how love hurts

the doors are closing what to do
my heart it only breaks every second your not here
the air pace gets smaller and smaller
how do i breathe again?
my eyes shed tears that no longer have the urge to roll down for you but for those who weep for thir love
my eye sight weakens as the memory of you fades into the dark
who are you what and why have you stolen my heart and then drop like it ment nothing to you
what was the point of us?
of me and you ever being a thought to the outside world
what made you think i was strong enough to move on?
to just leave what we had behind
but now the door is closed my heart no longer breaks my tears no longer shed from my eyes and the memory of us has never faded because once agaain i have you safe in my grasp and im never letting you slip away again
confusedgirl410 confusedgirl410
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 12, 2012

But why make love hurt when your deeply in love with that person