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A Poem About Being a Cleaning Lady...

I used to be a houskeeper, cleaning condos for ski bums. The people that rented the units that I cleaned never talked to me or even smiled. One day after I had cleaned a unit, I wrote this poem on a napkin and left it on the table with the 9 cent tip they left me.

Oh condo, prostitute of the rental world,

Nobody loves you

They just use you for the night, the weekend,

Then return to their true loves, their homes.

I come and clean you for the next John.

I freshen your stale air and polish your generic furniture,

But it doesn’t make you special.

My next unit looks just like you.

I clean your floors and fireplace on my knees

Like you deserve it.

I sanitize your toilets,

Where I learn too much about your last client.

I stand on tippy-toes in your shower

To reach and wash away, the gravity defying pubes.

I make all of your chrome shiny.

I pity myself in your mirrors

When I see myself doing what I do,

When I see what I am

But at least you are ready to be used again.

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I laughed so hard...then had to share this with my husband, who also laughed his *** off! Great job! ;)

That was really good, thanks