C H R I S T M A S ~ S H O P P I N G !


ONE Ready cooked ham
TWO  Bottles of Spirits
THREE  Bags of nuts
FOUR  Petit Fours

FIVE  Handkerchiefs
SIX  Cans of Lager
SEVEN  Pairs of Pants

EIGHT  Tangerines
NINE  Bottles of Plonk
TEN  Paper hats
ELEVEN  Silly jokes
TWELVE  Christmas crackers


Thanx for reading ~ Please comment ~ ALEX

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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

You had me going until I got to 6 and 7, lol. Blimey are their hampers really that much, though?
I make my own hampers by buying something every week.
Jean x

There you go, Alex, thinking about food again. You've really got to tell me when you've stopped stuffing your face, how much weight you've put on over the festive period. LOL.
Jean x

And there's me guessing that it would be at least a stone. You've just proved that life really isn't fair, lol.
Jean x