~The Trip From HELL~

About a month ago, I went on a long and difficult journey to a friend’s out of state wedding, which I shall share with you. Here is the text message I sent out en route:

“This is the summary of my trip here. I’m not doing so great, I’m afraid… I’ve been in a car for the past five hours, the driver has chosen to blast static-y motivational speeches for the past three hours, while I am held hostage here, my considerable bulk CRAMMED into a backseat, on the way to G-d-forsaken Baltimore, of all places, to a wedding (not my own).

How about you? What’re you up to? Oh- I forgot to mention that my knuckle-headed friend decided to get married on FRICKIN’ 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND, so an already painful ride is now excruciating. I am thinking of giving him such a smack when I get there….”

Lol, I had fun sending that out.
lifeisatest lifeisatest
26-30, M
Aug 20, 2014