Set Me Free!

This is a poem I wrote to my mother.



Set Me Free.

Took a long hard look in the mirror today,

I know the price I might have to pay,

I’m overcome, there’s no other way,

To set me free,

I tired so hard to give you devotion,

But its time, to set my plan in motion,

Thank you for giving me the notion,

To set myself free,

So I’ll say my final goodbye,

I’ll miss you, I can’t deny,

Please don’t say I didn’t try,

To set you free,

Life’s a struggle, that’s a guarantee,

Spent too much time, down on one knee,

So I scream my final plea,

Set me free!

JessikaKay91 JessikaKay91
18-21, F
5 Responses Feb 2, 2010

I love my children and it hurt to see the oldest 3 find their own identity as the adults I raised them to be. I am so very proud as your mother should be...Darling she'll understand one day and she'll be heart broken that she didn't get your message. Mothers tend to close themselves off from their daughters instead of loving them. Keep up the good writing you have a lot of talent!

Thank You. I Think Now That Time Has Passed She Understands Now That I'm 20 ~ She's Been Trying To Get In Contact With Me For Several Months Now. Not Sure What To Do About It. Been Trying To Avoid It. I Doubt She's Changed.

You Must Be A Good Mother... Because My Mother Was Completely Apathetic...

As a mother it hurt to read.....

I got goosebumps from your profound poem. I'd love to know more about your relationship with your mother as I am estranged from mine. It was toxic.

I loved you poem! Its really really good. I wish i could write well like you! I love that poetry is an outlet for emotions. Is it that way for you too.