in front of her my tongue licked her *** and my fingers probed her *****.

After a few minutes of this bliss she stopped sucking on the **** in front of her.  She turned to me and kissed me full on the mouth.  It was a really sloppy slimey kiss.  I realized she was sharing her parnter's *** with me.  While I hadn't done this before I was so into the zone of the experience that I really enjoyed it.

"Take your **** out!" 

Well, 'yes m'am,' I thought.

She knelt on the dirty floor and started sucking me.  I could hardly breathe.

We heard the door open and close in the booth next to us.  It wasn't long until there was another **** poking through the window.  She pulled her mouth off my **** with a sucking sound.

"Excuse me," she said looking up into my eyes, "looks like I have another customer."

She turned and devoured the new ****.  This one was shorter and wider but was receiving all the joy and attention that her husband's **** did.  She reached over and started stroking my **** while she was sucking on the other ****.

I could see and hear the intensity in her sucking.  She was trying to make this guy *** and *** quickly!  Indeed, he did in only two or three minutes.

She quickly turned to me and again kissed me, sharing the *** with me. 

Word was getting out because the booth next door was quickly filled with another man.  This one had a long black ****.  I spent the next hour in the company of a *** **** goddess watching, being blown myself, and being the oral depository for the *** she was vacuuming out of her willing and lucky victims.

Was I a happy man?  You bet I was.  I've been back to the store several times since.  I haven't met my fun couple again.  But I am the eternal optimist and I'm going to keep going back in hopes of repeating this blissful experience again.

Some may think I'm dreaming or hallucinating.  But when she finally had enough ***** to satisfy her oral fixation she wiped herself clean with her cotton tank top and handed it to me.  She slipped on her shorts, opened the door and walked out topless through the store hand in hand with her husband.  I have this very same unwashed tank top mounted, framed and hanging on the wall in my bedroom.  Come on by and have a look.


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