I N C A R N A T I O N ~ An Acrostic

I BELIEVE  Jesus was carried & born of the Virgin Mary

NO ONE  doubt's the historicity of Jesus of Nazareth

COULD  The Son of God become a Man on Earth like us ?

ARGUMENT  Is about the deity of Jesus not his existence

REMEMBER  to save us Jesus had to become human  !

NO OTHER Human could save us because they are sinful

ALL  of us are sinners but Jesus was born without sin.

THEREFORE  He could fulfill all God's conditions. At the

INCARNATION God's Son became human - free from any

ORIGINAL SIN. He also lived a sinless life and died so

NOBODY should be condemned and all could be SAVED ! 


The INCARNATION is a mystery and therefore impossible
to express in words.  I hope my acrostic helps but to me
it is understandable.  God became a PERFECT MAN in
order that by the sacrifice of Himself at CALVARY ~ He
could REDEEM IMPERFECT MAN (& WOMAN) back into
a living relationship with GOD.Thanks for reading.

Love  you  all  Every Blessing  LOL JASMINE  XOXOXOX

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3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

i would like to say that although the christmas story is full of compassion and love for his fellow man and i dont want to sound cynical but if our lord is such a loving god why does he/she or what ever kind of entity it is allow his children(us) to continually slaughter each other on battle fields all over the world and also allow the cruel acts of violence and abuse on young children all over the world even in our own countries we cant seem to get along with our fellow man. dont you think that after 2000 years if god was going to come and vent his wrath on the cruel sadisdict people of this world he would have come by now if not sooner.so i ask myself is there really a god or creator because after 2000 years i see no evidence but this is only my opinion make of it what you will.

Good acrostic.


He can't even save himself,how could he save me, and also I don't need him or anybody to save me.