C H R I S T M A S ~ C A R D S !

CHRISTMAS is a celebration of the Incarnation - The Second Person of the Trinity coming to Earth in human form and being truly MAN for 33 years. OK it was over 2000 years ago but that is no reason for a CHRISTMAS CARD to morph into one which sends SEASONS GREETINGS or HAPPY HOLIDAY.  A Christmas Card should ALWAYS have some pictorial (as above) or verbal reference (see below) to JESUS CHRIST the person whose "Official" Birthday we have celebrated on 25th December since AD320.


If you are a CHRISTIAN then Christmas is a great opportunity to share some of the key doctrines of the the WORLDWIDE CHRISTIAN CHURCH by sending Spiritual Christmas Cards.  The key doctrines are:  1.  The Deity of Christ and the equality of the Three Persons of the Trinity Father - Son - Holy Spirit.  2.  The Virgin Birth and the truth that Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit means that JESUS was born without original sin.  3.  The gifts brought by the Magi underlined   His Deity (gold) His Holiness (frankincense) and His Suffering (myrrh)  A Christmas Card is not a theological treatise but it should cause people to focus on the Spiritual rather than the secular. 

What type of cards will you send this year ?

Thanks for reading - please comment - LOL ALEX XOX 

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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

I must admit that I like to have Happy Christmas on cards: Not Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings. I'm a Christian and like a traditional Christmas.

So are you, my Scottish friend. :)