Yesterday is gone, as are so many things

No longer holding true to the same objectives

Time has changed some old perspectives

While other views are stronger today

Time wipes away thoughts and dreams

Holding on to pain, turning tears into streams

Tomorrow will present anew with more taunting dreams

Same hours in the day and night, full and empty depending

What those hours bring still not in sight, their outcome pending

Taking time second by second, living everything that is beckoned

Sitting wasting, working using, playing enjoying, time is reckoned

soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
1 Response Jan 25, 2013

Good stuff, indeed!!!

Thank you Ammy :)

Welkies, {{{soul}}}

I like your welkies! Hugs

Well, my welkies were a direct result of your "fenkies", :-*


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